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  • Season 13 Episode 38: Wormhole

  • With this episode, the character of Tommy Oliver has appeared in 8 of the 13 seasons of Power Rangers in some capacity, missing only Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force, and Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

  • The "Spotty Eyed Monster", not only wears a dress, has a prominent bust line, and feminine facial features, but fights the three Ranger women. Yet, the creature has a very MALE voice!

  • The two teams of Rangers make a big deal about not letting anyone get inside their circle. But immediately following, they break up their circle and go off fighting on their own.

  • When Jack poses in front of the Orangehead he's just destroyed, multicolored sparkles fly all about the scene. In all other destructions of Orangeheads, this does not happen.

  • When the legs of the people running for their lives from the Oranghead are shown, very visibly is the alien with the combination body of PRLG's Chemaliac and hands & legs from the unused GGV monster (who was at Piggy's in "Wired (2)"). This scene is supposed to be in 2004, before aliens lived among humans!

  • Gruumm tells the Magnificence that he will "prepare for his arrival". Yet, at least by the time Mora is restored from being Morgana, Omni is already on the ship.

  • The camera angle of Zeltrax first facing the Dino Rangers shows the sky above him. It's clear and empty, yet after cutting to the teens' reactions, we see Gruumm's ship is hovering above, unmoving, and is far too huge to not have been visible in that previous shot.

  • The caption claims the Dino Rangers are at "Reefside High" in the scene scene with them, but they're walking in the woods some ways away from the school!

  • The onscreen captions of "Newtech City 2025" and "Reefside High 2004" appear very briefly, cutting off very suddenly instead of fading out like onscreen captions normally do on the show.

  • The B-Squad celebrates very quickly upon hearing Gruumm's ship is gone, immediately thinking he's treated. But considering he's conquered numerous planets and galaxies, and they're a POLICE force with the sole purpose of bringing him in to face justice, their excitement over his leaving to go attack some other planet without an SPD Ranger force to protect is beyond absurd.

  • When Trent morphs in to the White Ranger instead of saying "White Ranger, Dino Power" as he usually says he morphs like the rest of his team "Dino Thunder, Power Up."

  • Jack comments that he and the SPD Rangers have already met the DinoThunders, but they won't remember, since their memories were erased. That's true, but the DTs in "History" were from the year 2005, and the ones in this episode are from the year 2004. Clearly, Jack doesn't pay attention to details and only sees them from his point of view, not their's. But Bridge also falls victim to this, when Conner asks why they don't recall meeting the B-Squad already, he tells him they erased their memories so that's why they don't remember (when he should be saying it hasn't happened for them yet).

  • Zeltrax is seen commanding Tyrannodrones. But following his going rogue from Mesogog (which he's stated as being in this episode), he only had access to Triptoids. Of course, this could explain why he didn't have T-Drones during late PRDT: the few he did all got destroyed in this episode!

  • The Orangehead that Jack battles uses a pair of repainted Chrono-Sabers from PRTF (not a sign of cheapness on PR's part, as their recycling comes from Dekaranger).

  • Conner's name is misspelled as "Connor" in the end credits. Also, Mora is listed in the end credits instead of the opening, where Morgana is still listed.

  • The claim about how knowledge of the future is bad to explain why the DTs get their memory erased doesn't hold up when it comes to the SPDs getting their's wiped. They learned nothing of the future by going into the past. Not to mention, both Tommy and Omega Ranger don't have their memories of the incident erased.

    Not only that, but it's bone stupid to wipe your memories when you haven't returned from the mission yet. You'll want to know where you were, and a little research would uncover the truth anyway. Plus, Kat would still know, as would anyone in the SPD Command Center... AND Zeltrax, and probably Mesogog and Elsa, who'd almost certainly see the entire thing.

  • The "Einstein theory of time travel" used in the episode contradicts those from every prior Power Rangers episode. Right down to Mora claiming Gruumm would have to re-conquer all the planets he invaded in the past, such a thing wouldn't be needed unless his future self took over his earlier body, which it didn't. Similarly, Kat claims the wormhole "could provide time travel", as if time travel is impossible, despite it having been done already in "Samurai".

  • Season 13 Episode 37: Endings (2)

  • In "Reflection (2)", Sky came to terms with being Blue Ranger, saying heroes come in all colors. But here he quickly takes up being Red. A big deal is made out of the team remaining B-Squad, since it's "who they are". So why aren't the leadership duties of red, and all upgrades and such just transfered to blue, who Sky is and was proud of until now? Similarly, why does Bridge become Blue? The color command is no different for him, and in fact, he'll LOSE an item Blue lacks, namely the souped up cycle that goes to Green.

  • Z tells Sam she'll see him in 20 years, but Omega comes from 15 years in the future, not 20! And since he comes from a now alternate timeline, where she's dead, he's either going back to that, or getting wiped out by whatever changes occur now. And hey, why is she going to wait 20 years when Sam's alive NOW and at the academy?!

  • Despite being at ground zero of the destruction of the Magnificence and having no way out, Doggie and Isinia survive the massive explosion and debris fall without any injuries. Similarly, Gruumm, who plummets untold feet into the pit on his ship, survives that (which a big deal was made out of not letting Isinia fall into), AND the explosion of the Magnificence, with no injuries, either.

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