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ITV (ended 2006)


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  • Deserves to be a regular series

    I loved Nigel Marven's "Walking With Dinosaurs" series. It was a brillant and innovative way of looking at dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts, and this series takes the next step forward. With a combination of fantasy and hard science, Nigel travels back in time to rescue animals on the brink of extinction and creates a surreal modern zoo of prehistoric beasts. There is a suspension of belief here. No one wonders if dinosaurs could stomach modern plants or if ancient cats would share hunting and family habits with their modern versions. There is no time wasted on explaining their would-be time travel theories nor on popular beasts so well-known from the movies. I do imagine the show to be very expensive to create which would explain why its limited to a six issue run instead of becoming a series. I would so liked to have seen Nigel bring back a Styracosaurus or a Plesiosaurus - even if he had to release the latter in Loch Ness!
  • A fictional documentry about 'Prehistoric Park' where Nigel, the creator of PP, travels back through time to save extinct animals in a hope of one day breeding them and returning them to their full glory.

    Brilliant show, at first I thought it was going to be alot like Jurrasic Park but suprisinly it wasn't, it was completely different (and well, i'd say, close to better) It was wierd the format of the programme, being the programme it was, i was expecting a action/adevture sort of thing a fictional documentry definatly wasn't. There's a few things the programme lacks, like how did they get a time portal and a few explanotry things like that. Overall this was a great show, shame it won't be coming back for a seocnd series.
  • Basically, this show is like Jurassic Park, but with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures taken from the past via time portal.

    I really liked the premise of this show, and how the dinosaurs were based on real-life animals and information gained from fossils.

    Shame Prehistoric Park isn't a real place. It would be cool to see dinosaurs in person.

    However, I have no idea if they're ever going to show this miniseries on TV again, and I really hope they do.
  • Why isn't there gonna be a season 2?!

    Every Dinosaur geek[such as my self]would like to have a wildlife sanctuary of prehistoric beasts.It's a simple idea,with some fantasic results.
    Don't let Nigel Marvin's pretty corny acting put you off this show,it's buzzing with imagination.It's not just dinosaurs in this show,but tonnes of creatures that have been extinct since even before your teacher was born.2 angry T-Rex teenagers,a herd of reckless Titanosaurs,a deppressed Wooly Mammoth and a ferocious Deinosuchus[the largest crocodile to ever exist]these are only a few of the marvellous creatures in this brilliant six-part series