Press Gang - Season 1

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Shouldn't I Be Taller?
    With Lynda having resigned as Editor, Colin wants the job. Tiddler desperately enlists Kenny into also running for the job. Billy does some digging on Spike's behalf to find out what is happening with Lynda and finds that she is transfering to another school. Can Spike save the paper from Colin?moreless
  • Monday - Tuesday
    Monday - Tuesday
    Episode 11
    With the plan for the week well under way on Monday, the life of certain members of the newsroom team are changed forever on the Tuesday. A meeting sees Kevin, Colin, Sarah, Spike and Lynda figuring out how it all happened, and who was to blame. Maybe Tuesday shouldn't have been cancelled afterall.moreless
  • Money, Love and Birdseed
    Tiddler has a plan to get Lynda and Spike together. As well as pigeons crowd the gangs newsroom and suspicion falls to Colin being responsible for it. At the school money goes missing from the school's Judo club and the finger is pointed at Bobby Tweed who swears he didn't do it.moreless
  • Both Sides of the Paper
    The Junior Gazette is in danger of being suspended by the headmaster as school exams approach and pressure builds. Lynda has serious ambitions much to Sarah's worry, as the gazette starts gaining interest. And the team interview The Phone Ranger. But will Mr Harvey have any of it?
  • How to Make a Killing (2)
    Kenny continues to pursue the girl in order to solve the mystery, but Lynda needs him back at the Junior Gazette. She is eventually forced to take on Spike as her assistant for the day much to her un-delight. Kenny's mystery provokes the teams biggest under cover operation campaign yet, just what is going on?moreless
  • How to Make a Killing (1)
    Kenny investigates a mysterious girl called Jenny, who draws chalk outlines on the pavement outside the Highpoint Flats. He soon finds himself in hot water after finding out more then he intended to.....
  • Interface
    Episode 6
    A Ghost Writer turns up at the office, producing written articles and television reviews. Who is he? Lynda and Spike work together after Colin comes up with a lead.

    The gang also enter a competition to win a computor and printer set. Something they desperately need. Colin comes up with an incredible brainwave.moreless

  • A Night In
    A Night In
    Episode 5
    The gang get suspicious when a moody Lynda makes everyone stay behind to work late, and of course nobody wants to. As for Colin he has a very important meeting with the towns richest man, or does he? The excuses go flying as the gang work out what is really wrong with Lynda and why Spike is acting up.moreless
  • Deadline
    Episode 4
    There's a printer strike and they are forced to have to write the following weeks edition as well, and in only a few hours. Just when Sarah is needed she is out on a date and Spike has to track her down to get her to write a story.

    Meanwhile, Colin and Danny need to get a photo today, which isn't being posed until tomorrow, of Tommy Anderson.moreless
  • One Easy Lesson
    One Easy Lesson
    Episode 3
    A new teacher at the school, Simon Knowles, is having a hard time taking control of his class. Sarah, who is also his cousin, comes up with a plan to do a 'Teacher Profile'. The desired outcome however doesn't come through leaving Simon on a downhill side - unless the gazette team can come up with a plan.moreless
  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish
    Episode 2
    Lynda is desperate to finish her story before the deadline. The first edition is released, with much outrage from the public. But luck happens to save the day with a chance encounter.
  • Page One
    Page One
    Episode 1
    Lynda and Spike are both head to head as they compete to come up up with the best front-page headline for the gangs first edition of The Junior Gazette.

    But are their stories what they seem?