Season 1 Episode 13

The Legend of White Snow

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2001 on

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  • Himeno must now try to save Takako and end her time as the princess of disaster but even if she succeeds what will the cost be and will the despair overcome Takako.

    ---MY SUMMARY---
    Sasame falls and all the darkness he shares with Takako breaks. Both return to normal but with Himeno too weak and Takako unable to give leafe he can’t be saved. Takako escapes form being the princess of disaster only to become the princess of despair. Himeno faces a tougher challenge; she must now return Takako again with what strength she has left. All the remaining knights apart form Hayate who she prets with give Himeno power and die. Only Himeno and Hayate remain.

    Sharp vines form the tree of Fenrir attack Himeno and Hayate uses the rest of his energy to save her. When Hayate dies Himeno becomes the white pretear and feeds the tree all the leafe that it wants, gives Takako leafe and brings back all the knights, She manages to bring everyone back but the cos is her own life.

    Everyone is devastated then Hayate’s kiss gives her leafe and she is alive once again, In the end Hayate and Himeno end up as a happy couple and so do Sasame and Takako, leafeania returns to normal and Mawata is finally happy.

    ---MY OPINION---
    Super episode it starts ff very dark and depressing. Past mid point it looks as though we will have a very tragic ending and later it looks like everyone will live except Himeno but here is where the snow white part comes in she is ‘awakened’ by a kiss form Hayate and the story has a happy ending. This episode is great but rather emotional at times, I would recommend this anyone who has seen other parts of the season should look forward to it.

    i think a second season would deffinatly ruin the show though.
  • The end? Noooo! It can't be!! Not all ready!!!!!

    Wow! This episode definitely had the suspense and action covered. Not to mention the emotion that's conveyed. I'm so glad it ended like this. It wasn't disappointing, but it left you wondering. And Hayate blushing is always a plus. The end, during the credits, had to be my favorite part. Hee, hee!! I wish that when Hayate kissed Himeno, it hadn't gone to a far away view, but...oh, well. At least they kissed. *sighs dreamily* And I'm glad Sasame is now good again. It all ended happily ever after, thank goodness!! *grins and, now inspired, prepares to watch it again for the zillionth time*
  • What a beautiful story!

    I love this show. It has everything I could ever want in a show. It has action, romance, plot turns, and a good ending.
    I personally loved them showing the sacrifices of the knights and what they were willing to do for their pretear.
    The dub is just as good, if not better, than the original. I like the voices as well as the feelings that they connected with the likes and dislikes of humanity. I enjoy the wonderful character balance between Hayate and Himeno. As well as the struggle between Sasame and his conscience. Mawata and Mayune were good countercharacters as well.
  • The final episode of Pretear ohh I'm gonna miss this anime I wonder if I find a way to buy a complete dvd of it. I'm gonna miss my fave characters.But I wonder are they going to make another series as in the next chapter of Pretear I hope so!

    My fave. anime I knew thee well I hope to see you again Mannen-chan! I hope to see all the characters again I hope to see you again next month! If only I have a CD of Pretear I would be able to watch it whenever I want to yeah!
  • This episode was a wow episode and such I loved it. Clashs drama fights and awww tears.

    The last episode was a wow and a shock I loved it very much not only because it was the last episode but it was when Hayate and Himeno kinda get together a little bit more. I liked when Himeno turned into the white pretear. Everyone getting along was cool and tanaka comes back is really funny. But in the manga it is way diffrent and well hey who cares right it is just an anime.
    So it starts with himeno trying to confront the past pretear but gets sucked into that tree. Himeno tries to fight it with the powers from the leafe knights. But nothing works himeno tries to get takako but shes stuck in a yellow thing form the tree then himeno turns into the white pretear. She gives the tree all her leafe and the tree is happy then explodes dies boom!! I thought that was really cool and sad. Then at the end eveyone is happy and getting along and sasame is with takako.