Press Gang

Season 5 Episode 3

A Quarter to Midnight

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1993 on ITV
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A Quarter to Midnight
Having lied to Spike about her whereabouts, Lynda becomes accidently trapped in an airtight storage vault in the Slattenheim building where she was meeting John Crawford, her source on a story she was writing. Her mobile phone is damaged, and as a result, she can make calls but those who she calls cannot hear her. In her attempts to reach Spike so he can save her before she suffocates, she comes up with an ingenious Lynda-esque strategy for helping Spike and the Gazette team locate her. But will her plan work? Will they reach her in time?moreless

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    Alan Perrin

    Alan Perrin


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    Joanna Dukes

    Joanna Dukes

    Toni "Tiddler" Tildesley

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      • Spike: (To Lynda on the phone) Do you wanna know why we can't find you?! Because everything in your life is such a damn secret! Why'd you have to lie about where you were last night? Why couldn't you trust me? Of all people, why couldn't you trust me?... I'm sorry, I'm just... I'm sorry.
        Julie: Spike, over here.
        Spike: Huh?
        Julie: Cry afterwards. Its an old girls trick.

      • Tiddler: There's no one there, Spike.
        Spike: Oh yeah, there is. The same psycho who was calling me here last night. As was calling me at three o'clock this morning.
        Julie: Hey, Spike. A little calmer, o.k.?
        Spike: Who are you?
        Frazz: Now listen, wait a minute.
        Spike: 'Cause I don't think I know anybody who would pull a sick little number like this on me... Zoey?
        Frazz: Spike...
        Spike: Cathy? Moira? Lucy? Beth? Tracy?
        Lynda: You're going to die when you figure this out.
        Frazz: Eh, Spike...
        Spike: Who ever you are, this is sick, perverted, psychotic... Lynda?
        Lynda: I love you too.

      • Frazz: You're late.
        Spike: Therefore, I am.

      • (Lynda is phoning Spike, but he can't hear what she's saying)
        Spike: Hello?
        Lynda: Hello you dumb American.
        Spike: Hello, who is this?
        Lynda: Thing is, and I don't want to worry you, it was pretty stuffy in here to start with.
        Spike: Look who's doing this? Its not funny.
        Lynda: And what with the odd panic attack, I've kinda been bolting the available oxygen. Plus I'm waisting my breath on a guy who can't hear me.
        Spike: This is very sick!
        Lynda: I'm running out of time, is what I'm saying.
        Spike: Look, if you got something to say, say it.
        Lynda: Find me Spike, quickly. Please.
        Spike: O.k. sicko! Good night. (Hangs up)

      • Spike: Why do I stick with that woman?
        Julie: Because you're completely, obsessively, madly in love with her.
        Spike: Oh, there's gotta be more to it than that.

      • Lynda: So what's your lucky number? Have you got one?
        Spike: Why? Have you?
        Lynda: 2345.
        Spike: Popular choice.
        Lynda: When we were kids, Kenny and I decided we should have lucky numbers. But we got kinda competitive. It was a good thing he moved to Australia when he did.

      • (Lynda's on the phone with Spike)
        Spike: Where are you?
        Lynda: I told you I'm at home. Are you accusing me of lying? So am I late or what?
        Spike: With your usual dumb excuse, yeah.
        Lynda: I said I'd come. Spike, I'm hurt. You think I spend the whole time lying to you?
        Spike: When it suits you.
        Lynda: Right. And only when.

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