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  • Sixteen year old Himeno is recruited to help save the world.

    I really enjoyed this show. I was disappointed when it was over, I wish it was longer or had a sequel. Thirteen episodes was just not enough!

    Because it was so short I felt like some things happened a little too quickly, too suddenly to be completely believable. I think it could have been stretched out quite a bit more (no fillers would have even been needed to do so).

    I enjoyed the character interactions, especially the fumbling romance aspect between Himeno and Hayate.

    Himeno was my favorite character, I absolutely loved her spunky energetic personality. She was great.

    Bottom line, ADV has made another great one.
  • Love this show so much

    Prétear is about a girl named Himeno Awayuki who aims to live a happy life especially after the death of her mother. Himeno meets Hayate, and eventually discovers that he is one of the seven Leafe Knights. The group consists of Hayate (Knight of Wind), Sasame (Knight of Sound), Goh (Knight of Fire), Kei (Knight of Light), Mannen (Knight of Ice), Hajime (Knight of Water), and Shin (Knight of Plants). The knights explain that Takako (or Fenrir), the 'Princess of Calamity', or 'Princess of Disaster' in the ADV translations, escaped and sent demon larvae (monster worms in Odex translations) to Himeno's town, and that the Leafe, which the larvae are absorbing, is the energy for all life itself. The only way to destroy the demons is for Himeno to become the Prétear and fight them alongside the Leafe Knights.
  • Pretear is a story centered around a 16 year old girl – Himeno Awayuki and her interactions with the Leafe Knights. Personally, this is one of my favourite shows.

    Pretear touches on many themes (both in the genre-sense and in the real-life-sense) without making a mess out of things. It contains elements of comedy, some romance, action/adventure and of course – "magical girl". However, it also explores loneliness and other aspects of life. On the whole, I think it is very well balanced.

    The first few episodes feel slightly slow, but they are needed to establish the characters. Also, there are many humorous moments in there. They equalize the quick-pace and the darker, more dramatic feel of the second half of the season. Once again, very well balanced. As the series hits mid-way various revelations are made and from there, the show gathers momentum at an incredible rate. Of course, there are some twists along the way. The show builds up to a very climatic dramatic ending (there is a distinct possibility that you'll shed some tears), which doesn't disappoint.

    One of the only problems is that as there are so many characters and so little time to develop them. We are able to get quite a deep understanding of the main characters (well, as deep as we can get in 13 episodes), the protagonists and the antagonists. However, regardless of the underdevelopment of more minor characters, eliminating any of them would result in empty space that desperately needs to be filled.

    One will find it difficult not to immediately love the main character (Himeno), not only for the humorous situations that centre on her, but for her other, deeper, personal traits. And of course, you'll find yourself loving the other characters too. Perhaps the best thing about the characters is that they have traits that are real and believable (minus the fact that they can shoot fire out of their hands, etc, of course). The character relationships and interactions are brilliant, in particular, the romantic ones and the family ones – you can't help but love and laugh at the relationship between Himeno and her father.

    To top this all off, the score and music for this show are very fitting. Particularly, the two theme songs were very well chosen and very appropriate. They just seem "right" for this show (and I like that the Japanese Voice Actor for Himeno sung one of them). The voice actors for the English dub do a fantastic job at making the characters come to life. They portray their style and emotions brilliantly.

    I highly recommend that if you haven't already seen Pretear, that you do so.
  • Disney Princess? Well kind of.

    Pretear gets much of its inspiration from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, considering its subtitle is the The Legend of White Snow. The main character is a teenage girl who gets blended into a new family where she isn’t liked much by her stepsisters. There are seven knights with a mission to save the world as we know it. Some of them are potential love interests and others are just cute tag-along kids. The ending looks like Snow White as well, but that's about it.

    The storyline starts out really slowly, putting me to sleep almost after every episode, with its standard magical girl stuff: Monster of the week, transformations, heroes throwing fireballs and other elements; they got a character for, wind, fire, earth, you name it. The monsters that go poof after a big attack, and the side characters provide basic comic relief. The Princess of Disaster appears midway through, and the series throws in a bunch of plot escalations to keep the interest, and it worked; after averaging about one episode a night, I stayed awake for the last four episodes and watched them straight.

    Luci has another starring heroine role, and she plays it well, giving Himeno some depth, and a little bit of her teenage girl cocky attitude typical of her Full Metal Panic and Super GALS main characters. But the rest of the characters look like a random ensemble of familiar anime characters: The main guy, Hayate, looks like Mustang with long hair with his Fullmetal Alchemist like blue uniform. The other main guy, Sasame, gets some attention, and things start looking a bit like DNAngel with the feathers and flying around. The little boys are fun, and I wish they had more fantasy creatures like that birdie. Go was alright as the teen guy, but was that Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo? Almost, but she’s a guy in this series, and not so ditzy. Yayoi is a carbon copy of Hitomi from Samurai Girl but sillier. Mayune the older sister and Tanaka the chrome dome little butler fit the comic relief characters to a tee.

