Press Gang

Season 2 Episode 1

Breakfast at Czar's

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 1990 on ITV
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Breakfast at Czar's
The local leisure complex is being threatened with closure and The Junior Gazette come up with a great campaign to save it, or so they originally thought. The facts are wrong and the team are forced to write another edition of the paper. Much to Lynda's delight as she uses her own initiative to back the council into a corner. Does she succeed in getting the whole story and revealing the true facts.moreless

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    Siri Neal

    Siri Neal


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    Raymond Sawyer

    Raymond Sawyer

    Peter Mayhew

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    Nick Stringer

    Nick Stringer

    Mr. Sullivan

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    Angela Bruce

    Angela Bruce

    Chrissie Stuart

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    Joanna Dukes

    Joanna Dukes

    Toni "Tiddler" Tildesley

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      • (Kenny walks in as Spike and Lynda are about to kiss)
        Kenny: Lynda, I was...
        Lynda: We were just...I was only...
        Spike: Yeah, neither was I.
        Kenny: (Looks down on his paper) Oh, there it is. (Leaves)
        Spike: For a moment, I thought that was Charlotte.
        Lynda: What if it had been Charlotte?
        Spike: Well, if this kiss with you doesn't work out, I don't wanna blow my chances with her.
        Lynda: I don't believe this; our first kiss, and you've got a backup in case I fail it.
        Spike: Which I'm sure you're not going to do.
        Lynda: Right.(Walks away)
        Spike: Does this mean I don't get my kiss now?
        Lynda: Spike, I'd rather fail all my school exams, be unable to get a job, wander the streets destitute with a bottle, and be found dead of hypothermia on a riverbank!
        Spike: Flirt!

      • Spike: Now you know the main reason you locked this door was to stop me going out with Charlotte tonight.
        Lynda: And the main reason you brought Charlotte by the newsroom, was to make me jealous. Don't you think she's just a bit obvious?
        Spike: That was one of the first things I noticed, yeah.
        Lynda: But you still fancy her rotten, right?
        Spike: Well, have you seen the way she looks? I'd go out with just the dress.

      • Lynda: Pacing the cage, tiger?
        Spike: Uh, no, I'm just a little tired. You know, I'm not used to being up this late without loud music and a peer group.
        Lynda: Peer group available.
        Spike: They're not playing my song.

      • Charlotte: Spike, are we going to spend all night with these kids?
        Lynda: Charlotte, are you sure that chair's quite comfortable enough for you?
        Charlotte: It's fine, thank you.
        Lynda: Oh, well maybe your face always looks like that.

      • Lynda: Where are you going?
        Spike: Eh, to a party, actually.
        Lynda: Well I'm not coming.
        Spike: The reason you're not coming, Lynda, is because I'm not asking you.
        Lynda: You always ask me. Everytime you go to a party, you ask me. Give me one reason this time why you wouldn't ask me.
        (A beautiful woman walks up behind Spike)
        Charlotte: Can we go now, Spike?
        Spike: Ah, yeah. Charlotte, this is Lynda. Lynda, Charlotte...Charlotte is a student at the college, studying particle physics, aren't you Charlotte... Ah, Lynda is editor of the Junior Gazette. Aren't you, Lynda?...Yeah, well, I'm glad that's all cleared up.

      • Lynda: You're only here to make fun, aren't you. You're only her to slang around and make lots of stupid comments.
        Spike: That was just a lucky guess.

      • Lynda: You wear those glasses at night?
        Spike: It's night-time? Somebody could have told me.
        Lynda: What do you want, Spike?
        Spike: Oh, nothing. Just looking.
        Lynda: Well, couldn't you look somewhere else?
        Spike: I'm finding it difficult. Nice pyjamas, Lynda, but I prefer your other ones.
        Lynda: You've never seen my other pyjamas. (Shouts) He's never seen my other pyjamas!
        Spike: I've seen everything you wear, Lynda. I've got pictures of your clothesline.

      • (Kenny told everyone to come in to work)
        Lynda: Everyone?!
        Kenny: Yeah, why what's wrong?
        Lynda: What's wrong? You idiot. What's wrong?! I've got to change into something!
        Kenny: Into what?
        Lynda: I don't know. Something.
        Kenny: Why?
        Lynda: Why?! Kenny, I'm still in my pyjamas!
        (The door opens)
        Spike: Well, Lynda. Pyjamas! How did you know I was coming?

      • (Colin walks by with a saw)
        Kenny: Colin?
        Colin: Look Lynda, I found this dangerous saw. It was in one of the old storage cupboards. I'd better go and put it somewhere safe...(Item falls from his jacket)and the hatchet... and the screwdriver... and that hammer.(Picks items up and runs away)
        Lynda: Is there something going on we don't know about?
        Kenny: Usually.

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