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Based on the graphic novel series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, this project is a police procedural set in a world where superpowers are relatively common. It follows two detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, in a homicide department that specializes in cases involving special "powers" and abilities.

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  • Like Heroes... but without the suck.

    For a show about the implausible, Powers sure makes a world where superheroes are an everyday part of life seem very real. Sharlto Copley gives a nuanced performance as Detective Christian Walker, former superhero who has lost his powers, now working for the police department investigating powers related crime. Michelle Forbes is fantastic as Retro Girl, Walker's former lover and world renowned power who struggles with the responsibilities of being a power while also being a celebrity icon. My favorite is Eddie Izzard, who turns in a disturbing performance as Wolfe, the incredibly menacing villain who is like a boogeyman in the Powers world. Though he spends most of the series in restraints, it never stops him from being a palpable threat in every scene he's in. So far this show has been firing on all cylinders, and I can't wait to see where it goes.moreless
  • A new take

    This has got to be the best new show in town. A new take on the hero situation, how heroes and super beings are treated in average society. Good acting with a nice simple and easy to understand plot, and who doesn't like when ber-power people beats the big jeezes out of each other?

    Don't watch this show making the mistake thats it is a comic book you read when you were a child, nothing ever compares to what you did last week and the grass is always greener... watch it with new eyes and if you can not explicitly explain your inability to do so.moreless
  • Strickly for Kids

    This is a weird mix because its written and conceptualized in a world straight out of a kids imagination, but its been given a hyper real face lift type look (a la christopher nolan) the dichotomy between the absurd and the "realistic" makes this show off putting. If your under the age of 16 or you love the family channel this is the right fit. The content simply didn't make any attempts at plausibility when the environments and cinematography are trying to scream real world modern crime drama.moreless
  • A nice spin on what the world would be like if...

    we had everyday people with the same attitudes and issues as the rest of us and they just happen to have super powers. Great imagination and even the cast works, however.. I think the pace is sort of quirky.. Too much time spent on scenes to fill the hour instead of moving along with at a faster pace. The story has depth, it needs to move faster. create new scenes instead of dragging it out just to the point where it gets boring. I think it needs new "direction" Having said that, I am still watching because it is just about compelling enough. I'm just saying.. this is a great idea and a quality product, visuals, shock, cast.. all it could be better.

    Needs new direction IMO.moreless
  • wow this is FANTASTIC!

    Seriously, this show is great for what it is. Going into it i thought it might be lame because the protagonist lost his powers, but that is not the case at all. You've got Sharlto Copley(District 9, Chappie, Elysium), Eddie Izzard (Hannibal, The Riches), and Noah Taylor (Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones) in the mix! The show is both serious and "comic book-like/not-so-realistic" and will surely satisfy scifi, comic book nerds around who are capable of enjoyment. My only gripe is that it's on PSN and hasn't had much marketing behind it. Watch the the first 3 episodes. I wish this was getting as much hype as the new Heroes sequel/spin-off, because this is far beyond what heroes was. I do hope he gets his powers back at least temporarily or has them on and off at one point in the show.moreless

    PlayStation's Powers Won't Save the Day, But It's Fine for a Few Hours

    The fledgling network's first original series is more cop show than superhero show.


    Sony's Powers Adaptation Casts Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker, Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl

    If you're unfamiliar with the project, it sounds kinda like Heroes or Alphas.

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