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  • Hidden gem

    Definitely the best and most entertaining of the superhero shows, with an amazing cast: Sharlto Copley, Eddie Izzard, Michelle Forbes, Noah Taylor, Tricia Helfer, Michael Madsen, Enrico Colantoni, Wil Wheaton and not forgetting relative newcomers Susan Heyward, Olesya Rulin, Logan Browning. Forget dreary Daredevil, hasbeen Heroes and all CW DC shows. Only Jessica Jones and Agents of SHIELD come close.
  • Initially didn't like it... then I did.

    We found the first episode to be a little hokey and over the top, almost a parody of super hero shows, and the wife almost immediately didn't want to watch it. However I realized after the fact that this was based on a really good comic book I'd read in the past; Unfortunately they stray far from the comic book, which is a detriment in my opinion, but it's still fun nonetheless.

    Perhaps this hokey 'over the top' sentiment is an overarching theme and sometimes the effects can be cheese (like Wolfe eating people) but after I stuck with the first episode, I found myself wanting to see more and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. It's just... fun! Recommended if you like comic books, super heroes, or sci fi.
  • Here's the gist of it


    I wanted to love this show, but I ended up just liking it.

    It's spawn from a comic book series, which I've not read.

    From the wiki page, the first 6 part mini-series was entitled "Who killed Retro Girl?"

    So from the end of Season 1, with Retro Girl murdered, let's just say, it had to happen I guess.

    The show seems loosely based on the comics. Again, based on the wiki...

    Now as far as the show goes.

    It was inconsistent.

    Why would Walker lament about his powers after 20 yrs?

    You would think he would have made peace about that.

    Then there is the issue of Calista.

    Seriously, there is no rhyme or reason for her in the show, except as a badly implemented plot point.

    Why did Johnny Royale take a shine at her? Eventually, it would appear it was because she reminded him of his sister.


    But why would Walker be protective of her? Then Retro Girl? Finally, of all people.. Wolfe???

    That flip me right there.

    No reason.

    She took 'Sway'.

    That's it.

    Wolfe decided to pass to her the leftovers of his powers.

    Again, nothing about Calista made sense.

    Sure, she's got powers now.

    The end of the 10 episode was in fact, one of the few scenes very well orchestrated. Because we all think that Calista jumps and loses her life, except, the cop scene is all about the murdered Retro Girl.


    On the high note, Eddie Izzard... Top notch performance.

    Such a dichotomy, to play such evil and yet to be so sophisticated, and at the same time so damn bloody.

    Johnny Royale's character was ok, it was interesting to see how they could get creative with the use of teleportation.

    Who would have thought that in his secret lair, he now only teleported himself, but the air around him..

    Walker/Diamond was.. well.. ok.. Sometimes a bit annoying. The writing for him was wrong, the timing were wrong.

    Retro Girl's character was interesting, I'm sad to see her die, but it had to be done I guess.

    Now what about these special effects???

    I mean, c'mon.. what was with that?

    Smallville had better effect, was on a budget and still cranked out amazing scenes and visuals.

    And that was over 10 yrs ago..

    The tech has improved and his much cheaper now.

    So, no excuse really.

    Still the show has potential. I just hope that if there is a Season 2, it is more consistent.

    I would love to see answers to questions such as "Where do powers come from" and maybe a spin-off in that world.

    Now, the problem is.. they had a shitty Season 1.. so, unless they get very creative and sharp, not gonna happen.

  • Like Heroes... but without the suck.

    For a show about the implausible, Powers sure makes a world where superheroes are an everyday part of life seem very real. Sharlto Copley gives a nuanced performance as Detective Christian Walker, former superhero who has lost his powers, now working for the police department investigating powers related crime. Michelle Forbes is fantastic as Retro Girl, Walker's former lover and world renowned power who struggles with the responsibilities of being a power while also being a celebrity icon. My favorite is Eddie Izzard, who turns in a disturbing performance as Wolfe, the incredibly menacing villain who is like a boogeyman in the Powers world. Though he spends most of the series in restraints, it never stops him from being a palpable threat in every scene he's in. So far this show has been firing on all cylinders, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
  • A new take

    This has got to be the best new show in town. A new take on the hero situation, how heroes and super beings are treated in average society. Good acting with a nice simple and easy to understand plot, and who doesn't like when ber-power people beats the big jeezes out of each other?

