Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Live Action

CBC (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Special Act
      Special Act
      Episode 53
      This story takes place several years after the TV show. With each of the girls having gone their own ways, the five of them don't get to see each other often. In the midst of this, Usagi and Mamoru's love has grown steadily, and the two of them are finally get married! Yet with Usagi saying stuff like "Stop the wedding!" and Mio claiming "I'm going to take the Earth for myself!" it's going to be a heck of a time. But in the name of the moon, the Senshi will find away to stop the darkness... But they can't Henshin at all!moreless
    • Special Act
      Special Act
      Episode 50
      It's finally time for Usagi to marry Mamoru, but Mio returns with evil intent, and the Senshi cannot transform! With the mystic sword, they unite and become the Sailor Soldiers once more, but can they defeat the monster and still have a successful wedding?
    • Final Act
      Final Act
      Episode 49
      After finally destroying the evil Queen Metalia, the girls face Queen Beryl underground. Usagi realizes the magnitude of what she has done and is overcome by Princess Sailor Moon who is set on ending everything on the planet for if she does not have love, why should everybody else? Understanding Usagi is serious, Ami decides to take a stand and the others reluctantly follow. Gaining stronger power the remaining Soldiers try to stop Princess Sailor Moon; will they succeed?moreless
    • Act.48
      Episode 48
      After school Usagi is walking home to find Mamoru standing on the other side of the bridge, they walk up to each other and he hugs her, then she starts crying out of happiness. later Mamoru kills Kunzite and turns into Dark Endymion meanwhile the other Senshi are fighting an Younma and some how they end up get attacked by Endymion. whilst the other Senshi are fighting the Younma Mio gets killed by Endymion and after the other Senshi were attacked he aims at Usagi and hits but Usagi turns into sailor moon. After sailor moon henshins (not exactly) she has a sword and Mamoru tells her to attack sailor moon looks at him and decides she will do so. in the end Usagi kills Endymion and whilst shes get her run up Makoto, Ami and Rei yell at Usagi not to do it but Usagi doesn't listen because she knows what she must do.moreless
    • Act.47
      Episode 47
      Venus finally finds success in awakening her Senshi powers and defeating the Youma. And she decides to be operated on. Her friends the Senshi, believing the operation will work out fine, plan a party. With a smiling face Minako heads toward the operation's inspection... Even though the odds are slim, Minako decides she's going to do the operation. And so that day comes a calling. The five of them beat the strongest Youma; Naru, Motoki, and the other victims have returned to normal and the town's peace has been restored.moreless
    • Act.46
      Episode 46
      Having seen Makoto become willing to throw her life away to complete her mission, Minako reflects on her own captivity to her past. Meanwhile, Rei, arriving at the Dark Kingdom thanks to Mio, meets with Mamoru! "Even if it costs me my life, I'll see my mission to the end!"
    • Act.45
      Episode 45
      Sailor Venus has collapsed at last. Makoto and Ami begin to notice that her condition isn't exactly normal. While Artemis is desperately recommending surgery, Minako- who's been living only to see her previous life's mission completed- doesn't want to listen to him at all. And of course at this time a Youma appears. Makoto's heart is struck by Venus' attitude of putting her life on the line to see her mission to its end, and goes off her rocker.moreless
    • Act.44
      Episode 44
      Rei and Minako antagonize over their reactions of their previous life. Rei asserts that Minako- having never awakened her Senshi powers- has no qualifications to fight, but that's because she has something in her mind. Meanwhile, coming to the conclusion that no matter how much she hopes it would happen, she'll never have Endymion's heart, Queen Beryl at last comes to the decision to take the Princess's life.moreless
    • Act.43
      Episode 43
      A life-taking stone has been implanted into Mamoru's body by virtue of Queen Beryl's trap. The more he loves Usagi, the closer he creeps to death. Knowing this, Usagi's anger rises. And with that Usagi changes... Having realized this change, Mamoru is determined to meet Usagi, regardless of the stone's existence within himself. His grace period is until sunset, and if he doesn't return Queen Beryl will take his life.moreless
    • Act.42
      Episode 42
      Coming soon!
