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Power Rangers Samurai

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Five new Power Rangers must learn the ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which will give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth. They do this with the help of their Samurai mentor, Ji, and the animal folding Zords. They must fight to defeat the evil powers of Master Xandred.

Broadcast History:
Power Rangers Samurai premiered on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 8:00pm (ET). The series moved to its new timeslot of Sundays at 12:00pm (ET) for the next nine episodes. On April 30, 2011, the series moved to its new timeslot of Saturdays at 12:00pm (ET).

Alex Heartman

Alex Heartman

Jayden, Red Ranger

Erika Fong

Erika Fong

Mia, Pink Ranger

Hector David, Jr.

Hector David, Jr.

Mike, Green Ranger

Najee De-Tiege

Najee De-Tiege

Kevin, Blue Ranger

Brittany Anne Pirtle

Brittany Anne Pirtle

Emily, Yellow Ranger

Steven Skyler

Steven Skyler

Antonio, Gold Ranger

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  • Lamest Power Rangers series ever.

    I like Power Rangers and I enjoy it so when I first heard of Samurai back then, I was excited. But boy, this was a huge disappointment.

    I know that the monsters and weapons on all on the PR series look corny but they were even cornier on this load of crap.

    Stay away from this shit and watch the older, better PR seasons.

    And from this season onward, PR got worse and worse, the only season that was decent and good is Super Megaforce. Now, they made a new season: Ninja Steel. I hope it will be good but I don't have high hopes.

    My last hope will be the 2017 reboot. Seriously, I like Power Rangers, but this franchise only exists for money anymore and to milk it.

    So, I give PR Samurai a BIG FAT 1.moreless
  • Always sounds like they're reading

    Conversations never flow, jokes are stupid and scenes are so fake
  • Horrible

    Acting: 1/10. Worst acting ever. For example, Jayden and Deker fighting and having to yell every attack. So irritating!!!!!!!!! Plus in the final battle, Kevin was saying that they all felt the same way about fighting together. It has horrible syntax in the dialogue, and the way he said it just makes people want to mock him.

    Music: 1/10, Surprising, however true. Most of the conflicts have no song that matches the theme. Plus, the music pretty much matches the theme song, which were mainly used for the fights. Plus, there is rarely any real music made for conflicts.

    Sound Effects: 1/10. The sound effects all sound the same throughout the series. It is understandable that this is a kids show, however, it is just not realistic. It just sounds like a futuristic show and makes the fights overrated.

    Symbols, Discs 1/10. The so called Samurai Symbols are really just Japanese words. Besides, when Mike commanded the plant to grab Mentor's arm, how is that called a Samurai Symbol. The Shogun Mode seemed creative, but it seems that it requires more power to use it and the Shiba disc was cool, but Lauren only made two discs, and the second time it was used Kevin just hit Xandred and really, a third disc. Lauren should have been killed from using all that power.

    Characters: 1/10. The characters' personalities almost match the Shinkenger characters perfectly, and the worst parts of that is, only three have last names. Also, the Shiba clan was also used from the original show as well, and finally, there is only one Asian, and it wasn't even the Shiba family's heads.

    Movie: 1/10. The fact that Scott wasn't able to take off his suit was pathetic. And plus, the race with a horse and a motorcycle was just to save time, and the fake-out trick was a bust because there was no one that was in any need of rescue. Finally, Saban also used a 20 minute movie by Super Sentai for another boss as well.

    Extra comments: 1/10. Uramasa and Dayuu were adopted from Shinkenger, the scenes shot by the new show were embarrassing, and the conflict with Jayden and Lauren made no sense that they are family. Plus, when Lauren had the sealing power, did it occur that Jayden was able to do it too? He is blood-related to the Shiba clan and therefore most likely has full symbol power to master the sealing power.

    Conclusion: Saban really went too far with everything. He wanted a show for kids and what he got was a childish show with terrible music, comedy, dialogue, and actors.

  • This finally killed my love for Power Rangers

    I have been a fan of Power Rangers since Might Morphing Power Rangers and watched almost every incarnation since then. However, I lost some interest after RPM as it was on way too early and was like a ripoff of Terminator. However, I was excited when Saban bought it back and aired it on Nickelodeon, but we got this crap. The show was incredibly boring and stupid. I couldn't even tell if the show was meant to be dark or funny. I didn't even bother watching after several episodes and I don't even care how it ended. I will no longer watch Power Rangers as long as I live.moreless
  • Better than expected

    I've watched pretty much every power ranger season that's been out, and I was biased to think this season was going to suck because Saban reacquired the franchise and RPM was too good to be topped. Pretty much the people who are hating on it haven't watched more than the pilot. The Nighlok story arc (between the bad guys) is decent, and better than other seasons like Wild Force or the first three seasons (which people are biased to like just because they were the original ones). The design and theme of the Nighloks is pretty cool, all done in a Red-Gray-White-Black palette. Of course the costumes and effects are cheesy, that's the point of Power Rangers, and they're not going to stop being cheesy because of its Super Sentai source. I ended up enjoying Samurai.moreless

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