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  • I love this game show.

    Thit is one of best game shows ever made, it's a shame that it is not on as new episodes. The new one, whammy stinks. Press your luck also lasted the most seasons of all the show of it's kind, Second chance and Whammy, so it is the better show.
  • A great classic game show.

    "Press Your Luck", in my opinion, was the one most action-packed game shows around. Host Peter Tomarken did a great job hosting this avid game show. I also think that in this game show you can win a lot more cash and prizes than several others. I hope they bring this show back, but I severely doubt this would happen.
  • Players answer questions in order to gain spins on the board. Then, they take their spins in an attempt to win cash and prizes, while avoiding the dreaded "Whammy".

    In high school we got satellite TV and I saw this show on the Game Show Network. I could not believe what I was seeing. It's kind of ridiculous to see these grown adults screaming "Big Bucks! No Whammies!" I'm a big game show guy, but I'm not a big fan of this show. It has some entertainment value years later...but not lots.
  • One of the best gameshows.

    I'm not a huge fan of this show, but it is one of my favorite gameshows to watch on television. I like the idea of this game, and it is very fun to watch. I'm happy that they show reruns of this show, and it's very nice that a newer version was made.
  • One of the best gameshows.

    I'm not a huge fan of this show, but it is one of my favorite gameshows to watch on television. I like the idea of this game, and it is very fun to watch. I'm happy that they show reruns of this show, and it's very nice that a newer version was made.
  • A true 80's classic

    This was quite possibly one of the best shows on TV. The Whammy and his crazy antics, the intensity of the game itself and of course Peter Tomarken. As good as this show was, it may have very well been ahead of it\'s time sadly, which would explain it\'s short run.
  • Looks intresting.

    It looks like it might be intresting to watch, but i have never seen it. This is one of those "missed" shows. I was born in the nineteen eighties and never got to see it because it no longer airs. I hope to see it one day to see if it really is great.
  • This show is just full of on-the-edge-of-your-seat energy. I really loved this show and my thoughts and prayers are with the Tomarkens as they go through a rough time.

    Press Your Luck was a great show to watch. It was full of energy. You didn't know if the contestant's next spin would be $5000 and a spin or a whammy. Peter Tomarken was great on that show. I couldn't believe the news that he was killed in a plane crash on Monday. My thoughts and prayers are with the Tomarken family as they deal with this tragedy.
  • Peter Tomarken, we miss you!

    I loved this show, and I am sorry that I never appreciated it as much. The GSN remake "Whammy" is exciting, but it does not have my favorite whammy phrase. "I'm gonna take a picture of you losing all your money. Smile!" Also, Todd Newton is not as good as Peter was, but he's gone now and I really miss him.
  • It's time to Press Your Luck!

    Today, these three players are after Biiiiiiiiig Bucks - but they'll have to avoid the Whammy as the play the most exciting game of their lives! That fun little show with big money, big prizes, the hosting genius of the late great Peter Tomarken, the "dulcet tones" Rod Roddy, and of course, Whammy and Tammy Whammette, who can never stop stealing money - or get caught in a crazy situation while doing so. A classic that just gets better with age! It's on the GSN every afternoon, so don't miss it! It's one of the best game shows EVER !
  • Love the show and Peter Tomarken made it work!

    I loved this show though it only lasted for three years
    Still it is a favorite amongst us game show fans
    As the late Peter Tomarken made it work really well
    Too bad that he wasn't asked to host the new show that only lasted for two years!
    Had he had been the host, it would had lasted pretty longer than two years.
    Liked Todd Newton as the producers probably needed some new and young blood but as they say, the original is the original.
  • Classic,one of my favorite game shows.

    Every game show is different in some way. You will win money usually one person or more. Price is right has you guess about prizes, holly wood squares has you play a sort of tic tac toe. And Press you luck has whammyies thast take you money. This game show was very unique. You would answer questions and then spin. Then after round 1 you would answer questions again and then spin. But if you landed on a whammy it would take all your money/prizes away from you. It was very great and funny to watch.One word to describe it a classic game show hope never to be forgotten.
  • My personal favorite game show.

    I am not a huge fan of game shows, especially ones based purely on luck. (Deal or No Deal) But oddly enough, this show just worked for me. My favorite game show of all time. The best element had to be that darn wammy. He really made it fun and exciting, for if it was someone you wanted to win you'd be screaming NO WAMMY right in your living room. And of course if it was someone you were not paticularly fond of, it was great fun to see that little red guy come and take their points away. Great show, I catch it on GSN all the time!
  • Contestants answer questions to earn spins. They then take the spins to try and win cash without hitting a Whammy.

    This show is an instant classic! The Whammies were a lot of fun as their animated antics would appear when the board was stopped on a shot of a whammy. Peter Tomarken added a real sense of fun to the show by reading poems or helping to cheer on the contestants. Sometimes I thought he had more excitement then all the contestants put together. This show NEEDS to be on DVD as I enjoy watching this game show more then any other out there. This show made Peter a Game show Legand. RIP peter.. I will never foreget you.

    I was a baby when this originally aired, so the light flashing-cartoon animation I guess caught me. Every since then when it was cancelled, i followed it to USA and now on GSN. I'm trying to collect each episode but GSN be tripping with all that starting over, cutting the ending of the show off. But Press Your Luck to me was a classic show--RIP to the host Peter Tomarken, he really made the show a success. This was the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire back in the eighty's to me, just think about Micheal Lawson-- he broke the big bank,(the PYL board)you know.
  • I love this show!!

    Press Your Luck is a game show that is on GSN (Game Show Network). It is an awesome game show. It's a classic. I think it's one of the best game shows ever. The new version of this show is called Whammy (The All New Press Your Luck). I sorta like the newer one better, but only by a little. This game show is very old. The host of the show died not a long time ago. How sad. I barely ever see this show because it's on when I'm at school. So overall, an awesome game show and it's such a classic.
  • "I want to press my luck!"

    In my top 3 all-time favorite game shows, for sure, is Press Your Luck. On this show, a group of three average players ask questions to earn "spins" to earn money - simple, but addictive to watch - I can only imagine what it'd be like to be on the show. This version is better than the new version, Whammy!, for several reasons. For one thing, it looks better. It's older, but better. Second, the contestant win more and better prizes for the most part. Third, everyone keeps their money at the end of the game. And fourth, the winner gets to keep coming back! An amazing show right here. And it's legendary especially for having Michael Larson, the Ice Cream truck driver, win $110,237 on the show. By cheating, yes, but he found a flaw, and took advantage of it. Amazing show that will never be the same again. Now that I'm here, R.I.P. Peter Tomarken
  • Amazing show!

    I love this show and the Wii game also! This is the best show honestly which has come out.
  • Whammy is a little better

    Woohoo, I give a 9!