Praise the Lord

Weekdays 9:00 PM on Premiered May 28, 1973 In Season


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  • I love it

    Keep pushing the gospel of Jesus we need more tv shows for teens where things they go through we can relate like seven heaven anything to keep us at bay we can barley find a moral tv show anymore smh
  • I really love that show, because it uses 2 things. The word of God in a song filled way, and it speaks to me, because I am a gospel singer that never had the chance to really use my fruits. I love seeing those people do what they do.

    I wanted to know,sinse I am trying to rise in Gospel myself, who do I talk to. Recording artist, Labels. I can't be sure, but I know God will show the way. If someone can contact me in the Orlando area and tell me what to do. I would feel very blesed.
    #301-752-5844. I am pretty much homeless now still looking for work with no sucsess, but God strengthens me as long as I breathe. To God be the Glory. My email I went to Zacery Tims Church a few times to. I see him on the show. Maybe he can tell me. Spiritual guides I request from the Lord.