Prehistoric Park

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • Deserves to be a regular series

    I loved Nigel Marven's "Walking With Dinosaurs" series. It was a brillant and innovative way of looking at dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts, and this series takes the next step forward. With a combination of fantasy and hard science, Nigel travels back in time to rescue animals on the brink of extinction and creates a surreal modern zoo of prehistoric beasts. There is a suspension of belief here. No one wonders if dinosaurs could stomach modern plants or if ancient cats would share hunting and family habits with their modern versions. There is no time wasted on explaining their would-be time travel theories nor on popular beasts so well-known from the movies. I do imagine the show to be very expensive to create which would explain why its limited to a six issue run instead of becoming a series. I would so liked to have seen Nigel bring back a Styracosaurus or a Plesiosaurus - even if he had to release the latter in Loch Ness!