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  • Hotel Towel Girl, Monster Flat, Relaxed Dress Code, Talking Mannequin

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    S 1 : Ep 6 - 6/29/07

    "Hotel Towel Girl": When a couple checks into their room hotel room, they are surprised to find Heidi Bailey packing up the last of her things. "Monster Flat": Rebekka Johnson is a damsel in distress who asks people to help her fix a flat tire. When they agree, she walks them around a corner to where a giant monster truck is parked. "Relaxed Dress Code": Job applicants meeting with Kurt Braunohler are told about the "very relaxed work environment" at the company. "Talking Mannequin": Guys waiting for their wives and girlfriends while they try on clothes at a boutique are surprised when a female mannequin starts talking to them. "Competitive Eating Scout": As people dine at an outdoor cafe, Billy Merritt sits down across from them with a clipboard, stopwatch and radar gun. "Chicken Flirt": Couples dining at a barbecue chicken joint are waited on by Missy O'Reilly, who tempts the guys with talk of juicy breasts and moist thighs, much to the irritation of their ladies. "Bounty Hunter": A guy eager to break into the TV business lands a job assisting on a new reality series starring bounty hunter Billy Merritt.moreless
  • Bathroom Job Interview, Oil Check Strip Down, Waitress Blind Date, See-Through Curtain, Prisoner Next to You

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    S 1 : Ep 5 - 6/29/07

    "Bathroom Job Interview": Billy Merritt interrupts his interviews with a series of job applicants to use the bathroom adjacent to his office. "Oil Check Strip Down": When a driver pulls into a full-service gas station, attendant Kurt Braunohler offers to check the oil. When Kurt lowers the hood, he's no longer wearing his jumpsuit, just a pair of boxer shorts. "Waitress Blind Date": Guys are set up on a blind date with Rebekka Johnson at a restaurant where they're surprised to discover that she's not just their company for the evening. She's also their waitress. "See-Through Curtain": When women ask to try on some clothing at a boutique, our salesperson Rebekka Johnson shows them to a changing room that opens up onto the main shopping area. "Prisoner Next to You": Billy Merritt, playing a bounty hunter, enters the outdoor seating area of a restaurant with a prisoner, played by Sauce. "A La Carte Hotel": When people check into their hotel room, they discover it's completely empty except for a bed and mattress. "Packed Taxi": Billy Merritt tries to fit a life-size fiberglass donkey into the trunk of a series of taxicabs. He tells the drivers, "If I don't get my ass home, my wife will kill me!"moreless
  • Bad Prom Date, Pimp My Mower, Talking Car, Let Your Balloons Go, Wheelchair Goose Chase

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 6/22/07

    Hidden camera segments include Bad Prom Date," "Pimp My Mower," "Talking Car," "Let Your Balloons Go," and "Wheelchair Goose Chase."
  • Delivery Duel, Not a Bowling Ball, Oil Check Surprise, Interview Distracter, Man Wash, Price Isn't Right, Turf War

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    S 1 : Ep 3 - 6/16/07

    "Delivery Duel: A pizza delivery guys show up at a house with a pie in hand. But a second after he gets to the door, another pizza guy, played by actor Sauce, shows up. "Not a Bowling Ball": A bowler waiting to retrieve his ball from the ball return gets a surprise. Instead of his ball rolling out of the mouth of the machine, out pops a soccer ball. "Oil Check Surprise": When a driver pulls into a full-service gas station, attendant Kurt Braunohler offers to check his oil. When Kurt lowers the hood and walks back around to the driver, smoke begins billowing out of the front of the car. "Interview "Distractor": When a job applicant gets called in first for an interview, Missy makes distracting faces and gestures through the conference room window. "Man Wash": A guy drives up to what looks like your typical bikini car wash. After the girls accept the suggested donation, they disappear and five very buff and shirtless guys jog over and start washing the guy's car. "Price Isn't Right": When a shopper is about to pay for items at a supermarket, cashier Kurt Braunohler asks the shopper if he wants to take a shot at winning free stuff by guessing how much things cost. "Turf War": A person hired to mow a lawn is given a small mower to do the job. Once he's left alone and begins work, Billy Merritt shows up on a huge rider mower."moreless
  • Drive Through Eater, Price Isn't Right, Leaf Blower, Blocked In By Scooter, Storage Unit Surprise

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 6/8/07

    "Drive Through Eater": Customers pull up to the drive-through window to find that Billy Merritt is eating their food. "Price Isn't Right": When customers are about to pay for items in a supermarket, Kurt Braunohler, playing the cashier, asks if they want to take a shot at winning free stuff by guessing how much things cost. "Leaf Blower": Kurt Braunohler plays a groundskeeper with a noisy leaf blower who disturbs people as they try to eat at an outdoor restaurant. "Blocked In by Scooter": When people try to pull their cars out of a parking spot, Billy Merritt pulls up in a handicapped scooter and blocks their way out. "Storage Unit Surprise": People are hired to clean out a storage unit at an outdoor storage facility and when they slide up the unit door they're surprised to see bizarre scenarios.moreless
  • Drive Thru Romeo

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 6/1/07

    The first episode of CMT's hidden camera prank show.