    • Act.41
      Episode 41
      As they enter summer vacation, some volunteer work pops up at Usagi's school. With her classmate Naru, Usagi, Ami, and Makoto help watching over kids at a children's home. While she doesn't know how to handle the kids, Usagi's got a particular scheme in mind. Without telling Makoto, she calls up Motoki and leaves the two alone. Not knowing anything, Makoto carries the children's dirty clothes to the backyard. ...where Motoki has just arrived.moreless
    • Act.40
      Episode 40
      Having been taught by Mamoru that the only way to protect the planet is to do it oneself, Usagi seeks to harness the power of the legendary Silver Crystal. Meanwhile Minako decides that, given how little remaining life she has left, she will quit singing and focus only on the completion of her previous existence's mission. Just as she is about to does this, she is informed by the office president that Minako's work will be taken over by a new face. Having suddenly snapped away her work, the identity of this new idol who appears before a surprised Minako is...moreless
    • Act.39
      Episode 39
      Facing Sailor Moon, Mamoru- as his previous-existence alter-ego Endymion- drew his sword! With the intention of not repeating the tragedy of their previous life, Endymion declared war upon Usagi. But Usagi's feelings will not change. She will gallantly continue to believe in Mamoru. Also, in a completely unexpected twist, Aino Minako's office president requests Usagi's mother to become a television reporter!moreless
    • Act.38
      Episode 38
      Exactly what happened in her previous existence was finally revealed by Princess Sailor Moon's very own lips. Luna and the Senshi cannot easily get over something like this. Meanwhile, having heard from Queen Beryl the truth, Mamoru strengthens his resolve. "I destroyed the planet...." With these words, Princess Sailor Moon disappears once again. Inside her heart, she is facing off against "Usagi" but... "The Princess' existence is surely call for calamity to this planet!"moreless
    • Act.37
      Episode 37
      Usagi, having lost Chiba Mamoru to Queen Beryl, must suppress her feelings of concern for him and believe in his return. And while Luna wasn't looking, Usagi disappeared! Since the last thing Luna had heard was a harp's note, Usagi must be in her Princess form. Relying on this note, the Senshi begin their search for the Princess. Meanwhile Mamoru, taken to the Dark Kingdom, faces his retainers from his previous existence, the Shitennou.moreless
    • Act.36
      Episode 36
      Aino Minako (Sailor Venus) lets Rei in on an important secret. While Rei, having been told such a secret so suddenly, is unable to hide her shock, she doesn't have time to lose her bearings. Their enemies are growing stronger by the minute. As Rei and the rest are staying vigilant, the Dark Kingdom's ruler, Queen Beryl, having desired Endymion since their previous existence, has finally appeared in front of him.moreless
    • Act.35
      Episode 35
      Usagi and Mamoru's relationship has been prohibited since their previous existence, but the two of them- vowing that things "won't be like last time"- begin their love anew. Given Usagi's excessive zeal, the other Senshi cannot bring themselves to strongly oppose them. Yet Sailor Venus, knowing full well the horrors of their relationship, refuses to forgive it. Whilst she considers methods of stopping them, in front of her materializes Zoisite. With the same desire to pull the two of them apart, Zoisite makes Venus a proposition.moreless
    • Act.34
      Episode 34
      Since Ami was a child she has always suppressed herself and followed what her mother requested of her to make her mother happy. But even though her mother said it would be best to change schools, Ami is unable to suppress herself, as in the past, this one time. Meanwhile Rei remains unable to forgive her father the politician for not coming to the hospital when her mother was dying. What actions will these two, who hold such complex feelings toward their parents, take...?moreless
    • Act.33
      Episode 33
      Finally, Usagi and Mamoru's affections have united. Although their love has been said to be cursed since their previous existence, seeing Usagi's delighted appearance, her friends cannot separate them, despite their personal unease. As opposed to Usagi, who's reached the summit of happiness, Ami has been always lonely due to being emotionally isolated from her mother, and Rei, with her father being a politician, has always been resentful of him. Yet the situation has presented itself in such a way that both will have to face off against their parents.moreless
    • Act.32
      Episode 32
      Has Mamoru disappeared in London? Usagi can't take it anymore. And with that, Mio provides her with a heaven-sent opportunity "You can go to London." The question is, can Usagi dash to Mamoru's side? In that regard, wanting to go to London, Usagi finds it unbearable. In order to get to England she becomes the attendant of the popular actor Yuuto. But having played the mediator, enabling Usagi to do this, hmm... that Mio must be up to something! As it were, Mamoru flew to London like he was running away from something. But, even if he's in London, fate's not going to leave him alone. As Kunzite noted of the circumstances, "What kind of meeting is this..." How will Mamoru respond?moreless
    • Act.31
      Episode 31
      Coming soon!
