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  • Always sounds like they're reading

    Conversations never flow, jokes are stupid and scenes are so fake
  • Horrible

    Acting: 1/10. Worst acting ever. For example, Jayden and Deker fighting and having to yell every attack. So irritating!!!!!!!!! Plus in the final battle, Kevin was saying that they all felt the same way about fighting together. It has horrible syntax in the dialogue, and the way he said it just makes people want to mock him.

    Music: 1/10, Surprising, however true. Most of the conflicts have no song that matches the theme. Plus, the music pretty much matches the theme song, which were mainly used for the fights. Plus, there is rarely any real music made for conflicts.

    Sound Effects: 1/10. The sound effects all sound the same throughout the series. It is understandable that this is a kids show, however, it is just not realistic. It just sounds like a futuristic show and makes the fights overrated.

    Symbols, Discs 1/10. The so called Samurai Symbols are really just Japanese words. Besides, when Mike commanded the plant to grab Mentor's arm, how is that called a Samurai Symbol. The Shogun Mode seemed creative, but it seems that it requires more power to use it and the Shiba disc was cool, but Lauren only made two discs, and the second time it was used Kevin just hit Xandred and really, a third disc. Lauren should have been killed from using all that power.

    Characters: 1/10. The characters' personalities almost match the Shinkenger characters perfectly, and the worst parts of that is, only three have last names. Also, the Shiba clan was also used from the original show as well, and finally, there is only one Asian, and it wasn't even the Shiba family's heads.

    Movie: 1/10. The fact that Scott wasn't able to take off his suit was pathetic. And plus, the race with a horse and a motorcycle was just to save time, and the fake-out trick was a bust because there was no one that was in any need of rescue. Finally, Saban also used a 20 minute movie by Super Sentai for another boss as well.

    Extra comments: 1/10. Uramasa and Dayuu were adopted from Shinkenger, the scenes shot by the new show were embarrassing, and the conflict with Jayden and Lauren made no sense that they are family. Plus, when Lauren had the sealing power, did it occur that Jayden was able to do it too? He is blood-related to the Shiba clan and therefore most likely has full symbol power to master the sealing power.

    Conclusion: Saban really went too far with everything. He wanted a show for kids and what he got was a childish show with terrible music, comedy, dialogue, and actors.

  • This finally killed my love for Power Rangers

    I have been a fan of Power Rangers since Might Morphing Power Rangers and watched almost every incarnation since then. However, I lost some interest after RPM as it was on way too early and was like a ripoff of Terminator. However, I was excited when Saban bought it back and aired it on Nickelodeon, but we got this crap. The show was incredibly boring and stupid. I couldn't even tell if the show was meant to be dark or funny. I didn't even bother watching after several episodes and I don't even care how it ended. I will no longer watch Power Rangers as long as I live.
  • Better than expected

    I've watched pretty much every power ranger season that's been out, and I was biased to think this season was going to suck because Saban reacquired the franchise and RPM was too good to be topped. Pretty much the people who are hating on it haven't watched more than the pilot. The Nighlok story arc (between the bad guys) is decent, and better than other seasons like Wild Force or the first three seasons (which people are biased to like just because they were the original ones). The design and theme of the Nighloks is pretty cool, all done in a Red-Gray-White-Black palette. Of course the costumes and effects are cheesy, that's the point of Power Rangers, and they're not going to stop being cheesy because of its Super Sentai source. I ended up enjoying Samurai.
  • Really terrible and offensive show.

    Samurai/Asian (Japanese) oriented show and there is only one Asian among the main cast. The other Asian people on the show are not Asian but in fact white people dressed up to look more Asian. Yellow face in this day and age? Really? Like there was no way to find Asian people to fill those roles. The acting is terrible and flat. The one of each race thing is annoying. One Black, One Latin@, One Asian, and the rest filled out by white people. Offensive show.
  • Update

    Costumes: C- I hate the fact that the costumes are pretty much the same

    Jokes: D+ Well the jokes shouldve been better. The jokes are way too irritating

    Special Effects: F- Terrible, Teribble effects just looks like its totally fake

    Acting: F the characters dont act like they are ready for a fight. Totally fake

    Music A- Only reason why its 1.5 and not 1 becuase the music is great
  • Too Cheesy

    Nothing in this show seems.. real enough.

    Costumes: D, everything looks fake. I mean, they could at least TRY.

    Jokes: D, geeky, chhesy, and lame. Not funny one bit.

    Special Effects: F, it looks WAY too fake and cheesy.

    Acting: F, very fail. They don't put feeling into their acting.

    Music: B, pretty catchy, and it sounds like the orginal, which I like.