    Given the whole Snow White analogy, I was expecting more from the stepmom as a significant character but it didn’t really pan out in the anime, but Kaytha Coker plays the evil woman character Fenril so well, I’d probably turn to the dark side. Also, the peek we get into Mawata’s life is as much as the rest of the characters get, and it gets supported by the flashbacks. So when she says “you don’t really know me”, it rings somewhat true; it’s tough to develop a character in so few episodes but they tried.

    The music, sound, and graphics are fairly average. They actually bothered to throw in special sound effects for the opening song sung by Yoko Ishida. The rest of the music is kind of average and doesn’t stand out. Graphics are bleh, I still get annoyed from seeing eyes poke through hair like that, but oh well. The combat in the series was very average and hardly impressive. How many times do the characters have to get tangled up in those tentacles, only to be bailed out by a comrade? And the sword fight in one of the episodes was ridiculous. On the other hand, the humor's right in line for a magical girl anime and really enjoyable.

    Some moments get intense, and the English dub does have a bunch of random swearing from the knights that really didn’t need to be there given the nature of the series. But for magical girl fans, this is a good one to check out, especially the second half where it gets really dramatic and not so lovey-dovey. It's worth shedding a tear for Pretear.
  • Loved it!!

    I loved the manga and loved the anime.
    both were wonderful and amazing. Poor Himeno. I felt bad about her mom but loved the way the anime ended.
    HELLO, great. loved the villian in anime better than manga. Manga was too short anywayz.
    Wish they'd make more but oh well.
    Characters rock, animation rock, everything rock.
    THANK GOD~~~!!
    loved the theme song and the artwork behind it. So perfect for this anime.I know that this rocked; good story, good characters.
    Himeno and Hayate were cute but I always wanted Himeno with Sasame. In the manga Sasame was way hotter. But in anime I understood his character more which was good.
  • Pretear starrs the 16 yr. old Himeno and the Leafje Knights who have the power to save the world. The Princess of Disaster escaped and is set out to destroy the world. The question is, will Himeno be able to stop fantisizing about Hyata to save the world?

    WOW!!! Everyone one of the guys in this show is either HOTT or CUTE!!!! Aside all that, I strted watching this show when it first camme out on Comcast OnDemand and everytime a new episode came out I brought all mybrother's and sister's to the TV just to watch it! Right in front of right now is volume 1 of the show!!! Himeno Awayuki wants to have a normal life like anyone else, until one day, after seeing red snow, she was found to be the Pretear. Now she has to save the WORLD!!! I suggest you watch it all or you'll regret it later!!
  • Outstanding

    I really like the idea of the show in general, a modern sort of snow white who battles monsters. The girl who becomes part of a rich family when her dad weds a flamboyant rich widow; struggles to find a comfortable place in her new life. Very entertaining television. While I did think that in the beginning many monsters seemed a little too easy, the humor and characters keep things interesting. I recommend this show to anyone who likes anime in general, especially love stories or elemental warriors shows. In general these episodes seem to have been rated highly, and it any case it couldn't hurt to give them a go.
  • I adore this show!!! Beautiful characters and wonderful animation paired with such an endearing romance. Pretear is one anime that deserves to be recognized as one of the best!

    Despite its length Pretear is an absolutly magical series. With endearing characters along with hertrending and angst-filled romances this is sure to be one show you will not forget. Hayate, sasame, mannen, kei, go, shin, hajime, and of course Himeno- together they are the knights and the pretear that defend earth from the princess of dispair. But as secrets of the past are revealed, love is discovered, and betrayals are made can they defeat the princess in one final battle? Watch and find out!

    (Spoilers) Also a side note. This show is very much like the series called princess Tutu. Not only is it not very well known but the way the characters look and act as well as the plot lines are all very similar. Himeno/pretear-Ahiru/Princess Tutu Both have pink hair. Both like the seeminly kind man with silver hair, both are heroines who transform.

    Hayate/Leafe Knight-Fakia or Fakir/knight Both have long dark hair. Both appear to be mean and uncaring in the begining but show their true colors later on. Both fall for the heroine and both are knights.

    Sasame/Laefe Knight-Mytho or Muto/Prince Both have short, silver hair. Both are loved by the heroine but in the end choose the villian-turned-good.

    Takato/Fenrir-Rae/Karehae Both have dark hair. Both are villians without wanting to be and turn good in the end. Both end up with the silver haired guy.
  • This show as the coolest and I hope they make another saeson even though it was based on four mangas! I like how they made four dvds! ha ha ha.