    • Act.30
      Episode 30
      The idol Kuroki Mio, who had transferred to Usagi's class, has skillfully become acquainted with Usagi. Yet there is a rumor spreading about Usagi's classmates that "Usagi abandoned Mio and fled" due to what happened that time that Usagi had to go fight the youma and left Mio on her own in a safe place. Thus, Usagi becomes a lone wolf, because she is not able to tell them that she was actually fighting. [Whoever gets the Kodocha reference wins.] Making the appearance that she is Usagi's ally- but in actually attempting to ensnare her- Mio is even going to drag Aino Minako into her trap.moreless
    • Act.29
      Episode 29
      Ami is back to normal, and tranquility has returned to them all. Arriving at their school is a new, mysterious exchange student, Kuroki Mio. But she is a rival of Aino Minako, and also...?! Having transferred to Juuban Middle school is a new idol, Kuroki Mio. Usagi burns with hostility as the girl is "Like Aino Minako's rival!" And finally the two of them enter a volleyball match!moreless
    • Act.28
      Episode 28
      The spell cast upon Ami started to break by the light of the ginzuishou. But Ami's heart was still troubled, and as though casting off doubts, she hit Sailor Moon with her sword. When she came to, Ami found herself and Usagi in the middle of a forest. No longer cursed, Ami can still remember everything that had happened between her and Usagi through to now. Yet it is too late. Carrying the motionless Usagi, Ami bursts into tears.moreless
    • Act.27
      Episode 27
      Usagi and Mamoru had previously lived their lives deeply in love, as the Princess of the Moon and Prince of the Earth. Although in the present they have once again managed to meet due to their strong attraction, the love between the two of them cannot be allowed. Looking to find his true self, Mamoru has journeyed to London. Having given up on Mamoru, Usagi now decides to focus all her strength on regaining the dark-hearted Ami. Meanwhile, a single Senshi appears in front of Ami. (Sailor Mercury.) Stating, "I will surely restore you," who could this Senshi be? And a mysterious girl also happens to appear in front of Usagi, Rei, and Makoto at the same time.moreless
    • Act.26
      Episode 26
      Due to Usagi's tears, Mamoru, who had been lost to the Dark Kingdom, opens his eyes. Simultaneously Luna, Mars, and Jupiter finally learn who the real Princess is. Indeed the Princess of the Moon was Sailor Moon, Tsukino Usagi!! A long, long time ago, in a previous life, Usagi was the princess of the Moon (Serenity) and Mamoru was the prince of the Earth (Endymion) and they were deeply in love. Yet theirs was a forbidden romance. The tragic destruction of both the Moon Kingdom and the Earth came about because of their relationship. But the two of them, deeply tied by fate from their previous lives, have surpassed the boundaries of time and once again met! Soon Mamoru will be leaving to London with Hina, his fiancé. What will become of his future with Usagi from now on?moreless
    • Act.25
      Episode 25
      Usagi now knows Tuxedo Kamen is Mamoru. Can Mamoru accept Usagi, who confessed her feeling to him unexpectedly? Meanwhile, Hina becomes aware of the relation of the two and dares to... With Usagi having found out his identity, Mamoru must make another decision soon. So, what will you do Mr. Chiba Mamoru? Their affections have begun to swirl. And it seems like Kunzite has begun to realize the truth...moreless
    • Act.24
      Episode 24
      Mamoru's departure date for England draws near. Zoisite has been trying to approach Mamoru frequently. "Don't call me by that name!" Upon a refusing Mamoru, Kunzite's dark influence is... Given what has been happening with Ami, Usagi has sworn in her heart, "I must forget about Chiba Mamoru," but the waves of fate are tying the two of them together again. The romantic overtones of the series will finally, finally, be reaching a climax in Act 24. We've come so far, haven't we. Those days of the phrase, "Approach seven centimeters," are nostalgic...moreless
    • Act.23
      Episode 23
      Sailor Mercury has been captured by the Dark Kingdom, and is now an enemy of the Sailor Senshi. For the Senshi to turn her back to normal they must each awaken the power they have within themselves. Rei, being the leader, must awaken that power quickly and is impatient; she frantically searches to find what it is she's lacking. As it turns out, due to a little trick by Sailor Venus (Aino Minako), Rei is forced into singing for hospital children. Singing's one of the things she's worst at. The course that Rei, in a pinch, will take is...moreless
    • Act.22
