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  • Season 14 Episode 32: Mystic Fate (2)

  • The townspeople and forest inhabitants restore Udonna's powers, despite her never actually losing them in the first place.

  • Not only do the people of Briarwood and the forest have the power to restore the Rangers, but move them as well. When the Rangers are lined up unmorphed, Vida is behind Nick to the left of the screen with Xander behind her. Maddy and Chip are on the right. But when the people move away after they've remorphed the Pink and Green Rangers are on the right and the Blue and Yellow on the left. Leanbow and Daggeron are also moved. The only ones who stay where they were are Nick and Udonna.

  • End credits mention Red Koragg again, as well as regular Koragg (who doesn't appear whatsoever). Also, Kelson Henderson as Elf Leader is included, despite his only being in part 1.

  • Toby claims the people of Briarwood and the citizens of the Mystical Realm "don't get along". But we've never seen anything even hinting this, all we ever got was people were scared to go into the forest in the first episode. Nothing was said about "fear of the people who live there". And the Mystical Realm people didn't ever express a dislike for humans, only the Rangers last episode because Nick was briefly evil!

  • How did Jenji come back to life? Necrolai uses up her power bringing just Daggeron and Leanbow back to life. Jenji and Daggeron aren't connected, his location when he turned to nothingness last episode doesn't exactly match where the two knights were positioned. So, she just used her powers to bring back life generically in the area, not specifically to bring Leanbow and Daggeron back?

  • Mystic Mother turning out to be alive is beyond a mistake. The Master consumes magic. It was said in the previous episode that she was defeated by the Master consuming her magic, which left her defenseless. Yet, she has enough power to turn to energy, AND turn back to normal again?! And the Master, who's power enough to see the future and bring the Rangers to the future, doesn't know this?!

  • Despite being weak and defeated, and their position never changing, the Rangers all vanish from the background when Black Lance fires at the approaching Red Ranger, who never altered his angle when walking toward the Terror.

  • Why is no mention made of the Tribunal of Magic, from "Dark Wish"? If the Master is going around consuming all of the world's magic, they would be concerned. Similarly, why didn't the Mystic Mother, if she's the "magical source", give the Rangers back their magic?

  • During the flashback to Sculpin's destruction, the giant stone tablet that the Master smashed open early in the previous episode is fully intact. Though this was a flashback, it took place well after Master was released from it.

  • Season 14 Episode 31: Mystic Fate (1)

  • Why weren't Udonna, Daggeron and/or Leanbow present for the battle between the Rangers and Itassis?

  • Why didn't The Master attack Snow Prince? He has magical power that could have been of use.

  • During the battle inside Rootcore, Koragg Nick and Wolf Warrior both lose their shields. When the battle moves onto the balcony, Wolf Warrior regains his shield from out of nowhere, and Koragg Nick picks his up from off the floor, nowhere near where he lost it!

  • The End credits again list Chris Graham as "Red Koragg", despite his being named clearly Wolf Warrior. Also, regular Koragg is listed, with his old voice actor, despite the fact regular Koragg doesn't appear here, just his armor, which has only NICK'S voice during its usage! Plus, Nikki is credited as appearing, and she's only in part 2.

  • Jenji pops out of his lamp, and the angle appears as though the lamp is nowhere near the Rangers. But we'd last seen Daggeron give it to Nick. Why isn't it in Nick's possession at the time?

  • How can Leanbow summon his two swords, which are clearly part of his knight arsenal, AFTER he and Daggeron lost their "knight power"?

  • Necrolai's love for her daughter seriously contradicts her treatment of Leelee in previous episodes. Her "concern" is even worse. She's worried about the city getting destroyed since Leelee lives there, but was FINE with the same happening when each of the Ten Terrors made clear they were going to destroy it the past couple of shows?!

  • Despite having been resurrected and fully in a physical body, the Master resides within the stone tablet in the Underworld he used to communicate with the Terrors through before. There's no explanation for this, nothing said about him drawing energy from it or anything.

  • Why doesn't Clare know anything about the Mystic Mother? Considering she's supposed to be Udonna's apprentice, she should be the one person who knew all about her from earlier in her training. It's pretty silly that Udonna kept Mystic Mother a secret from the Rangers, yet the Master knew who she was and even where she was located!

  • Mystic Mother can't be Rita Repulsa. Why? Simple. When last we saw Rita, she was younger looking, and was still involved with Lord Zedd. Her voice is also considerably in this and the next episode, since they didn't get Barbara Goodson back, but it's so ENTIRELY wrong. Also, Snow Prince calls her the "magical source". Since we've seen the backstory of the magic realm, we know the big battle occurred in it 20 years ago when Nick was a baby. But Rita was in a dumpster for 10,000 years until 15 years ago! Perhaps this is Rita Repulsa's previously unseen mother, also named Rita.

  • Wolf Warrior bumps into the doorframe in Rootcore's balcony, causing most of the set to shake, heavily highlighting how it's flimsy material and not a real tree.

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