Press Gang

Season 4 Episode 1

Bad News

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1992 on ITV
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Bad News
The owner of the Junior Gazette has died and the gang are forced to review their situation. Colin has the future of the gazette on his shoulders as he is made the head editor. Lynda and Spike appear unexpectedly on a kid's TV show - with explosive results.moreless

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    Henry Naylor

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    Matt Kerr

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      • Julie: Can I just make a point here? What is your problem? You've got your boyfriend and the newspaper back. What more do you want?
        Lynda: Keep out of this, Sam.
        Julie: It's Julie, not Sam. Julie. And you're only pretending to forget to annoy me. Well, it does annoy me, so cut it out!

      • Frazz: Sex and violence. I love children's television.

      • Spike: You're getting worse, you know that? You're a warped, repressed, power-mad bitch! You don't have the morals of an alley cat! And you never made a friend that you didn't use!
        Lynda: Yeah? Well you've got big lips!
        Spike: What, is that the best you can do?
        Lynda: Try this! (Slaps him) Got a smart answer for that, you shallow, show-off American lame-brain?
        (Spike slaps her back, and then they kiss)

      • Spike: Ever since the first day you came into my life, you've been screwing it up for me! Why didn't I see you coming?
        Lynda: Didn't see me coming? (To the camera) For the first six months he was following me around my office dragging his tongue! He left tracks!
        Spike: This was not a one-way thing. If she saw me take of my jacket, we had to hose her down!
        Lynda: This is pathetic, isn't it? Phone in if you think this is pathetic.

      • Lynda: Tell me something, Thomson. Do you actually enjoy doing this kind of thing in public?
        Spike: (To the camera) Do I? Answer us on a postcard.
        Lynda: You're sick, you know that?

      • Julie: Hello again.
        Lynda: Oh, hello. Sarah, you remember Sam?
        Sarah: Yeah I do. Good to see you again, Julie.
        Julie: And you. Love the hair.
        Sarah: Listen, I'll catch up with you in a moment. Stuff to do.
        Julie: Sure, I remember.
        Lynda: Don't mind Sarah, Julie was the girl before you.
        Julie: Yeah, I heard.

      • Julie: Lynda! Julie Craig, remember me?
        Lynda: Well I'll certainly keep you in mind.
        Julie: No. Do you remember me? I used to run your graphics department.
        Lynda: Oh yeah, we did use to have a blonde in there. Are you Sam?
        Julie: Sam came after me. She was blonde too.
        Lynda: There were two of those?
        Julie: Yeah, right, well, got to go. It's been great talking over old times.
        Lynda: Oh, so you've left the paper?

      • Cool Cat: Listen, Lynda. I think maybe you're getting the wrong end of the stick.
        Lynda: Strangely enough, I don't particularly feel like taking advice from a man who spends his time behind a sofa with his arm up an artificial cat!

      • Zach: Isn't that cat terrible?
        Lynda: Well he's not very convincing.
        Zach: Right, he just needs you to play with him a little bit, that's all.
        Lynda: What?
        Zach: Come on, a quick scratch behind the ears. That's how to shut up a stupid animal.
        Lynda: Well if that's what it takes. (Gets up and scratches Zach)

      • Spike: By the way, neat trick, slipping that cassette in Zoey's walkman. I owe you for that.
        Lynda: Is that what this is about?
        Spike: Hah! Have I got style or what?

      • Lynda: Who's he?
        Tv man: What?
        Spike: (Jumps onto the couch and puts his arm around her) Don't mind her, Zach, she's just overcome.
        Lynda: I've never seen this jerk before in my life.
        Spike: Hey, I resent that. I'm the jerk you used to go out with!
        Lynda: Could you get rid of this person please?

      • Lynda: I expected a serious interview. What I didn't expect, was to find myself talking to an improbable looking domestic pet which has somehow acquired the power of speech.
        TV Host: Are you talking about my cat?
        Lynda: No.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Series 4 Cast Changes

        Lee Ross decided not to be part of the fourth series as he was hoping for a film role that would be shooting at the same time.  He unfortunately did not land the role, but found out too late to be included.  With Kenny Phillips having left for Australia, Lucy Benjamin returned to reprise her role of Julie Craig and fill the Assistant Editor position.

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