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Press Gang

Season 5 Episode 1

Head and Heart

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1993 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Head and Heart
Colin has fallen in love with Janet, the new school secretary. He finds a note in a book and presumes it is arrangements for Janet and he to meet. When he arrives for the 'date' she is expecting someone else - the headmaster, who is a married man and publicising himself as being a 'family man'. Will Lynda run with the story and destroy his career?moreless

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    David Collings

    David Collings

    Mr Winters

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    Natalie Roles

    Natalie Roles


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    Katie Puckrik

    Katie Puckrik


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    Miranda Forbes

    Miranda Forbes

    Miss Hessope

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      • Lynda: What the hell do you mean, no? What do you mean?
        Spike: We're bringing a good man down because of some stuff that's none of our business; and he's a friend.
        Lynda: It's not as simple as that.
        Spike: Actually, it is. He's a good headmaster. The very least we've done, is shoot him in the foot. Because of us, tomorrow, the world is a slightly less good place. And for this we get payed?
        Lynda: If I hold back a story because I think its not in the public interest, next thing we'll be inventing the news. It matters that doesn't happen. I did right.
        Spike: Did you do good?
        Lynda: Yes.
        Spike: No.

      • Lynda: Ugly day.
        Spike: Yeah.
        Lynda: Did I do the right thing?
        Spike: No.

      • Spike: When did you get it on my damned wrist?
        Lynda: You think that's clever? Check your underwear.
        Spike: Ooo.
        Lynda: I did right?
        Spike: Yeah, you did good.

      • Lynda: I have never sunk so low. Take me now, Lord; death would be a promotion.

      • Lynda: Meeting over, we're not touching this.
        Colin: I can't belive you said that.
        (Colin's Strokematic goes berserk)
        Strokematic: I bet Lynda really fancies you.
        Colin: Oh hell.
        Strokematic: I bet Julie's crazy about you. Wow, you're really popular.

      • Lynda: Maybe you guys could take this seriously?
        Frazz: Yeah, maybe we could. I mean, especially since the paper wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Winters.
        Julie: It was Sullivan and Kerr that set us up.
        Spike: Yeah, Winters too, you know that.
        Frazz: And some of us sitting around this table were heading exactly nowhere before the Junior Gazette. Spike, for instance.
        Spike: Yeah, Frazz for example.
        Frazz: Yeah those two.
        Spike: Scum!
        Frazz: Slime.
        Spike: Hey, have you met his wife?
        Frazz: My tongue was down to my knees!
        Julie: Oh, you are slime.
        Spike: I'm slime; he's scum.

      • Lynda: Can't you do anything without asking first?
        (Janet presses her Strokematic)
        Strokematic: Lynda's day will come.

      • Spike: You haven't got me a present?
        Lynda: It's the thought that counts.
        Spike: You didn't think!
        Lynda: I didn't get you a present. See? It counts.

      • Spike: You know, I woke up with a good feeling about today, boss.
        Lynda: That happens sometimes. It's just nature's cruel way of getting you out of bed.
        Spike: I woke up just knowing that you would remember my birthday.
        Lynda: Of course I do, but it was ages ago, wasn't it?
        Spike: Yes Lynda, quite a while.
        Lynda: Right.
        Spike: Almost exactly a while, in fact.
        Lynda: Today? Oh... well, how was I supposed to remember it was today? It's been a year!

      • Spike: Surprised to see me so happy?
        Lynda: Well, we're still dating.
        Spike: That's not why I'm happy.
        Lynda: That's why I'm surprised.

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