Press Gang - Season 4

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Day Dreams
    Day Dreams
    Episode 6
    After yet another fight with Spike, Lynda has a dream featuring her old teacher, Mr.Sullivan. In it, she sees the future of all her friends. Then she has to decide what the future has in store for her and Spike...
  • In the Picture
    In the Picture
    Episode 5
    Lynda and Spike are finally back together again. Spike leaves for America for his father's funeral. Cathrine Hill, who has an uncanny resemblance to Lynda, shows up at her office but won't reveal why she's there. Meanwhile, Colin, and Frazz are on a stakeout at a celebrity's hotel room, but it all goes terribly wrong.moreless
  • Love and War
    Love and War
    Episode 4
    Spike has personal stuff going on. He has to go back to America, and keeps calling his father, leaving angry and hurt messages on his answering machine. If this wasn't bad enough, Colin chains Spike to a suitcase to which there is no key. As Lynda tries to help him getting the lock to open, she gets an insight into the broken relationship between Spike and his dad. But it might be too late to fix it.moreless
  • She's Got It Taped
    She's Got It Taped
    Episode 3
    A bomb goes off in a café, and Sarah investigates the story. She follows a lead to Archie, a low-time criminal who was supposed to phone in the bomb threat before it went off. Archie, on the other hand, wants his hand on some evidence that Sarah has.
  • UnXpected
    Episode 2
    Frazz has been given the opportunity to write an article on his favourite show Colonel X, which was cancelled due to Colonel X's alter ego John England being killed in a car crash. Frazz though is mugged and hit on the head. Fantasy becomes reality when he starts seeing X, but not just him the others as well. Is the truth really out there or are they all going mad. Lynda needs help to get out of a situation involving a date. Is Spike willing to assist her or not?moreless
  • Bad News
    Bad News
    Episode 1
    The owner of the Junior Gazette has died and the gang are forced to review their situation. Colin has the future of the gazette on his shoulders as he is made the head editor. Lynda and Spike appear unexpectedly on a kid's TV show - with explosive results.