      Episode 22
      Sailor Mercury is in the embrace of the enemy. Declaring herself to be "Dark Mercury," she announces that she intends to bring down the sailor Senshi. The Senshi have lost their bearings, and as they review recent events they find that while everyone was acting on their own whim, Ami, knitting gloves one-at-a-time, patiently waited for all of them to be together. Now that Ami has become evil, the Senshi must fight Mercury in the name of justice. What kind of decision will the girls have to make?moreless
    • Act.21
      Episode 21
      Learning of Mamoru and Hina's engagement, Usagi, in shock, secludes herself at home. Makoto, in hopes of coming up of a way to cheer Usagi up, heads to Ami's place. But Ami's acting strange. But Ami's acting strange. It's like out of no where she says she wants to go to an amusement park or has a lot of fun leaving perplexed Makoto behind. She seems to have become a completely different person. And ultimately, from complete exhaustion, Ami collapses!moreless
    • Act.20
      Episode 20
      Recently Rei has been acting secretive, as though she's got something to hide. This is because she happens to know Sailor Venus' true identity, and has been been lost in thought over how to decipher Venus' mysterious actions on her own. Makoto hasn't taken a liking to Rei's recent behavior. But moreover, she's anxious about the direction in which Usagi and Mamoru's love is heading. Finally, Makoto resolves herself to tell Usagi about Mamoru and his girlfriend's engagement. At that time, however, Usagi happens to bump into Mamoru while walking and ends up going on a double-date with him. Usagi embraces this glimmer of hope, but fate has something different in mind for her...moreless
    • Act.19
      Episode 19
      Valentine's Day will be here soon. Usagi desperately wants to give Mamoru her hand-made muffler but she's been moping about, concerned over the existence of [Mamoru's] girlfriend. Given Usagi's appearance, Makoto can't bear to tell her that the girl is actual Mamoru's fiancé. Soon after Usagi meets a first grade student- a girl named Hikari- who asks her for some love advice. Seeing her seriously go after the boy she likes, Usagi gains a little courage. Pushing each other on, the two of them go to select chocolates [for Valentines day], yet at that time they unexpectedly run into Mamoru and his girlfriend Hina. Hikari, surprised at seeing Hina, changes from her normal appearance. What could the unexpected relationship between Hikari and Hina be?moreless
    • Act.18
      Episode 18
      Sailor Venus rebuked Sailor Mars for allowing the Youma to escape. Mars can't conceal her shock at both her forceful tone, or Venus' real identity. And as they compete with each other while taking care of the dog, the relationship between Rei and Minako grows delicate. Meanwhile, Makoto, thinking to help out Usagi's love life, begins collecting intelligence. Deftly she goes to Mamoru's friend to hear about the girl he's been with. It comes to light that she's his fiancé! This isn't the kind of thing that Makoto could bear to say to Usagi. Yet at this moment, in the church, there are indications of the Youma...moreless
    • Act.17
      Episode 17
      The Dark Kingdom has been able to amass large amounts of the life power of humans- that is, "Energy." The enemy is indeed becoming strong. But the only thing in Usagi's head is Mamoru as she bumped into Mamoru when he was with another girl... Aware that Usagi's behavior has become strange, Ami and Makoto are cautious and concerned; they refuse to take their eyes off her. At the same time, having come for the anniversary of her mother's death, Rei saves a weakened dog in a church. And who should she happen to see in there but Aino Minako!moreless
    • Act.16
      Episode 16
      One of the Dark Kingdom's Shitennou, Kunzite, and his youma, are beginning to scheme again. Recent 'disappearance' incidents were caused by his powers. And Rei and Makoto have made sure of this. Yet, that while the two of them were fighting Youma, Usagi was spending time with Mamoru, is something she can't talk to them about... Meanwhile, at school, Ami and Naru fall ill at ease with each other over their relationship with Usagi. Sharp language from Naru wounds Ami deeply. Afterwards, by chance, Ami sees Naru on the same street. Just as Ami is thinking to slip away, a hole suddenly appears in the earth under Naru, who slides in!moreless
    • Act.15
      Episode 15
