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  • Even though Presidio Med was axed after only 12 episodes, 5 of which were unaired, it is still an excellent show with toughing stories, memorable characters and all-around charm.

    I've recently discovered Presidio Med on pay-tv and was totally hooked on it by the end of the first episode. I started watching it because Sasha Alexander is in it, aka the late Kate Todd in NCIS, but came to love the show as a whole. Sasha's character, Jackie, is warm, compassionate, funny, feisty, determined, caring and an all-round fantastic character. Blythe Danner also stars, and she makes a memorable performance as a doctor who cares about her patients so deeply ahe is even willing to break the law to see they stay healthy. The men in the show are not only good-looking, but also charming and compassionate, not to mention caring and loyal.

    I was very dissapointed to find out that Presidio Med had been axed after only 12 episodes, 5 of which were unaired, as I believe this show was more missunderstood than a flop. By the creaters of hit medical drama ER, you would expect it to go well, but unfortunately just wasn't a hit with the viewers. It's a shame, because it really does have touching atories, and instead of your typical scenario of a patient comes in, they diagnose them, medicate them or take them into surgery, then discharge them, this show actually shops and thinks "wait a minute, these are real people, there's more to them than just their injuries", and the doctors actually show compassion.

    I liken Presidio Med to the hit medical drama, Chicago Hope, which too had fanstasic stories and characters, and they too stopped to care about the actual patient, not just their disease of injury. I was very impressed by the episode "With Grace", where a bubby little 9-year-old girl named Grace was battling leukemia. The doctors were sure they could pull her though, but this show actually showed the public that yes, patients don't always make it through. Little Grace didn't make it, but the difference is, that unlike some other medical drama, these doctors and nurses actually stopped to think, "was there anything I could have done?". When they come across the answer, no, they did all they could, you see actual grief. The character of Rae actallu went to Grace's funeral, and she cried over the girl.

    All in all, it's a damn shame Presidio Med was axed before the public got to see the real deal, and maybe, this is a learning point for future dramas, viewers, just give it a go, you may actually like it.
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