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  • Come on, show some constitution! They finally turned a great game into a great anime and you all ignore it! What's not to like?

    Seriously, a show this good deserves lots of respect! It's about Edward Falcon's search for his father. His idol, Valgus, ends up being the main villain. this show has lots of perks. A cute ninja girl, a fortune teller who hits on a samurai who can amazingly fight really well with one arm, a martial artist, a tough brute, a powerful native and an awesome main character. Plsu, it has awesome transformations and decent violence. Plus, unlike in the game, you get to see the transformations. I love Edward's jet-robot form! Sure, the whole power stone idea rips off Sonic, but Sonic basically ripped off Dragon Ball, and the idea of seven magic talismans is still popular in today's media. Seriously, give this show a chance. It's awesome.
  • The show follows Edward Falcon, whose dream is to be like his Idol Valgas. One day, his father send him the mysterious powerstone and from that day on Falcon's life has been a whirlwind of fights on his quest to find his father and other powerstones.

    This is a good show and I enjoy watching it, it's based off of my favourite Dreamcast game, wats not to love? Though its your basic fghting show where the episode is just leading up to a big fight at the end of the show its still is pretty funny.