Season 1 Episode 10

The Furthest Ends of One's Emotions

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 2001 on

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  • Wow this one is a shocker when sasame quits the leafe knights to join the princess of diaster. Then he becomes a demon knight and wow does he put on a fight.

    Wow of course is what I said when Sasame went with the princess of diaster and that is where my mout was hanging. That was pretty sad when that happened Sasame told the pricess of diaster his feelings that he loved her even when she was good and he wanted to join her. But she refuses the first time and leaves everybody is shocked and Himeno tells Sasame that its not so bad to love someone that is so bad and then it goes on but I forgot. Things about to change when Sasame leaves and then the story gets darker. Later the princess of diaster finnaly excepts Sasame in her little team which is nothing. Then later Himeno wants to leave her family because she fears that they will be in danger. So the leafe knights take her to leafena and build her a tiny home. But then the sweet home thing dosnt last sasame comes and ruins everything. Then there is a battle with Hayate and clash. Then the princess of diaster comes and sujcks up all the leafe well almost all of it and makes sasame her dark knight. And wow what an episode it was really.