Season 1 Episode 3

The Way of Becoming Prétear

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2001 on
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The Way of Becoming Prétear
The training continues, and while Himeno seems to have made a great deal of progress, Hayate still isn't convinced of her skills, and puts her through another series of tests that she ultimately fails. But, it seems that he may very well have more confidence than he will reveal, but another demon attack is going to put any sort of praise on the back burner. Himeno prets with Go this time, becoming the Pretear of Fire.moreless

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    Akiko Yajima

    Akiko Yajima

    Mannen (Japanese)

    Kikuko Inoue

    Kikuko Inoue

    Natsue Awayuki (Japanese)

    Kelly Manison

    Kelly Manison

    Himeno's Mom in her memory (English)

    Hilary Haag

    Hilary Haag


    Spike Spencer

    Spike Spencer

    Go (English)

    Yui Horie

    Yui Horie

    Mikage (Japanese)

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      • Go: Uh, Himeno, want something to eat? My treat! (prepares to take an order) Cake or parfait? There's even some pudding!
        Himeno: (senses a bad presence) Demon larvae.
        Go: Ah, dem--demon larvae!?

      • Mannen: (talking to Kei as he rubs his hands over Kei's tea) You're so cold. Maybe you're the real knight of freezing.
        Kei: (annoyed as he goes to take a sip of the tea) Dammit, Mannen. You froze my tea...

      • Himeno: (staring at the Kendoma Hayate handed her) You can test my concentration ability with this??
        Hayate: Quit bitching and just do it.
        Himeno: What kind of attitude is that? Playing with a kendoma is easy.

      • Himeno: (talking to Hayate) Oh, it's Mr. Handsome-but-Heartless.

      • Hayate: But unfortunately, I took an oath as a Leafe Knight. Even if I'm working with a stupid Pretear who pisses me off, I cannot stand by and do nothing. I have to help. It's my job.
        Himeno: (angry) Grrr! Who pisses you off, huh?! Who's an idiot? Who's a violent biiiiitch!
        Shin, Hajime, and Mannen: Himeno, you shouldn't say that...

      • Sasame: So he's finally accepted.
        Himeno: Accepted what?
        Sasame: Accepted you.
        Himeno: (confused) Huh?
        Go: He certainly did say it--(quotes Hayate)--'a stupid Pretear who pisses me off.'

      • Hayate: (to Himeno) Damn it, do whatever the hell you want!

      • Himeno: (finally manages to do a kendama after a lot of practice) Hey! HEY! I DID IT! See that, Hayate!!
        (Hayate hears her from on top of the roof and smiles)

      • Himeno: (referring to Hayate) He is so stupid! A kendama can't teach you anything!
        Sasame: You see, a kendama is a great toy to increase your concentration.

      • Natsue: (humoring Kaoru) Oh, I wish this could go on forever!
        Kaoru: In that case, let's do another thirty laps around the park!
        Natsue: WHAT?!

      • Mayune: (after getting the hood of her limo closed on her) I've never been so mortified!!

      • Himeno: (after five seconds of her endurance test with snacks in front of her, upon eating everything) Rorry t'disspointoo butah Idone.
        Hajime: She said, 'Sorry to dissapoint you, but I'm done.'
        Himeno: (teasing) Nyaa nyaa.
        Hajime: Nyaa nyaa.

      • Hayate: How many red tipis were there?
        Himeno: (exasperated) How the hell would I know that?!
        Hayate: I see. Next then...

      • Himeno: Come on, come on, COME OOOOOOOOOON!! (whacks herself repeatedly with a kendama)

      • Himeno: You can test my concentration skills with this? (indicates kendama in her hand)

      • (Mannen steals Himeno's ice cream.)
        Himeno: (upset) My powdered green tea kimchee!
        Mannen: Bon appetit! (takes bite; turns red, blue, then purple; falls over)
        Himeno: To not understand the deliciousness of powdered green tea kimchee means you're still just a child!
        Mannen: Himeno, you must not have taste buds!

      • Himeno: I'll have a double scoop of powdered green tea kimchee unfermented, soybean yogurt, with lots of chocolate chips!
        Everyone around her: (disgusted) Ughh...
        Himeno: (cheerful) Something the matter?

      • Hayate: What makes you so conceited? You're still only half a Pretear!

