Season 1 Episode 7

Can't Protect Anyone Anymore

Aired Unknown May 16, 2001 on

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  • Wow this episode was a great one well not as good as the last but hey. Its about when Himeno can't preat anymore.

    So the story starts with himeno being almost attacked but saved by Hayate while facing the princess of diaster. I thought someone should have just destroyed her but she was too strong Sasame confronts fenril but she just drains his leafe. The episode was sort of a clash and mixed emotions it was really good and it wasn't bad.
    Himeno is scared because she thinks she will turn into the princess of diaster and she dosn't want to preat. Then she and the leafe knights are in leafinia and you see Sasame and he is in sort of energy thing. He was unconsious and um that is pretty sad. Himeno returns home already knows what happened to the first pre-tear and just dosn't want to preat. Then I think it is in this episode because I haven't seen it in a while She has fun with Mawata. They go to the beach and talk and have fun when Himeno is going to get drinks she sees Hayate who confronts Himeno. So they hold each either and then something happens Mawata comes and she runs away. Then right after she leaves the princess of diaster shows up and Himeno fights the ugly monster demon larva. Oh and she is the wind pretear and she stabs the princess of diaster's arm and she says i will return. Wow some action going on right? Then Himeno protects the world once again having confidence which is pretty cool.
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