Press Gang

Season 1 Episode 3

One Easy Lesson

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1989 on ITV



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    • Lynda: You must've been born while I was out.
      Tiddler: Well, I'm always telling mum you don't pay any attention to me.
      Lynda: Who are you?
      Tiddler: Toni Tilledsley, but my friends call me Tiddler, 'cause I'm small and popular.

    • Lynda: Stage three. I don't want to know how you do it, but you get everyone on this list to behave.
      Spike: You leave it to the experts. Frazz.
      (Cut to Spike and Frazz bullying people in the school yard)
      Spike: Tony Robbins, 3C?
      Frazz: Raymond Smith, 3C?
      Spike: Eric Ashley, 3C?
      Frazz: When you get Mr Knowles for English tomorrow...
      Spike: ...on Thursday, you're gonna behave.
      Frazz: Like an angel...
      Spike: But you're gonna make it look like you're being a naughty little boy...
      Frazz: ...a bad little girl...
      Spike: But when Knowles tells you to do something, do it.
      Frazz: Or else.
      Spike: Or watch it.
      Frazz: Or you'll be going home in buckets.

    • Spike: Ping-pong balls?!
      Lynda: Half ping-pong balls! How many of them?
      Colin: Well, they make them in two halves, you see, and they always have a few defective ones left over...
      Lynda: How many?
      Colin: 100,000.
      Lynda: Are you telling me, Colin, that you have spent Gazette money on 100,000 defective half ping-pong balls?
      Colin: It was a bargain! Look, we get in on the ground floor here. It's an investment. It's a whole new concept in...
      Lynda: ...balls!

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