  • When will the madness end?

    Power Rangers was a somewhat decent show when it first aired, but I honestly never really got into them. The show repeats pretty much the same story of the other predecessors. A group of teens are granted powers to fight evil. This time however, the show goes samurai on us and the Power Rangers suddenly become Samurai Jack wannabes. Just when you think the premise is boring, it goes further south. The costumes look almost identical to the original show's costumes, and they have these weird symbols on their face which I guess is their symbol of power but it still looks ridiculous. Speaking of the powers, they are Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth. Let's take a look at the two stupidest powers, Earth and Forest. How are they different powers at all? The forest is part of the Earth, so what is so different and special about it? Who knows? The CGI looks terrible. It looks outdated and its animation looks stiff. The acting is also terrible. Everyone seems too hyper and when they aren't hyper they sound very wooden or tired. I guess they drink 10 energy drinks before going onto the set. The villains are still terrible as is the tradition of the Power Rangers. They are idiotic and are so over the top bad, but not that funny. The weapons look very cheesy as well. They look like plastic, the swords look like they are going to break or look like rubber swords, and the special effects for firing them look terrible. I also have not seen the only good characters in the Power Rangers yet, Bulk and Skull. Where are they? I haven't seen them yet and I would love to see them. They were funny and stupid and the only good things to come out of this franchise. Even the fight scenes are horrible. The choreography looks awful, the hits look like they miss the person, and the sword fighting looks as convincing as two 5 year olds playing with swords. I hope this show gets the ax soon, and this franchise is finally put to rest. The Power Rangers' days are long gone and numbered and ha long overstayed its welcome. I apologize to all Power Rangers fans, but it's gone on long enough and needs to come to an end. It's like Pokemon, it's dead and buried and every time it gets resurrected it gets worse. Don't bother with this show at all, no matter what.
  • Very terrible show...how could it be on Nicktoons? <:(

    Five new Power Rangers must learn the ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which will give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth. They do this with the help of their Samurai mentor, Ji, and the animal folding Zords. They must fight to defeat the evil powers of Master Xandred. This show is awful. I don't think Nickelodeon could have acquires this show in the first place. I think Disney XD could have done that. But here's a bigger problem...it is on Nicktoons? What the heck?! It's NickTOONS, not some lame live action show. See, this is why Nick's live action shows are pointless now. They just suck, suck really bad. I saw it on once (of course on Nicktoons...) I changed the channel and ask myself "What was Nicktoons thinking?" I could have reaction the same way like SpongeBob did in the Monster that Came to Bikini Bottom when the ice ran off...NOOO! Why? Why? WHY?! Anyways, this is the worst Power Rangers ever. Just watch the old version of it before Nick bought. Overall, very awful show...cannot believe that Nick is ordering another PR show. Avoid it at all costs. 1/10
  • Power Rangers was good at 1st, then every sequel or prequel gets worse and worse!

    So this story is about 5 new Power Rangers must learn the ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which will give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth. They do this with the help of their Samurai mentor, Ji, and the animal folding Zords. They must fight to defeat the evil powers of Master Xandred.

    I thought the Power Rangers were put to rest. This is a lame script! Please cancel it! FOREVER!!!
  • Wow. Worst adaptation ever.

    Wow-hands down wins the award for Worst Power Rangers adaptation. The catchphrases are stupid, the costumes are sucky, and the villains' costumes look like someone was forced to run to Party City or some other Halloween costume place. Worse, the swords look like they could break any second now, considering how incredibly cheap they look to actually make. Worse still, it's not on Fox Kids-it's on Nickelodeon, which already looks like a zombie network by the looks of it, despite T.U.F.F Puppy being there. Having ANOTHER Rangers show on that network doesn't look like a good idea, especially when it's not animation, and Nick is ailing from Live-Action disease. I suggest you watch T.U.F.F Puppy or Ed, Edd, n' Eddy on its sister network, if it happens to have reruns.
  • Im conflicted

    Over all the series isn't bad but its not great either. I do like that they kept it closer to the original story of shinkengers but they need to cut out the cheese. Also seriously need to cut out the cheese and take it slightly more serious and also lose the bulk and spike element.

  • What? Why are so many negative reviews about power rangers samurai?!


    Power rangers samurai is about good rangers (many of you think it's cheesy, dumb, stupid):




    I forget the red ranger

    Power rangers samurai is GOOD. You should like it. It may be dumb for you, but it's good for me. Besides, power rangers was made in like, 1993!

