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List of (Good) Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Fanfiction

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    Thought I would make a list over here, as well, for all the various and pretty good PGSM I've come across thus far, as well as make a general list of fanfiction I or any of you have written and wish to contribute. ^_^

    PGSM Fanfiction

    - Title: "If I Had Known"

    - Author: Me ^_^

    - Summary: "At the end of it all, there is nothing left for her but regret. . . ." (Oneshot)

    - Character Focus: Rei and Minako (Femmeslash)

    - Genre: Angst and Romance

    - Story Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5009581/1/If_I_Had_Known


    - Title: "A Senshi's Hardest Battle"

    - Author: peach83

    - Summary: "She brings out the worst in her. She thought it would be easy. But Minako Aino, Princess of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, is not that easy to forget... Actually, it's just plain impossible..."

    - Character Focus: Rei and Minako (Femmeslash)

    - Genre: Romance and Humor

    - Story Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4255939/1/A_Senshis_Hardest_Battle

    - My Two Cents (about this particular story): Definitely worth the read, especially for those who are fans and supporters of the basic Rei/Minako implications within this series incarnation of Sailormoon, or if you are one of many who may have desired a second season. This story basically answers both desires with great ease. ^_^

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