    Don't watch this show making the mistake thats it is a comic book you read when you were a child, nothing ever compares to what you did last week and the grass is always greener... watch it with new eyes and if you can not explicitly explain your inability to do so.
  • Strickly for Kids

    This is a weird mix because its written and conceptualized in a world straight out of a kids imagination, but its been given a hyper real face lift type look (a la christopher nolan) the dichotomy between the absurd and the "realistic" makes this show off putting. If your under the age of 16 or you love the family channel this is the right fit. The content simply didn't make any attempts at plausibility when the environments and cinematography are trying to scream real world modern crime drama.
  • A nice spin on what the world would be like if...

    we had everyday people with the same attitudes and issues as the rest of us and they just happen to have super powers. Great imagination and even the cast works, however.. I think the pace is sort of quirky.. Too much time spent on scenes to fill the hour instead of moving along with at a faster pace. The story has depth, it needs to move faster. create new scenes instead of dragging it out just to the point where it gets boring. I think it needs new "direction" Having said that, I am still watching because it is just about compelling enough. I'm just saying.. this is a great idea and a quality product, visuals, shock, cast.. all it could be better.

    Needs new direction IMO.
  • wow this is FANTASTIC!

    Seriously, this show is great for what it is. Going into it i thought it might be lame because the protagonist lost his powers, but that is not the case at all. You've got Sharlto Copley(District 9, Chappie, Elysium), Eddie Izzard (Hannibal, The Riches), and Noah Taylor (Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones) in the mix! The show is both serious and "comic book-like/not-so-realistic" and will surely satisfy scifi, comic book nerds around who are capable of enjoyment. My only gripe is that it's on PSN and hasn't had much marketing behind it. Watch the the first 3 episodes. I wish this was getting as much hype as the new Heroes sequel/spin-off, because this is far beyond what heroes was. I do hope he gets his powers back at least temporarily or has them on and off at one point in the show.
  • Hooked by Powers

    Was aware of the comic years back and wanted to read the run; but sheeeshh, what they charge/gouge for an issue, forgetaboutit. I freak out nowadays with the model toys and paraphernalia and wonder how much disposable income do kids have to indulge themselves in fanboy status.

    Anyway, liking the show big time, I totally bought the acting - Walker who was once almost godlike in power reduced to being human, I'd say it was more like a phantom limb to 100th degree and the frustration and impotence he must feel and then to take on powers that in some cases could end you as easily as blowing a dandelion, but because he is innately a hero, he nails it, as does his partner with her bravado and take 'em down attitude.

    I can see the language putting some people off, particularly families, but there is almost something honorable about people who attempt to help or do the right thing in the face of the insurmountable odds especially after losing so much and continuing to struggle to uphold the law or protect and serve is a great character study that I sometimes think only would exist in a comic book world these days.

  • powerfully terrible!

    Only watched the first EP but if this show was on an actual network it would be cancelled before the first season. The lead actor (Diamond / Walker) is awful and best suited to acting in B movies! Sony tries and fails miserably on their take at a gritty adult oriented super hero series. Even if Eddie Izzard started telling jokes it couldnt save this turkey.
  • "How does it feel"

    This is the freshest take on the superhero genre i've seen since Kickass, or Scott Pilgrim(if that applies).

    The idea of an ex-superhero(or power as thier called in this series) who does something with his life after losing his powers, instead of falling into total PTSD and longing for times past is a great change of pace in the genre.

    Revisiting and running into, as of now, still active hero colleagues is very intoxicating. The pilot episode does a great example of showing us in to what time its like in the hero/powers inner circle; and those that are good or evil.

    The moniker "powers" to identify these people, shows us that there is a fine line between the good and the evil; that such a black and white, does not exist, and more so, that there is a lack of definition for those "good and evil" and that instead its almost just as commonplace and simple as maybe a "powers" indicator on say, their drivers license.

    I never read the source material but has done a fantastic job of bring us into this universe with great direction without giving the impression of jamming it down our throat.

    The wannabe's, the power transferral possibilities; the app for finding powers,and the sense of an underworld of those with powers, like gangs and mafias; in contrast to the corporate sponsored lime-light powers such as the once great 'Diamond' himself; creates a very fulfilling universe which breathes life into this world from the opening scene of a Powers Unit detective losing his life because his partner needed to take a phone call because his wife was on the line about his sons track meet.

    All in all; i look forward to this show, while i previously had no intention to watch; im compelled to finish it. This is the quintessential superheros in a modern world take. Many have begun to attempt as of recently; all in weak fanfare and over-stylized under-contented strokes. Where those failed, Powers succeeds.

    Sharlto Copley, and Eddie Izzard in the beginning episodes, stand out as stars and create a longing for more in this grounded universe and for those looking to bridge the gap between the quarter of a billion dollar big name, big studio fanfare outings. Instead giving you the Powerts department, short on manpower, and short on budget, but still able to get the job done. It fills a very much needed niche in the market; that most would have more than likely, never realized they were missing until this show premiered.

    As of today, 4 episodes appear availble on my Platystation NOW queue, and i beg you to check them out for yourself, that is, if you find yourself longing to answer the question that the opening credits theme asks "HOW DOES IT FEEL?"