Season 1 Episode 11

Eyes of Glass

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 2001 on

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  • Mawata Breaks Down and tells her true feelings..

    The episode starts off with posters being spread around. Everyone is wondering where Himeno went off too. Himeno's Father and step Mother both trying their best to find Himeno. But Of Course Himeno is out protecting everyone by destroying the demon larvae. Himeno is still kind of home sick though. But later Mawata is still stuck in her room. Sasame comes to take her. Up on the roof. Himeno and the leafe knights come. The parents are shocked.

    The princess of disaster is there as well. Himeno preats in front of her family. But out of nowhere Mawata is with sasame. Mawata tells everyone that they are not their family and they never cared about her. Himeno tries to tell her this is false. But Mawata does not listen. sasame kisses The princess of disaster and Mawata breaks down. Therefore creating the tree of fenril.

    Over all a good episode, we understand a little bit more about mawata. And this is the first time that the family sees Himeno transform.
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