      A thief crept into Aino Minako's house and stole a box of jewels. The stolen goods are said to already be on their way for sale. At the same time, Usagi is invited to a must-attend jewelry auction by Naru's mother who is a jewelry designer. Appearing at the location where she is to meet them is none other than Chiba Mamoru! Thinking that Usagi is in love with Mamoru, Naru has secretly created this set up. An air of unpleasantness surrounds the two of them. Usagi tries to leave but in running away she bumps into a man, and in the impact Usagi recognizes- and he confesses- that inside his bag is Aino Minako's accessories!moreless
    • Act.14
      Episode 14
      At last the final Dark Kingdom Shitennou, Kunzite, has appeared, and consequently, he has summoned a Youma to go after Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon uses the Senshi power within her to trap and seal the Youma. When she gets back to normal the other Senshi are briefly relieved, but the youma within Usagi is gradually beginning to wear her powers, and finally Usagi collapses. Ami frantically tries to nurse Usagi, saying, "I can protect Usagi as well!" But as Usagi's body temperature begins to lower one can see her body starting to reflect the visage of the youma...moreless
    • Act.13
      Episode 13
      The Sailor Senshi ponder Sailor Venus's words, "As the Princess, I have something I must do no matter what." Around this time, in front of Usagi and Mamoru a guy named "Shin" introduces himself. For some reason Shin doesn't know who he really is. Although Mamoru and Usagi don't like being around each other, they cooperate to try to bring back Shin's memories. The next morning, Mamoru witnesses Shin acting quite suspicious. As a completely changed Shin shouts "Don't come near me!" Mamoru is... "Master Endymion...."moreless
    • Act.12
      Episode 12
      Aino Minako, aka Sailor V, is disappointed in Sailor Moon's carefree alter-ego Tsukino Usagi. She makes Minako feel as though all her fighting, up to now, has been in vain. On the other hand, her huge fan Usagi wants to go back and get her long-awaited autograph and so Usagi returns to the hospital to sneak in again. And running around over there as though she's being chased is none other than Aino Minako! Thinking she wants to get out to get away from work, Usagi covers up for Aino Minako and together they escape. But in reality, Minako was running away from a youma. Although she's a Senshi Usagi hadn't sensed the youma at all, and Minako is more and more in disbelief. Although the two of them are Senshi from the moon, will they be able to fuse their hearts as one?moreless
    • Act.11
      Episode 11
      Minako is being cared for at the Juban Hospital. Usagi and Makoto go check it out while Ami, Rei and Luna are still looking for Sailor V. Minako and her guardian confront each other about the Princess and that Minako is really the Princess along with being Sailor V. While Makoto and Usagi are at the Hospital with Minako, Rei, Ami and Luna go check out a hint on the Internet about Sailor V and the Inners. Zoicite turns Mars, Mercury and Jupiter evil sending them out to seek and destroy Sailor V, as he thinks she is the Princess but, its not that easy as Tuxedo is also after the Princess and will protect her.moreless
    • Act.10
      Episode 10
      Having fought with her mom, Usagi runs away from home, and ends up taking shelter at Rei's Hikawa Shrine. There a girl name Erika is working on an animated picture show for the children. The story of the picture show is "Kaguya Hime." Erika believes the mother she had lost has returned to the moon. Rei, who just like Erika lost her mother, feels as though she is meeting a version of her child self. Usagi, learning this fact for the first time, reflects upon her own complaints about her mother. As these events are occurring, accidents involving people and places which have to do with the word "Princess" are beginning to happen. The princess of a certain country suddenly collapses, somewhere else a picture book of Snow White catches on fire. And so finally Erica, who thinks that she is like Kaguya Hime, gets in trouble as well!moreless
    • Act.9
      Episode 9
      Tuxedo Mask has issued a statement to the masses! The existence of the legendary Silver Crystal is now known by the public... and the price the gem'll fetch? 1 billion yen! The world is in an uproar of over it. Everyone is trying to figure out whether jewels they own are possibly the real Ginzuishou. Meanwhile Tuxedo Mask attacks a fake jewelry store to catch the faker who had impersonated him. While most of the Sailor Soldiers now say with confidence, "See its true, Tuxedo Mask really was an enemy of ours" only Usagi, being in love with him, remains an ally of his in her heart. She believes that he has to have had some reason behind doing it. Around this time they get word of a distress message from a top class Japanese corporation. The President of the company believes that at his house he may have a stone that is the legendary Silver Crystal, and he wants it to be protected from Tuxedo Mask. Usagi must finally accept the notion that Tuxedo Mask is the enemy, but will she be able to repress her feelings and deal with the situation calmly...?moreless
