Press Gang - Season 5

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • There Are Crocodiles
    After a soccer match (which the team lose) they return back to the office they discover that Kevin has overdosed in the toilets. Lynda is retelling the story of the previous weeks to someone, who is revealed as David, who also committed suicide. But when it is revealed that Lynda is unconscious in the office it on fire the questions remains - will she survive it, or perish?moreless
  • Windfall
    Episode 5
    Colin goes on a date with Julie. But it doesn't turn out the way he was expecting.
  • Food, Love and Insecurity
    When Phillipa's, an ex-girlfriend of Spike's, fiancee goes missing, Julie convinces Spike to ask her out to dinner to get the real story behind the disappearance. The plan goes sour when the investigation is planned to take place in a restaurant, where Lynda is posing as a waitress.
  • A Quarter to Midnight
    Having lied to Spike about her whereabouts, Lynda becomes accidently trapped in an airtight storage vault in the Slattenheim building where she was meeting John Crawford, her source on a story she was writing. Her mobile phone is damaged, and as a result, she can make calls but those who she calls cannot hear her. In her attempts to reach Spike so he can save her before she suffocates, she comes up with an ingenious Lynda-esque strategy for helping Spike and the Gazette team locate her. But will her plan work? Will they reach her in time?moreless
  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire
    Episode 2
    Sarah contemplates her future with the Junior Gazette. Should she stay or should she go? But how will the rest of them handle her decision
  • Head and Heart
    Head and Heart
    Episode 1
    Colin has fallen in love with Janet, the new school secretary. He finds a note in a book and presumes it is arrangements for Janet and he to meet. When he arrives for the 'date' she is expecting someone else - the headmaster, who is a married man and publicising himself as being a 'family man'. Will Lynda run with the story and destroy his career?moreless