Press Gang

Season 5 Episode 2

Friendly Fire

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1993 on ITV



  • Quotes

    • Sarah: Spike? Trying to soften her up for me?
      Spike: Great job I did, huh?
      Sarah: It was a nice thought. Hopeless, but nice.
      Spike: Anybody else know this is your last day?
      Sarah: Not unless you've told them.
      Spike: Don't do it like this.
      Sarah: You want me to give her a months notice, so she can find a way to stop me? I wanna go to university, Spike, and I'm going.
      Spike: Out the back door? Not a word to anyone?
      Sarah: I've tried every other way.
      Spike: Tell her.
      Sarah: I'll leave a note.