    This show of course like I said before is great and there is nothing to say even though I think it looks like a copy of sailor moon. Well I thought it was and I am a fan of sailor moon and I think there are some difrences and such and so and so on. I think the show could have been a little better then it was now and they could got some things form the maga to the show. There were a lot of diffrences and some langauge. That you didnt read in the manga but hey who cares it was sad and cool at the same time and that is all I can say.
    I found out that the creators of pre tear were accauly writing I think sailor moon that is why it looked so simmular.
  • OMG this is so good and ive only seen a couple of clips.....i love it...i wonder if its a manga book too...

    This is so its better then good...its, fabulous,groovey, awesome.But kinda sad at the same time.But i still love it.
    You have to watch it, you will be addicted..really im not lying.Addicted.
    My favourite character is, of course, ...Hyate.
    He's so cool and so cute.The graphics are excellent and i would recommend this to anyone.
  • I love this new anime I already have all the episodes of Pretear I really like Mannen and Sasame .

    Pretear also known as A new Snow white Pretear its about a girl called Awayuki Hemeno who met seven boys who are called Leafe Knights its a action and love type of anime thats the things I like about Pretear ecpecially the characters of this cool anime also its story.
  • himeno meets up with a group of guys that fight evil demons form another place. himeno falls in love with one of the guys and ends up saving the world in the process.

    pretear is a wonder ful mixture of forbidden love and butt kicken action. this tale of romance will sweep you off you feet and cary ou away with it.recomended for all ages. mixing fantacy and reality, this anime will knock you off your feet. thsi action packed tale has many of the problems that teens face in an everyday situation.
  • Cute, cute, cute!

    I love this so much! I only read the manga and watched the first two episodes in Japanese, but I loved it! Poor Kei looks like a male version of Mihoshi in the anime. ;_; He's my favorite, along with Sasame. I still can't believe Greg Ayres does the voice of Mannen. Because when I read the manga for the first time, I did what I always do - give the characters voices that I think of randomly. Well I couldn't think of a voice for him. So I thought of his personality, and he kinda reminded me of Goku from Saiyuki. So I gave him that EXACT voice, because it fit the character. Let's just say that I gave myself quite a scare. ^-^u
  • pretear rox my sox! it's totally rad!

    i totally loved pretear. it was such an awesome show. anyone know where i can get the box set? lol. but fer really i absolutely loved pretear. i think it had such a cute love story between himeno and hayate. and i especially loved little shin. he was so freaking adorable. this one definitally came from the anime gods.
  • this has many good and hott guys and it so adventerous i love this show alsoi think that hayate and sasame should be made enemies

    also the show has a great creator and i can't wait for the episodes to continue. The shgow has great shows and episodes and the way himino is seeking ot fight to what she protects is so cool and she is my favoirte charatcer next to Hayete and Sasame yeah.
  • Pretear kicked butt. It was the first anime I saw all the way through, and I am really glad I did. My friend got me to watch it by tellling me that Greg Ayres was in it. And I wound up just falling in love with the story.

    Pretear kicked butt!! I was reintroduced to Chris Patton's voice as Sasame, and got reaccquainted with Jason Douglas, whom I liked in Saint Seiya. The voice actors are awesome in this series. What am I saying? THey're awesome in any series they do!

    Pretear is based on Snow White. This is so unapparent until the climatic end. I am not going to say what happened. I want people to actually give this a chance.
  • a stupid girl runs around fusing with some guys. .plus her step sister and mother look the same only different hair.the princess of dasters should be called the princess of cliche. I have seen barney episodes with more new ideas true

    well just 2 words silor moon. come on guys you can make orginal content.a stupid girl runs around fusing with some guys.
    .plus her step sister and mother look the same only different hair.the princess of dasters should be called the princess of cliche. I have seen barney episodes with more new ideas true
  • IT\'s a great show but my friends think I\'m already anime obsessed so I\'ll keep it to myself that i found a great show...

    I love pretear its like Sailor MOon really. Both of which i love. I wish i ould just buy all of the episodes. The show is that good. if you8 liked sailor moon then you will seriously love Pretear! Too bad I\'m watching episodes from On Demand. IT would make my day if we have the anime network...
  • 16-year-old Pretear Hameno Awayuki and 7 Leafe Knights must help save the world from the Princess of Disaster and stop her from sucking the life out of the world.

    It is an awsome show that compleatly surprised me at times. Pretear is full of adventure, romance, self-determination and a whole lot of laughs. I compleatly cryed my eyes out durring the final three episodes. Pretear truly is a classic along with the characters in the show. It is a show that I won't soon forget.