    My rating: 8.5

  • Fan's perspective: Worst season of Power Rangers to date


    I grew up with Power Rangers and had plenty of good things to say about each season. I was looking forward to Power Rangers Samurai and I was happy the franchise has been revitalized. Though I can honestly say that if it had ended with Power Rangers RPM (arguably the best season of the lot), I would have been satisfied.

    I was hopeful. Then I had the misfortune to actually watch Power Rangers Samurai.

    For some reason or another, the show decided to skip it's very first two episodes and air the third as the "first" episode. So the Rangers are already Rangers and we're thrust into the action before we're even given time to give a darn about these characters. Who are they? What is their purpose? How and why did they become Rangers?

    If that wasn't bad enough, the show immediately sinks back to the outdated 90's formula used in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The only thing that kept that show going was the complex karate moves and the secondary character humor. The Rangers themselves were walking, talking stereotypes. For whatever reason, they decided to do the same thing to Samurai instead of actually putting forth effort into creating complex characters. Do the creators think kids can't appreciate a good story?

    Jayden, the Red Ranger is the stereotypical stoic leader. Kevin, the Blue Ranger, is Mr. Serious Second Banana. Mike, the Green Ranger, is the rebel with various character quirks. One minute he decides he wants to outshine Jayden for no apparent reason, the next he instantly decides that the Yellow Ranger is his love interest.

    The female Rangers are the worst. Emily, the Yellow Ranger, is practically bipolar. She feels pathetic one minute and confident the next. Not to mention she loses her morphed form after only a few attacks, making her pretty much the weakest Power Ranger of them all. Mia, the Pink Ranger, is your stereotypical Disney Princess. She's a bad cook (and her "friends" never try to help her understand this) and her greatest ambition in life is to find her "Prince Charming" and be little miss housewife. Yeah, great example you're setting for little girls there.

    The Gold Ranger, Antonio, is the biggest Mary Sue in television history. He trained himself to be a Samurai, he turned a broken cell phone into a morpher, thus making himself a Power Ranger, and he's a traveling fisherman who can turn fish into bombs. He can't get his random Spanish exclamations accurate, and he thinks his Squid Zord is an octopus. In fact, all of the Rangers think his squid is an octopus. Why? Who knows?

    Mentor is even worse. Yup, you heard right. The mentor is named "Mentor." Such a beautiful, creative name, is it not? Mentor isn't even a mentor; he's a housekeeper. He doesn't do anything except tell the Rangers where the monsters are and confiscate their Morphers when they've been bad little boys and girls and need some punishment for their naughty-naughties. Oh, and he takes Antonio's morpher just because Antonio wasn't a real Samurai. Mentor can add "thief" to his list of achievements.

    As you can guess, it gets worse. The villains are the most pathetic bunch of baddies in the history of Power Rangers villains. Their goal is to flood the Sanzu River and drown the Earth. The river rises as humans experience sorrow. So instead of trying to annihilate the planet...the monsters attempt to make kids cry by stealing toys and calling them names.

    Master Xandred is the main villain. And you would expect the main villain to have some dignity, right? You would expect the main villain to be a legitimate threat. Too bad, you're watching the wrong show. All Xandred does is sit on his boat and drink Japanese wine. And he calls his wine medicine because this is America and apparently American kids are too stupid to know any better. At least Samurai seems to think so.

    There is one thing I should point out while I'm on the note of Japanese to American translation. Each preceding season of Power Rangers is based off of a season of Super Sentai, the Japanese incarnation. The writers have done their best to try and make Power Rangers different from its source material. The franchise reached its peak of brilliant writing when Power Rangers RPM aired; it was nothing like its Japanese counterpart, Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

    Where does Samurai stand on the spectrum? How is it different from its counterpart, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger? Your guess is as good as mine. Samurai is practically a copy-paste job of Shinkenger. Do Saban Brands think that a little effort is too much?

    There are only two decent things I can point about about Samurai. First, the music. With the exception of the stale, overused, and overrated opening theme song, the background music for the show is pretty good. Second, the humor provided by comic relief characters Bulk and Spike is fun to watch at times. Even then, the two have their annoying moments.

    Unfortunately, what little good stuff there is in this show isn't enough for this show to be labeled "good." Power Rangers has regressed back into what it was back in the 90's: A half-hour toy commercial for little boys. I have little hope for the future of the franchise as long as Saban has a hold of it.

  • Would anyone mind telling me how this crap came to Television?

