Season 1 Episode 1

The Wind of Fate

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 2001 on

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  • A good, interesting first episode.

    The first episode of any show needs to be interesting and entertaining. This is a good example of that.

    It absorbs you into Pretear, allowing the viewer to become familiar with the show's tone and basic plot. It's a very good introduction to what is to come. It lets you meet all of the main protagonists and even introduces their personalities a little bit, which is a big accomplishment for a first ep.

    Basically, if you like the first episode, you will most likely enjoy the rest of the short-lived show as well (and vise versa). It's packed with humor, emotion, and hints at everything that is later to come in the show.
  • I love this episode a bit but it is just the intro which is nothing special but hey good to watch. I love how when it starts Himeno falls off the chair or was it when she sits she falls under?

    The first episode was good and I truly loved even though my friends thought I was crazy I wasnt really paying close to them ha. I thought it was funny when shin trys to act all cute to the school girls that come and they are like awww... and it was funny when they run away from go and they thought he was creepy. So it starts out as Himeno a sixteen year old girl who was kinda poor and her dad was a young girls novelist. Well a writer of a book Himeno's mom died and her dad has been depressed. I think that was pretty sad.
    Later, Himeno's dad marrys a lady named natsuye who also lost something close to her. Her Husband Natsuye is rich and she does something but I forgot what that was. So Himeno and her dad live in a mansion with Natsuye and her two children Mawawta and Mayune I think that was who it was. Yeah I was right adn so Himeno isnt use to all the luxury of being rich and she just feels left out.
    Later in the story well before there are these people named the leafe knights and they find out that the princess of diaster has returned. They( seven) Must find a pretear which they do and it is Himeno.
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