Press Gang

Season 1 Episode 11

Monday - Tuesday

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1989 on ITV



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    • Lynda: Cool it, Spike.
      Spike: Hey, I'm cool. I'm so cool, I could spit icecubes.

    • (As the newsroom phone continues to ring)
      Kenny: Morning.
      Lynda: Is it? I wondered what the birds were singing about.

    • Lynda: Before I see you again, do a bit of thinking. Think what kind of person goes telling on his friends. Think what kind of person tries to blackmail people. Think what kind of person you are, David, 'cause I have to tell you, right now, you're not nice to know.

    • Lynda: Last night, after we'd been to see David, he took his father's shotgun, put the barrel in his mouth...
      Colin: (Smiling) He put a loaded shotgun in his mouth?! Was it loaded?
      Lynda: Not after he pulled the trigger.
      Colin: He's, he's dead?
      Spike: Well he sure, he didn't miss at that range.

    • Colin: I've tried phoning. It's always her father that answers. He's so German. I just want to give him my name, rank and number.
      Spike: You watch to many films, Colin. It's ringing. (Hands Colin the phone)
      Colin: It'll be her father, I know it.
      Spike: Just be cool and be calm and go for it.
      Colin: It'll be her father, he's so German! Heil! I mean, Hello! Oh...(Hangs up)

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  • Allusions

    • Lemming: Spike suggests that David killed himself because he's got a pet lemming.

      The lemming is a rodent found in Norway and Sweden. Every few years, they overpopulate, and consequently die in enormous numbers. This is known as Lemming year.

    • Kenny: Yeah, I'm a big Beatrix Potter fan myself.

      Beatrix Potter was an English author of children's books. She was also a conservationist and botanist.