Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Live Action

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Oct 18, 2003 on CBC



  • Trivia

    • When Usagi and Rei are captured by a youma, Usagi is wearing a priestess robe but after being brought to the other captured girls, she's wearing her school uniform again.

    • When Sailor Moon is being held captive by the vine, it changes positions each time the camera view changes.

    • Despite the fact the Ami says that they should keep their Sailor identities secret, they continue to use their regular names while in their senshi forms.

  • Quotes

    • Rei: Sorry, I hate karaoke. And I have no plans on being your companion.

    • Rei: Mars Power... Make-Up!
      Mars: Guardian of the Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars I'll punish you!
      Moon: Rei-chan! Beautiful...
      Mars: Youma... Taison!

    • Girl: Who are you?
      Usagi: I ran away yesterday. The crows scared me and I thought I was going die.
      (Usagi jumps and streches showing she is okay)
      Usagi: Right?

    • Luna: Sailor V, wait!
      (Sailor V jumps down off the building)
      Luna: That crescent moon on her forehead. Are you the Princess?

    • Usagi: Why didn't you eat lunch with us? We're friends after all...
      Ami: But... We should keep it secret that we're Guardians. So, if we just suddenly start getting along, it'd seem weird.
      Usagi: I wonder...
      Ami: More importantly, the missing girls incidents... That might be because of a Youma.

    • Sailor Mars: I finally understand why I have this powers. So this power isn't an ill omen...

  • Notes

    • Promoted as "SAILOR MARS IS BORN".

    • Just like the Anime Sailor Merucyr used her powers to open a gate way so they could get free.

    • Unlike the Manga and Anime Rei is hated and feared by her classmates.

    • Rei-chan retains her 'Akuryou Taisan' attack. Plus Mars Power Make-up. But is given a new attack 'Youma Tasion' which is a large fire ball kind of like 'Fire Soul'

    • Ami-chan and Usagi pass a poster at the CROWN that says 'THE HIDEOUT' the under is a girl with blond hair and below that it says 'CRESCENT CATS' maybe an inside joke because this is the hide out of Luna who is a cat with a Crescent moon.

    • This marks the very first Sailor Moon Quiz Show.

  • Allusions

    • Luna: The Mystical Silver Crystal is a jewel with great power in it. If it fell in enemy hands, Earth would immidately be destroyed...

      The Mew Aqua from Tokyo Mew Mew is like the Mystical Silver Crystal, it is so powerful that if it were to fall in the hands of the enemies, it would destroy everything.