Press Gang

Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Unknown May 14, 1993 on ITV
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Colin goes on a date with Julie. But it doesn't turn out the way he was expecting.

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      • Julie: You know these guys?
        Colin: Well, we might have done a little business at one time or another, it's hard to keep track.
        Biker: Do you remember that warehouse fire?
        Colin: Yes, thank you, that'll be all.

      • Lynda: Don't let it get at you. She has weird taste in men.
        Colin: Just not weird enough, ey?

      • Colin: How'd think I feel? I was trying to act all nice and normal, and suddenly everything's dead! It was like that school zoo trip all over again.

      • Julie: Where's the bird?
        Colin: Look, I'm really sorry, okay?
        Julie: Sorry?
        Colin: I just sort of opened the window for a moment, and it flew out.
        Julie: Oh, no!
        Colin: Also... your goldfish.
        Julie: My goldfish?
        Colin: Yes. It escaped.
        Julie: Escaped?!
        Colin: You left the lid off.
        Julie: How can it escape, Colin? It's a fish!
        Colin: Right, exactly, it must have been out of its mind.
        Julie: Colin! We are taling about a goldfish. Goldfish don't escape! You don't see them flopping along the pavement dragging their bowls in search of the ocean. It just doesn't happen! And another thing, Colin, and trust me on this; They can't fly!
        Colin: Incidently, neither can cats.
        Julie: We're not talking about cats, we're t...
        Colin: You see, the bird flew out of the window, and the cat just sort of followed it, and the goldfish got such a fright, it lept up...
        Julie: Colin!!!

      • Spike: Any particular reason why you were lying through your teeth?
        Lynda: I don't like her boyfriend. No brain, lots of neck muscles.
        Spike: Right.
        Lynda: And he's a lousy date.
        Spike: Heh... joke, right?

      • Lynda: I think you ought to know what kind of guy you're involved with. Which is the kind of guy, Julie, who asks out your best friend.
        Julie: Right, yeah. I appreciate you telling me Lynda, I really do.
        Lynda: If it's any comfort, we had a lousy time.
        Julie: What?!
        Lynda: I had a gap in my schedule, was I supposed to say no?
        Julie: And what about Spike?
        Lynda: Oh, he's perfectly happy. I wouldn't have done it otherwise.
        Julie: Happy?
        Lynda: Absolutely. Never suspected a thing.

      • Lynda: Trust me, Julie. He cheats. He can't stop himself. He chats up anything with a face.
        Julie: You don't know that.
        Lynda: Don't I? He asked me out!

      • Julie: I just keep weighing it all up. Where he goes to for on days on end, all the dumb excuses, all the rumours I keep hearing. But I'm just being stupid and paranoid, aren't I?
        Lynda: Nope. He's cheating on you. Got to go Julie.
        Julie: Wait, hang on. What are you saying?
        Lynda: You wanted my opinion.
        Julie: I didn't want that one!

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