Pretear - Season 1

(ended 2001)


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  • The Legend of White Snow
    Through Sasame's self-sacrifice, both he and Takako are forgiven their sins and revert back to the good side. But even though Takako has reverted back to her normal self, the danger created by the tree still looms. Hayate, as well as all the other knights must give their all to try to destroy the tree. Through their deaths and her own determination, Himeno manages to achieve the ultimate Prétear form, but it's going to lead to the ultimate sacrifice on her part.moreless
  • Warmth, Once More
    Warmth, Once More
    Episode 12
    The battle rages on, and although Hayate has been bested by Sasame, Himeno is determined to prêt in order to defeat the Princess of Disaster. It's going to take the power of all of the knights to fight against Takako, but the real turning point is Mawata finally coming to her senses and realizing that she's not nearly as alone as she thought. She starts a chain reaction that turns both Sasame and Takako back to the light. But when an even bigger tragady happens, can anyone be saved?moreless
  • Eyes of Glass
    Eyes of Glass
    Episode 11
    Sasame has changed sides, and Takako has yet another plan to drain Leafe from the world. Knowing the misery and sadness that Mawata feels, she imprisons her within the Tree of Fenrir to use as a conduit to collect the precious energy. Himeno's family tries to free Mawata from her encasement while Hayate goes to face Sasame alone.moreless
  • The Furthest Ends of One's Emotions
    Sasame has confessed his love for Takako, and she is more than happy to take him by her side as her very own Dark Knight. Himeno might have finally found the power to become the Pretear once again, but this tragic turn of events is slowly taking its toll on the Knights, and things get much worse when Takako comes to Leafenia with her new Knight by her sidemoreless
  • Unreaching Melody
    Unreaching Melody
    Episode 9
    Still healing from both mental and physical wounds, Himeno continues to inner strength within herself. Meanwhile, another demon larvae is lurking about the Awayuki residence, but Karou thinks perhaps its a ghost and enlists (forces) everyone to help him track it down. The knights distract them, while searching for the real larvae. The Princess of Disaster however reveals that she is much closer than anyone thought, and it seems that one of the Leafe Knights is in love with her and willing to anything in order to be by her side.moreless
  • Moment of Awakening
    Himeno has lost her ability to Pret, and Sasame is seriously injured in the last battle. Himeno feels responsible and isolates herself from the Leafe Knights for a short time to sort through her emotions. But she finds some emotional support from a very unlikely source: Mawata. However, it's still not enough. Especially when she starts feeling different about Hayate. The Knight of Wind comes to comfort her, but what will happen when The Princess of Disaster shows up once again, having drained the other 5 knights of almost all their leafe? Will Himeno have the strength to try again?moreless
  • Can't Protect Anyone Anymore
    Hayate finally gives Himeno the details on who the Princess of Disaster is, and how she came into existence in the first place, as well as to why Mannen,Hajime, and Shin don't remember. The Leafe Knights also search for the lone demon larva that escaped after their last battle, but their efforts are in vain as it is merely a trap set by the Princess to lure Himeno to her and break her spirit.moreless
  • Secret of Rouge
    Secret of Rouge
    Episode 6
    Himeno tries to focus harder to become more beneficial to the Leafe Knights cause, but what she really wants to know is who the Princess of Disaster is! She convinces the kids (who know nothing of the Princess of Disaster) to take her to their homeland of Leafenia, but learns little. When she questions the older knights, they answer that it is none of her business. What will Himeno do? What are the knights trying to hide?moreless
  • Smile of Darkness
    Smile of Darkness
    Episode 5
    Himeno has been having nightmares about the Princess of Disaster, and after Hayate finds out, he decides that it's his duty to guard her. The other Knights won't have any of that however, not without being able to protect her as well. But, Himeno's dreams become a reality when a demon larvae arrives, and she meets the Princess of Disaster for the first time.moreless
  • A Promise Made Under Sunlight
    Kei has been working on a program to predict where the demon larvae will strike, and it seems that the next probably location is Himeno's home. Determined to stop it, Hajime, Mannen, and Shin run off to try and locate the demon, and Himeno is right there for the quest. Unfortunately, so is the family butler, Mr. Tanaka, who is more than willing to help, and introduces the group to some of the houses more interesting sides. Whan another demon larvae attacks, Himeno and Hajime take their turn at pret-ing.moreless
  • The Way of Becoming Prétear
    The training continues, and while Himeno seems to have made a great deal of progress, Hayate still isn't convinced of her skills, and puts her through another series of tests that she ultimately fails. But, it seems that he may very well have more confidence than he will reveal, but another demon attack is going to put any sort of praise on the back burner. Himeno prets with Go this time, becoming the Pretear of Fire.moreless
  • Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter
    Himeno has decided to accept her destiny, but she's going to need a lot more training if she's really going to be a Pretear. She's far too inexperienced with combat for Hayate's liking, a fact that pits the two against one another in a battle of insults. Luckily, Sasame is a little more understanding, and willing to teach her the tricks of the trade.moreless
  • The Wind of Fate
    The Wind of Fate
    Episode 1
    Himeno Awayuki is trying to find a way to fit into her new life. When her widowed father, marries the richest woman in the world, Himeno goes from rags to riches overnight. But life is never that easy, as she feels unwanted and unnoticed, especially by her two bratty stepsisters. That is, until she meets 7 handsome men, who claim that she is the Pretear, Princess of Light, and that they are her 7 knights. The knights beg her to help them defeat the enemy of all life, Fenril: Princess of Disaster. What will Himeno do?moreless