Prehistoric Predators

National Geographic Premiered Jan 01, 2009 Unknown


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Prehistoric Predators

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Prehistoric Predators is a nature documentary TV series developed by National Geographic that looks at some of the more dangerous killers the world had ever seen, except their glory was over millions of years ago. Before humans became a top member in the food chain, these ancient predators were more than of the dinosaur variety with monsters in the form of wild pigs, tigers, bears, wolves, and even birds. With striking CGI and animation, watch the Entelodont, one of the ugliest creatures ever, as this pig-like hunter took down the camel-like Poebrotherium wilsoni with its powerful jaws earning its nickname the Hell Pig. The short-faced bulldog bear had been one of the most intimidating meat-eaters in North America, using its monstrous thirteen feet height to take down the equally dangerous Dire Wolves, which was the largest canid to ever live. From Hyaenodons with razor sharp jaws to the ferocious Terror Birds to the giant 50-ton shark-like Megalodon, Prehistoric Predators brings back these prehistoric killers to relive their hunting glory.moreless

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AIRED ON 7/7/2011

Season 1 : Episode 8

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