    • Act.8
      Episode 8
      There's going to be a "Become an Aino Minako Mascot Character" contest! The winner receives a trophy, and gets to dress up as a character that Aino Minako designed herself, "Nakonako." As is to be expected, Minako's huge fan, Usagi, is really looking forward to it. Ami, Rei, and Makoto are meanwhile lamenting the mountain-sized amount of work they have to do for the contest's preparations. Trouble begins brewing between Rei and Makoto. Rei demands that each do their own work, while Makoto rebukes that the Senshi should help each other out in tandem. An ominous, threatening mood develops between the two of them. Finally the day of the contest arrives. When Makoto goes to the Hikawa jinja to deliver the work that Usagi had asked for, she witnesses Rei argue with a man and enter his car. "Could she have been kidnapped?!" Makoto chases after Rei, hoping she will be able to help. Meanwhile, Usagi has arrived at the contest hall, but inside she notices a bizarre atmosphere and indications of a youma presence.moreless
    • Act.7
      Episode 7
      As exchange student Kino Makoto transformed into Sailor Jupiter, the four Sailor Senshi at last became assembled. All that's supposed to be left is combining their powers to find the princess and legendary silver crystal. After doing so their mission will be complete. But there's still the curiosity of who the mysterious Senshi, Sailor V, really is. Could she be the princess? Meanwhile, Usagi is absent minded as always. Before doing anything else, she wants to find out the identity of Tuxedo Mask. But these words of Sailor V, "You must stay away from him" cast a dark shadow over the budding love that Usagi has toward him. Is it really as she suggests, that he's a possible enemy of theirs...? While lost in thought over these matters, Usagi heads to the "Karaoke Crown" where the store's manager, Furuhata Motoki, is examinating Tuxedo Mask's sweater which has a rip in the shoulder like tuxedo's did. Is it possible that he is Tuxedo Mask?! Usagi becomes conscious of the possibility of Motoki being him. To that end, Usagi goes with Rei and Makoto on a group date with Motoki and his friends. But when Usagi, Raye and Makoto arrive at the destined location, they find that among Motoki's friends there is Chiba Mamoru. Who is also a rival of Usagi.moreless
    • Act.6
      Episode 6
      At Usagi's school a basketball champion, "Two Tall Takeru" has become quite popular with the girls. Usagi's best friend Naru is in a daze over him as well. One day, just like any other, she goes to watch him play. Around that same time, a new exchange student is arriving. Her name: Kino Makoto. The students around the school are gossiping that she fought a lot in her previous school and was kicked out of it, so she had to come to theirs. She joins the same class as Usagi, but while the other girls are afraid of her boyish manner, Usagi (and only Usagi) comes close to her and tries to become her friend. Usagi manages to open the door to her heart and learns that the girl has been alone all her life, having lost her parents when she was very young, and she has supported herself by this attitude. While being with Makoto, Usagi notices something odd... could Makoto like Takeru as well? In the meantime Luna has not suspected that Makoto could be the fourth senshi. But the crescent moon on her forehead begins to glow partially. What on earth could this mean? And at that very moment, Makoto receives a letter from Takeru...moreless
    • Act.5
      Episode 5
      Ami has true friends in Usagi and Rei- the first friends she's had in her entire life- and this in turn has made her fateful encounter with them one of great joy. At the same time, the possibility of losing the two of them scares her. Trying to follow what her "How to make real friends" book instructs, Ami attempts to loosen up. She calls "Usagi-san" "Usagi" and sings Karaoke even though she's bad at it. Ami begins to over strain herself to the point where she starts losing her grasp. And finally, under severe mental pressure, she collapses. At that same time, the Senshi get information from Luna on a possible lead. Its said that a jewel which may very well be the legendary Ginzuishou has been found. Usagi and the others rush to a class called the "Student Flower Arrangement Class." Resting on the chest of the lecturer of this class is said to be a suspicious, glowing pendant. As would be expected, lying in wait for a fight at the courses' location is a Dark Kingdom Youma, also aiming for the Ginzuishou. Ami's heart has been deeply touched by her friendship with Usagi. Will she be able to wield her powers as Sailor Mercury and join her friends against this strong enemy?moreless
