Press Your Luck

Season 4 Episode 49

Episode 449

Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Jun 14, 1985 on CBS
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Episode 449
Pam, Sam, and Jerry compete against each other and the big board in an effort to avoid the Whammy and win Big Bucks.
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      • (Shortly after Rod announces the consolation prizes for parting contestants, a phone rings. Peter notices the phone on his podium.)
        Peter: This could be, uh... This could be Bud Grant, the head of CBS.
        (Peter grimaces and answers the phone.)
        Peter: Hello?
        Sylvester: Hello?
        Peter: Yes, uh... who's this, please? This is Press Your Luck. Uh, do you have the right number?
        Sylvester: Yeah. This is, uh... Sylvester.
        Peter: Sylvester?
        Sylvester: Yeah, certainly, it's Sylvester. "Sufferin' Succotash!" Anybody knows that!
        Peter: Well, I... I thought it was Daffy Duck that had... used that expr...
        Sylvester: No, Daffy Duck steals from me all the time. And I said "Succotash," 'cause that's a delicious, uh... beans and, uh... corn mixed together.
        Peter: (chuckles) Yeah, one of... one of my favorite dishes. Uh...
        Sylvester: Yeah, it's delicious.
        Peter: Well, I... I... I hope I, you know, we didn't offend any of the other, uh... uh... uh... characters and... and, uh... people that you... you work with. Uh...
        Sylvester: Oh, no. They're all here. And they're all listening to what I have to say.
        Peter: Oh, who's there with you?
        Sylvester: Oh, there's all kinds of people here. Here's little Speedy Gonzales. You know him. That little Mexican fellow that says...
        Speedy: Hey, my name is Speedy Gonzales. Fastest mouse in all Mexico. That's just the way for the cat to get to the mouse and then "Epa! Epa! Yee-ha! Andale! Andale! Andale!"
        Peter: (laughs) I do remember him! Yes!
        Sylvester: Oh, certainly, you do.
        Peter: What? Are you having a kind of a party or a reunion or what?
        Sylvester: Oh, they're always with me. I don't know. I can't get rid of them.
        (Both laugh.)
        Peter: I'm glad you called, because we... you know, we wouldn't want to do something on the show that was wrong. And, uh...
        Sylvester: Oh, no. you're always right. Everybody knows that. Yup, you're always okay.
        Peter: Well, I... I appreciate that.
        Sylvester: Hey, you know what you should've done? You should've called my office.
        Peter: Uh... next time, we'll... we'll call your office at... at... when we have any of these kinds of questions, and, uh... please, uh... please accept our apologies, and we will, um... we will give all these players another chance.
        Sylvester: Oh, that's okay. Even my wife, Estelle knows it's me that says "Sufferin' Succotash!"
        Peter: I... well, I appreciate that, Sylvester. And I... I wish you, uh... good luck in some respects in all your... all your endeavors, except, of course, getting Tweety Bird. And, uh... once again, I thank you for calling. And we will definitely call your office when we have any one of these situations happen again.
        Sylvester: Oh, there's one guy that wants to say good-bye to you.
        Peter: Oh, okay.
        Sylvester: Come on over here, Porky.
        Porky: Yeah, uh, th-th-that I will. So long, uh... uh... uh... P-Pete. Uh... So long, uh... th-th-th... Uh, suh-suh-suh C.B., uh... Columbia B-b-broa-broa, uh... So long, uh... Th-th-th-th-That's all, folks.
        Peter: (laughs) Thanks a lot! Good-bye, Porky.
        Porky: Bye-bye.
        (Peter hangs up the phone, and faces us.)
        Peter: Wow! The whole gang called us. Well, we're going to have to have all these people, give them another chance. And we'll do that. Until next time, tune in tomorrow for another edition of Looney Tunes! Until then, this is Peter Tomarken saying "Thanks for pressing your luck." Bye-bye.

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