    I, thought that the original show was pretty good, and it had some effort in it. But this reboot, however, destroys all of that effort. The characters are horrible for starters. Jayden is one-dimensional, Kevin is an annoying idiot, Mike makes a scene of just about everything, and Mia is annoying and only cares about her cooking. The only good character on this show was Emily, for she was probably the innocent one out of all of them. As for Antonio, he's OK, but he can get really annoying. All the other characters on this show are either stereotypes or one-dimensional losers. The acting appalling and its seems as if it was done by third-rate actor wannabes. The monsters themselves are also terrible and are unbearable to look. Not to mention how terrible the action scenes are. Not to mention that they aren't at the least bit funny. The scripts themselves felt like they were done by monkeys, and are filled with corny jokes that want to make you gag. While some plots range from acceptable, most other plots are just downright ridiculous. The only good thing I can say about the show is the theme song, as its really catchy, but that's not enough to save this show.

    Power Rangers have plummeting ever since its first spin-off and needs to put to a stop once and for all. This one, by far, is the worst Power Rangers spin-off of all time and needs to get canned ASAP. Hopefully Nickelodeon will start getting their heads straights and put an end to this once and for all.

    Presentation: 5.5 The only good thing I can say about this is the theme song and the premise, but that's it. Everything else is garbage.

    Characters: 2.0 Horrid. The acting is downright ridiculous, and all the characters are terrible to say the least. Entertainment: 4.0 Yeah, how will horrific action scenes and terrible monsters grab anyone's attention? Looks like its back to the drawing board for this one.

    Lasting Appeal:4.5 The only thing that's bearable to watch is the theme song. Unfortunately, that's all there is to offer.

    FINAL SCORE: 4.0/10 Crummy
  • continuing the tragedy of power ranger spinoffs/sequels comes another awful version. when will it end!!

    seriously i thought we were finally rid of the power ranger tv series for good after the last one was cancelled. but i guess i was wrong sadly since nick brought them back from the grave so they could try beating this already 19 times undead horse and making a quick buck.
    as already said its power rangers so expect low budget horrible looking cgi, costumes, effects, acting, set design, props, stunts, writing, villains and main characters.

    really the type of audience this show appealed to died years if not decades ago. the fact that they say its broadcast in hd is a total joke. spongebob looks better.
    hopefully this show gets cancelled quickly along with supah ninjas.
  • Oh goody...another Power rangers show.

    Before I start this review I just want to say that I hate Power Rangers,the costumes are retarded,the weapons look like their toys,the cgi is bad,I just hate power rangers.And I knew that power rangers on nick was a bad idea,especially since nick has some bad shows on(House of Anubis,Rush zone,Supah Ninjas.),and this is just so bad and cheesy,it looks like some ones bootleged Power Rangers and godzilla in to one big sucky show.Seriously,this is just plain atrocious,also,SAMURAIS!?The Power Rangers don't even look like a samurais(note that I know that power rangers are not wearing any thing samurai-ish,i mean that their costumes just look the same.).I'm sorry that I might of offended any Power reanger fans,But I just hate Power Rangers!
  • NOOOOO!!! this show should of aired on Cartoon Network instead of Nickelodeon

    I was never a Power Rangers fan not even when I was a little boy. The promo for this show looked like it was gonna stink and I was 100% correct. I only watched the first episode of this show because I wanted to review it on TV.com and man!!! with the horrible acting, fighting scenes, and monsters... I felt like I wasn't going to survive. I never wanted to see this show in the first place. Why didn't this show air on Cartoon Network? Cartoon Network is already going downhill every time, the only good thing about it is that they have reruns of the shows that I enjoy and the shows that are airing like "Regular Show", "MAD", "Johnny Test", "Total Drama World Tour". Nickelodeon is a way better channel than Cartoon Network. That would have been best for this show. I am just happy that Nickelodeon only airs this show in the mornings. My cousin is a Power Rangers fan but she said that she liked the original better. The monsters look so fake, it's just actors in a costume and all that. Overall, the worst show I've ever seen on Nickelodeon, even worse than "Planet Sheen". 1/10
  • Power Rangers were dead already. So why continue the series?


    When you were a kid,you had to admit that you watched the Power Rangers. And while all of the spin-offs failed,Nick decided to reboot the Power Rangers,but ended up as the last nail in the PR coffin. Power Rangers Samurai is about 5 kids who learn ancient symbols,and become the Power Rangers. I'm not going to begin with the characters,because the special effects are worse. This show has got to be the worst show that I have seen with Special effects that are so bad,because every costume,weapon and explosion on this show looks horrendously cheap,and cheesy. The villains just look like hand me down halloween costumes,and their lip syncs are off 100% of the time. The weapons look ridiculous,and they look more like toys than are as real weapons. Even the giant samurai robot looks like a toy that grew 50 ft. The PR's costumes just looks horrible now,and they have horrendous looking symbols. The explosions just look fake,and they are just horrible. The acting in this show is just abysmal,and when people try to be serious,they just make themselves look like morons. To make things even more worse,they also have the right to say corny jokes and bad puns at times. Are you kidding me? Every single joke is just terrible,and not funny at all. The only good thing about this show is Weird and Bulk. They may be idiots,but the are funny,and do cartoon antics at times. But they still can't save the show. Overall,this wasn't a nice way to reboot the Power Rangers,and was just horrible. Please,if you want to watch the Power Rangers,watch them when they were known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

  • A decent spin-off of the Power Rangers.