    • Act.4
      Episode 4
      Having discovered Hino Rei, there are now 3 Senshi in Usagi's group. But while she says she will remain a comrade, Rei admits she does not have any intention of joining in their war. Usagi, Ami, and Luna, in an attempt to persuade Rei, consider their options. Meanwhile, Luna already has a curiosity she'd like to find out more about. As you already know, one of the Sailor Senshi's goals is to obtain and protect a mysterious jewel known as the Ginzuishou, which the Dark Kingdom is also trying to get. Its said that a valuable jewel, going by another name, actually exists near by. The party is in full swing but due to circumstances it becomes difficult to tell one person from another. Yet a single attendee is able to feel a malicious presence right away-- Hino Rei! For some reason she too was drawn to the Aiozuishou, and has come to the party. And at last, whether as friend or foe, Tuxedo Kamen shows himself as well. All searching for the Ginzuishou, all off the characters have met at this one party. What will happen?!moreless
    • Act.3
      Episode 3
      As Luna teaches the newly united Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury of their mission; to find and protect the princess as well as their fellow soldiers, to secure the Mystical Silver Crystal and to defeat the Dark Kingdom, a mysterious force begins kidnapping young priestesses of the local Hikawa Shrine leaving the suspicions to fall on the outcast and powerful priestess Hino Rei. As Ami and Usagi investigate the incident, things seem more likely to be a Youma, when it strikes the priestess she unexpectedly becomes Sailor Mars; the third soldier who harnesses the power of fire.moreless
    • Act.2
      Episode 2

      Mizuno Ami is the brightest student in Usagi's classes, and due to their academic differences the pair barely know one another. But Luna suspects that Ami is more than she appears to be and instructs Usagi to get to know her. As they become friends, Usagi realizes how nice the introverted Ami is and genuinely likes her, but when it is confirmed that she is destined to be a soldier as well, Ami suspects that was the reason for Usagi's friendship. When Ami's cram school is attacked by a Youma, she must trust in Usagi as Sailor Moon and becomes Sailor Mercury to help her save the day.

    • Act.1
      Episode 1
      Usagi Tsukino, an exuberant, hyperactive but clumsy second year middle school student who is constantly late for class, encounters a plush toy named Luna who comes to life and proclaims she is Sailor Moon, a soldier of love and justice. When her best friend Osaka Naru's mother is possessed by a monster called a 'Youma,' Usagi must overcome her hesitation and transform to save both of them.moreless
    • Act.0
      It is Christmas night. Popular idol Aino Minako is all alone, lighting a candle and looking up at the night sky, when suddenly a white, stuffed toy cat falls from above. The toy introduces himself as Artemis and transforms Minako into the champion of justice Sailor V! Half a year later, a string of jewelry shop robberies occurs, and when Sailor V appears during the incidents, the media begins to pay her notice. One day, Tsukino Usagi and her friends plan to "transform" into Sailor V in order to protect the jewelry shop owned by the mother of her friend, Osaka Naru. When night falls and darkness settles, a band of thieves make their appearance. Usagi and her friends are dressed up as Sailor V! But Usagi is captured by Ajito, one of the thieves! At the last minute, Usagi swallows the key to the jewelry case... The leader of the thieves, Cutie Kenko, puts Usagi inside a magic box, intending to saw her in half in order to get hold of the key that she has swallowed. And the savior who appears before the beautiful sailor-suited Senshi Sailor V!moreless
    • Make-Up: Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon
      While casting, filming and testing Toei had a camera in on the action following around the girls and watching as they got ready to wear the shoes of the Sailor Soldiers. This half hour promo contains interviews with the cast and directer of "Act.1" along with the filming of the Luna Scence and the opening credits.moreless
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