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Press Gang

Season 5 Episode 2

Friendly Fire

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1993 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Friendly Fire
Sarah contemplates her future with the Junior Gazette. Should she stay or should she go? But how will the rest of them handle her decision

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    Paul Antony-Barber

    Paul Antony-Barber

    Mr. Howard

    Guest Star

    David Collings

    David Collings

    Mr Winters

    Guest Star

    David Harewood

    David Harewood


    Guest Star

    Clive Wood

    Clive Wood

    Matt Kerr

    Recurring Role

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      • (About Spike)
        Sarah: You were being kinda unfair to him today, don't you think? He's a good guy. I thought it was time you knew that.
        Lynda: Parting gift?

      • Sarah: Damn!
        Lynda: Magazine.

      • Spike: So why are you phoning me?
        Sarah: For a good reason. You might hear about it. Got to go now. (Hangs up)

      • Spike: I, I thought...
        Sarah: I know. I bottled out of leaving, Spike. I came here to put my stuff back in my desk, and I found this.
        Spike: She guessed you were leaving.
        Sarah: And knew I never would.
        Spike: Some girl.

      • Sarah: Spike? Trying to soften her up for me?
        Spike: Great job I did, huh?
        Sarah: It was a nice thought. Hopeless, but nice.
        Spike: Anybody else know this is your last day?
        Sarah: Not unless you've told them.
        Spike: Don't do it like this.
        Sarah: You want me to give her a months notice, so she can find a way to stop me? I wanna go to university, Spike, and I'm going.
        Spike: Out the back door? Not a word to anyone?
        Sarah: I've tried every other way.
        Spike: Tell her.
        Sarah: I'll leave a note.

      • Spike: Look. Someone here might, you know, have something to say to you. Something that you ought to hear. But nobody's gonna say a word if they think that they're likely to get their head torn off and spat in your out-tray.
        Lynda: I want to know what you've done and her name. That's it. We're finished. Julie, cancel all scheduled dates.
        Julie: Aw, this is the fourth time this week! (About the post-its) These things aren't even sticky anymore.
        Lynda: Just get on with it please.
        Julie: They keep slipping down. He's had to date Frazz twice!

      • Lynda: Be absent, Thomson. Get out of my life. Make a hole in my peer group!

      • Sarah: Am I going to be in the press?
        Matt Kerr: Oh, so you've been told? Yes, we've been planning it for weeks!
        (Sarah passes out)

        Mr.Winters: Oh, Matt you're... (Sees Sarah on the floor)
        Lynda: She's dead. I hope you're satisfied.

      • Spike: O.k. She's a cow.
        Sarah: You're telling me?
        Spike: No. You're telling her. Why? We've all got our favorite Lynda story. But you guys have been close. And it hasn't all been bad. You wanna end it on a level like this?
        Sarah: I don't have a choice.

      • Lynda: Who's the blonde, sir?
        Teacher: Will you get to your seat, please?
        Lynda: A new girl? If you're changing the line-up, I'd prefer to know. What's her form? Any weak spots?
        Teacher: This is an exam, not a competition.
        Lynda: Oh, so you won't be giving out marks this time?

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