      • Himeno: (yelling at Hayate) I called you stupid because you're stupid, stupid!

      • Yayoi: (giving a dramatic speech) But I do wonder how he feels to become the chauffer of a woman who was his classmate... I bet they have deep unspoken feelings for each other!
        Himeno: Hmm?
        Yayoi: Yes, it's like a romance novel! Think of the unspoken feelings growing all the more in thirty years! Think of the sweet but sorrowful memories they must've shared! Yet, even now, deep within Mr. Tanaka's heart, is a hope, a yearning, a wellspring about long-supressed feelings, which he dare never speak aloud, without shedding a tear! But wait, he's bold! He's brazen! He's baffeled, he's battered, he's balding, and balding, and bald--oh, the drama!!
        Himeno: ...I doubt it.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Sasame: You see a kendama is a great toy to increase your concentration
        This Bilboquet is both a cup and ball game and a ring and pin game. In this version there are three "cups" in which to catch the ball, and also a "pin" on which to catch the ball. In this latter case, a hole in the ball substitutes for a "ring". One way to play the game is to hold the handle in one hand, and with the other hand throw the tethered ball into the air and catch the ball on the pin as the ball falls. Then while the ball is on the pin, toss the ball into the air, and catch the ball in the large concave bowl. A third toss - and the ball is to be caught in the reverse side of the bowl which is a concave smaller bowl. A fourth toss - and a player attempts to catch the ball on the base of the concave handle (which is the third "cup" and even smaller bowl). Unlike some other Bilboquet games, this one requires considerable wrist movement along with eye-hand coordination.
        Actually, the kendama's roots are in Europe. Around 1615, a game called cup and ball became popular there. Needless to say, the object of the game was to throw a ball in the air and get it to land in a cup. The ball, which was made of thread or strands of wool, was tied to a receptacle like a cup or champagne glass. In time, the game changed somewhat - a hole was made in the ball, and the player held a deer horn. As you can guess, the player had to get the ball onto the end of the horn.

        This European game came to Japan via China in the 18th century. It soon became a hit among adults who found it fun, along with a few drinks. But the kendama continued to evolve. In 1921, a toy maker added a part that looks like a Japanese tsuzumi drum (which is shaped like an hourglass). The new toy, called the jitsugetsu ball, became a hit with children. It was the prototype for today's kendama.
        The deer horn was replaced by a pointed wooden stick, with a small bowl being added on either side of it. These are the three places where you have to capture the ball. One of the advantages of the game is that you can play it indoors and outside. It is fun and easy to play, so it quickly caught on among children and adults alike.

        The game can be made more difficult. For example, try to get the ball on each of the places in turn, keeping to the rhythm of a song. Or try to spear the ball with a considerable amount of flair. Or hold the ball instead of the handle, then throw the handle in the air and try to get the wooden point into the hole in the ball. In fact, enthusiasts have listed more than 300 different maneuvers. Experts compete against each other in tournaments, and are awarded ranks according to skill, just like judo players are.

        Since the 1960s, some people have thought of the kendama as a toy for adults who are nostalgic for the past. Perhaps this is because it is made of wood, or because of its simple shape. But things continue to change. Someone has recently invented a digital version made of semi-transparent plastic and equipped with something akin to a computer chip. This new toy is called "dejiken" (from 'digital kendama'). Lights flash when you get the ball in the right place, and you can practice your skills while listening to the rap music coming from inside. Adults find dejiken hard to relate to, but kids have no prejudices in this regard.

        A kendama will increase your concentration, hand-eye-coordination, and your reflexes. (This toy used to be used by archers and some samurai)

      • Himeno: I'll have a double scoop of powdered green tea kimchee unfermented, soybean yogurt, with lots of chocolate chips!
        Kimchee or kimchi however you choose to spell it is a Korean dish made of vegetables, such as cabbage or radishes, that are salted, seasoned, and stored in sealed containers to get tangy, kind of like a pickled cucumber.
        See, people of Korea, eat kimchi next to almost every meal, it's tangy cabbage but have unfermented(not tangy just sliced up seasoned and salted cabbage), mix it with powdered green tea which is a chinese drink, soybean yogurt which is just yogurt made from beans whichs sounds kinda nasty but it's definitely low fat, and add chocolate chips and you have a recipe for disaster if you ask me! It sounds nasty but maybe it's good for those without tastebuds.