    I watched this show a few days ago and I thought it was a pretty decent Power Rangers spin-off. I have not seen the Power Rangers in a long time so I'll try to be clear on this review. This show is about 5 people: Jaden, Mike, Kevin, Mia and Emily who get an invatation to a dojo to train under a master of martial arts (I forget what his name is). The Power Rangers must fight an alien force that threatens to destroy the world. This show follows the same concepts as the original Power Rangers, but this time with the ways of the Samurai. The Megazord robot that the Power Rangers use is a Samurai. I thought the characters were well done. They each have their own personality and seem very likable. The music is the same as the original except with some remixing. I thought the action was pretty cool except some of the special effects were a bit cheap. Power Rangers has always been live-action so a lot of you will find the special effects to be cheap. Anyways, this is probably the only good live-action show on Nickelodeon since the other live-action shows are teen garbage that many of us are getting tired of. Give this show a chance and I'm sure that you might enjoy it.
  • I love Power Rangers. But even I don't enjoy this.

    Let me start off by saying I adore Power Rangers. I own merchandise, I have VHS tapes, and I even post on Rangerboard and other fansites about Power Rangers. I am a fan. But I do not like every season.

    Samurai wants desperatly to be Mighty Morphin. It's trying it's very hardest. It even brought Bulk back for us. While it's very nice to see Paul Schrier agian, he can't save the show. I expected to be disapointed with the Rangers. You can't expect much from these guys; this franchise isn't known for getting high quality actors. But... good lord... when you make the guys from Mighty Morphin look like Oscar winners by compairison, I think it's time to find a new carrer path. Now, I'm not going to say that every season prior to Samurai has had a good script attatched; this is Power Rangers, we can let a lot slip by. But these Rangers have no defining personalities outside of their Nickelodeon website profiles. Jayden was born with the gift of not having facial expressions. Kevin feels like he has to stress every line otherwise the five year olds watching will miss it. Emily and Mia have interchangable personalities. And Mike... I'm sorry, what was Mike's designated cliche agian? And now we have Antonio, out new golden ray of annoyance. Joy. The "Mentor" isn't as much the mentor as he is the creepy guy who has a love affair with Jayden. Bulk and Spike (I'm sorry to say) could be edited out of this show and nobody would ever tell the diffrence. Hopefully this changes in upcoming episodes, because I do feel that these two are the only good part of the show. At least their funny. At least they look like their trying. Ok, Spike can be a little annoying depending on the writer, and his laugh will make your ears bleed after a few episode, but at least Felix Ryan (Spike's actor) does a good Skull impression. Man, do I miss Skull. But I am sort of glad that (Doctor) Jason Narvy avoided the Samurai draft.

    The worst part of it all is that a lot of fans prayed for this. For the year of 2010, there was no new Power Rangers. We thought it was over. But then Saban (the original owner) bought our precious franchise back and promiced us a show that would put the Power Rangers back on top. We were estatic. There was dancing in the streets and buying of merchandise. Then Samurai premeired, and we all knew we were in for a long season. Let's just hope that season 19 (No, I don't count that stupid MMPR revamp) is better.

    And for the record, don't let Samurai stop you from watching it's sourse material, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. It was actually very good, and I enjoyed it very much.
  • Nickelodeon made another fail yet again.

    . . . Really? This series is basically about Power Rangers. I bet the creator was thinking, "Lol teh kidz R tirred ofz Powah Rangahz! Inztead of animashon, letz make teh show... In real life!!" So, they hired some people as Power Rangers. But, you know the most failing part of this show? The "Monsters". Seriously, it's just some people in some costumes. The creator actually had some sence, knowing that that failed, so, in episode 3, they made the "monster"'s mouth open and close! Now that's pathetic.

    Plot:2/5 Good, if it's an animation. However, some kids like this show, so I'll make this 2/5.

    Acting:1/5 Really poor. They would rather get jobs as Johnny Test characters.

    Overall:1/5 This is the worst show on Nickelodeon I have ever SEEN!