Press Gang

Season 5 Episode 4

Food, Love and Insecurity

Aired Unknown May 07, 1993 on ITV
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Food, Love and Insecurity
When Phillipa's, an ex-girlfriend of Spike's, fiancee goes missing, Julie convinces Spike to ask her out to dinner to get the real story behind the disappearance. The plan goes sour when the investigation is planned to take place in a restaurant, where Lynda is posing as a waitress.moreless

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    Lisa Coleman

    Lisa Coleman

    Phillipa Presscott

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    Jilly Carter

    Jilly Carter


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    Geoff McGivern

    Geoff McGivern

    Man in Restaurant

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      • Spike: Have we gotten to the stage in our relationship where I can't even talk to another woman, without you trashing an expensive restaurant?
        Lynda: Great, isn't it?

      • Lynda: (To Phillipa) Don't talk to soon; it's possible there's a little more to my life than this restaurant.
        Woman: Excuse me.
        Man: We just wanted to apologise for being impatient earlier.
        Woman: Your husband explained why you were so grumpy.
        Angelo: Alright darling?
        Man: Are you sure you should be working in your condition?
        Woman: Well congratulations to both of you. You must be thrilled.
        Angelo: Well, we've certainly been trying a lot.

      • Phillipa: Lynda Day, isn't it? I think we went to the same school. Phillipa Prescott. You obviously don't remember me.
        Lynda: Only from the toilet graffiti, but that was mostly in the boys'...and the staffs'.
        Phillipa: You know, I heard you were running a newspaper...obviously not.
        Lynda: I heard you were horribly disfigured in an accident... bad luck.

      • Julie: Colin! Hi! Its me, Julie. Good to see you.
        Colin: Is this a trick?
        Julie: What'd you mean, trick?
        Colin: You warned me never to say you knew me in public.
        Julie: It was a joke for goodness sake. We were having a laugh!
        Colin: You had your thumbs on my windpipe!

      • Spike: Uh, listen, I just gotta go to the john.
        Phillipa: Oh, so do I... What's wrong?
        Spike: You're coming?
        Phillipa: Well, presumably they've got a ladies' back there too.
        Spike: No, they haven't. Well, they have, obviously, but it was filthy the last time I used it. Not that I have used it, but, uh...well, I peaked through the window a few times.

      • Phillipa: Have you got somewhere nice and secluded for us?
        Lynda: Why? What are you going to do?
        Phillipa: ...Eat.

      • Lynda: You've got a reservation for eight o'clock.
        Spike: My name's Thomson.
        Lynda: Have you booked?
        Spike: Yeah. I've got a reservation for eight o'clock.
        Lynda: Are you Mr.Thomson?
        Spike: Yes.
        Lynda: You've got a reservation for eight o'clock.
        Spike: I'm Mr.Thomson.
        Lynda: I'm a waitress.
        Spike: Can't Julie do the waitress? I can't handle it if its you.
        Lynda: You mean you don't want me around when you're with Phillipa. I knew it!

      • Angelo: You look very cute in that outfit.
        Lynda: Thank you. That's the first time you've noticed I'm dressed.
        Angelo: You know, I've got an idea. Are you free friday night?
        Lynda: Why?
        Angelo: You want to go some place?
        Lynda: Are you seriously asking me out?
        Angelo: And why is that so hard to belive?
        Lynda: You're ugly.
        Angelo: I might have a great personality.
        Lynda: So?
        Angelo: Fine. We'll leave it as a maybe.

      • Lynda: Do you want to blow my cover?
        Angelo: Sounds great. What do we do?

      • Frazz: Could you go back to the table? I need another sound test.
        Lynda: I'm not going back out there. People keep bothering me.
        Julie: Lynda, you're a waitress. You're supposed to serve them.
        Lynda: O.k, o.k. Its always me who ends up doing the difficult bit.
        Julie: Well, you did threaten to sack the entire newsteam and burn their families if we didn't let you.
        Lynda: Right. I volunteered. (Leaves)
        Julie: What do we need another soundcheck for?
        Frazz: Gone, isn't she?

      • Lynda: Forget I'm your girlfriend. I'm your editor now. Do you seriously think you can do this?
        Julie: Know what? I think he'd pull it off.
        (Lynda slaps Julie)
        Lynda: Sorry, sorry. Got confused.
        Julie: Lynda!

      • Julie: Would it be a problem for you guys? I mean, you know, he'd be, well, seducing her.
        Spike: (To Lynda) Yeah, but I wouldn't be doing it so I could nail her. I mean, pin her down. Look, this could be a big story for us. All Julie's suggesting is, if I could get this woman relaxed by a candle-light, maybe, just maybe I could loosen her tongue.
        (Lynda slaps him)
        Spike: We've talked it through, we've decided against.

      • (About Phillipa Presscott)
        Spike: So why's she in the news?
        Lynda: Murdered?

      • (After she has set the water sprinklers off):
        Lynda: I may have a jealousy problem.
        Spike: You may have an Angelo problem.

      • Phillipa: Lynda Day! That's who she is! The waitress I mean. I remember her from school. Don't you?
        Spike: Don't think so, actually.
        Phillipa: She was a real stroppy cow. Everybody hated her. She was just a total bitch.
        Spike: Right, yeah. Well, I didn't know her.
        Phillipa: Neither did I, but everybody knew about her. She ran that school magazine thing, and was just loathed.
        Spike: Oh, I'm sure she wasn't.
        Phillipa: And you know what's really funny?
        Spike: Look, tell me when we're alone, o.k.?
        Phillipa: We are.
        Spike: Ah, yeah, right.
        Phillipa: She was one of those academic high flyers, and now she's ended up as a waitress!
        (A bang is heard from the kitchen)
        Phillipa: Sounds like something exploded in the kitchen.
        Spike: You could be right.

      • (To Colin):
        Julie: You were bullied by your imaginary friend?

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