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AIRED ON 8/2/2014

Season 1 : Episode 8

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  • power

    I loved !!! 10
  • typical predictable ghetto story

    this show is seriously just like another ghetto story!

    I heard it was so good so I checked it out and I would

    not watch past the second episode.

    Way too predictable for my taste.

    black guy grows up in urban setting (of course he's a drug dealer)

    its like a typical black and hispanic ghetto/gangster show.

    so predictable!
  • I was very wrong about this show, it's actually a really good watch

    I read an article on this website about POWER so I decided to check it out, especially after I read that 50 cent was involved with it. After watching the pilot episode of Power, I came back to and gave a pretty brutal review of the show, tearing into 50 cent and shouting at the top of my written voice how much of a bad idea this show was. My ferocious review was probably removed because I can't find it listed on the site or in my profile but I don't mind because it was very harsh.

    Anyway, the reason I am now writing a second review is because I couldn't have been more wrong about Power. I unfairly judged it from one episode.

    I have just finished watching episode 8 of power and I am HOOKED. While it does have a few obvious cliches in the show, it still works and feels truly original. In fact, I love the story and all of the cross-over plots. This show gives viewers a fascinating perspective of two successful drug dealers who are half-way up the ladder of their illegal careers.

    In my first review that was deleted, I was extremely harsh about 50 cent and his involvement as I was convinced it would never work, however, again I was wrong because at the end of episode 8, it looks like 50 cent might be making more appearances from now on and I am actually excited about that. I can't wait for episode 9.

    All in all, I highly recommend POWER. It's a clever story about two successful drug dealers who are at a dangerous crossroads in their career. It's not all about ego and violence like your typical drug dealers on TV. It's an original, mature, spin on this dangerous world. I'd say, it has a very similar approach to criminality as the soprano's did but even with this similarity, they are two very different shows.

    Power is an intriguing, exciting, sexy, and very modern show with great music. Every character is likable and fascinating and the overall plot is very addictive. As far as I am concerned, power is a huge success and I will be looking forward to each new episode.

    I am trying to be honest with this review so in order to be honest, I need to tell the whole truth. There is ONE thing about this show that I don't like. Like most people, I enjoying watching a bit of nudity, however, it feels like Power has shown me far too much of Ghost's/James St Patrick's nude body. As a bloke, I love female nudity. The more the better in fact. But as a bloke, I also don't like seeing other naked blokes. This is my one and only problem with Power.. Far too much male nudity. Of course I understand that this feeling is subjective to each individual viewer. For all I know, the female and gay viewers might LOVE all of this male nudity. Each to their own. LOL

    Anyway, I can live with that minor issue because I was born with eyelids and a neck. The truth is, I am so pleased I was wrong about this show. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND POWER. Don't miss it, it's a great, addictive new show.moreless
  • Love it!!

    Went into this without expecting anything at all.. I was surprised to find out that this was gonna turn out to be on of my favorite shows this summer. The story is very good and the actors are really good.. A lot of violence, sex and even the music is great! Starz is turning out to be one of my favorite channels! 50 cent has really done a great job with producing this show and I hope it gets enough views to get more seasons. Can't wait for the season finale!moreless
  • Aw dang

    I was hoping this show was going to be about Luke Cage.

    Go Shorty! Starz Renews 50 Cent's New Drama Power After Just One Episode

    Production on a 10-episode second season will begin in September.


    Power Series Premiere Review: More Electric Than Expected

    Starz's new drama Power covers well-traversed ground, but gets by on some solid performances and a slick look.

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