Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Live Action

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  • A great adaptation of a great anime.

    WARNING: Review may contain spoilers.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is something that I have always wanted to see: a live-action version of Sailor Moon.

    The show was kind of a return to the franchise in 2003, as the Sailor Moon anime ended back in 1997. When this series was released, the manga was re-released as well.

    Like the original series, it stars Usagi Tsukino, a fourteen-year-old girl who becomes Sailor Moon (she also has her manga personality, so she's not as ditzy, but still very bubbly), as well as her friends Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury), Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter), and Minako Aino (Sailor Venus), who's a idol singer in this version, and she's much more serious in this series than the anime and manga. Artemis, Minako's cat, and Luna, Usagi's cat are there too, but instead, they are stuffed animals that can walk and talk (probably because real cats are too much of a pain in the neck to train). Also (spoiler!), Luna becomes a Sailor Senshi!

    The villians from the first story arc return (the Dark Kingdom), and more is revealed about their past than the anime.

    The show usually ranges from being a lighthearted comedy to a serious drama. The last few episodes aren't as cheery as they were at first, just like how the Sailor Moon anime worked. The jokes are very funny when there's a humorus scene.

    Of course, it does have it's flaws. The CGI for the transformation sequences isn't that great, and it's pretty obvious that it's CGI. Same goes for the cats. They're usually played by puppets, but they're in CGI for more difficult scenes, and the CGI is obvious. The monsters are also obviously played by guys in rubber foam suits (like Barney), but it's supposed to be similar to Power Rangers. I really wish that the show could've gone on longer, such as episodes based on the other story arcs, since I would've loved to see Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, and Chibi Moon in there as well. But the show was put on a crappy time slot (7:30 AM on Sundays), so vieweship was down. And they would have to find new actresses for the Senshi, as the original ones are too old for the roles now. And of course, I wish that they would release the series on a subtitled DVD in America!

    All in all, if you love Sailor Moon, then this is a good series for you.
  • there five girls they are called sailor moon sailor mars sailor venus sailor mercury and sailor luna and they are know as sailor senshi's

    This is one of my Favorite shows because its related sailor moon the anime series. they both have the same story defeating queen beryl.although its in japanese it had english had subtitles and that was good enough. the thing i loved was the transformaions and the music and the luna and atimis plushie's. i wish they made more episode's.

    Doushiyou mo nai shoudou ni tsukiugokasarete ima
    Watashi no sore wa hajimatta kimi wo motomeru omoi

    Yotei chouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai you ni
    JINSEE mo sukoshi ZUREtara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

    Atsui kimochi wa C'est la vie
    Watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
    C'est la vie anata wo ****
    Me no mae ni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho

    Hito wa naze ichido dake shika ikiru CHANSU ga nai no
    Toki wa naze ichibyou sae mo tachidomaranai no darou

    Omoigakenai dokoka ga ne
    Kutsuzure wo okosu mitai ni
    Tokidoki wa mune no dokoka ga setsunaku nattari suru kedo

    Kitto mitsukaru C'est la vie
    Watashi ga watashi de aru riyuu
    C'est la vie anata ga anata de aru riyuu
    Nani mo mienai dakedo nanika ga mitai kara

    Yotei chouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai you ni
    JINSEE mo sukoshi ZUREtara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

    Atsui kimochi wa
    C'est la vie watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
    C'est la vie anata wo ****
    C'est la vie watashi ga watashi de aru riyuu
    C'est la vie anata ga anata de aru riyuu

    Me no mae ni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho
  • Hurray, teenage girls save the day!

    This is a classic show with a awsome storyline. I love to watch it as it stays closer to the manga storyline than the anime does. However the ending is very different.
    I like the side storylines too, they give the story that little bit more intrest. Also the characters draw you into the story in a different way. You grow very attached to them very quickly. When I first herd of this I thought it would be rubbish but I soon grew very attached and began to enjoy it far more than I thought I would. The characters although different and there are new ones still have everyday problems (as well as saving the world) and always find a way to save them. I think they should make another serises.
  • Regular teenage, Tsukino Usagi, finds out that she, along with four other girls, must save the world from destruction.

    When I first viewed PGSM, i giggled at the special effects and how similar the show was to Power Rangers. However, around episode 4, I realized how different PGSM was from the anime. I was soon sucked into the show and couldn't stop watching. In a way, PGSM is much more developed than its anime counterpart since it delves more into the individual characters and presents more plausible plots (in a strange, reverse psychology way). A classic for years to come!
  • Funny, but a little bit to childish.

    Having already reviewed the Anime version of "Sailor Moon" I came across episodes of the live action Japanese version which ran from 2003 to 2004. I have to admit I couldn't stop until I watched all 50 episodes. Lets get one thing out of the way, the special effects are bad and there are times you are watching a power ranger fight, but the similarities end there, because the show has a real good storyline and characters you actually care about, plots such as Rei (Sailor Mars) trying to patch things up with her estranged father who wasn't there when her mother died and Minako (Sailor Venus) who fights despite having a life threatening illness. The actors are all perfectly cast as well: Miyuu Sawai who plays Usagi/Sailor Moon is not as whiny as her anime counterpart but she is just as sweet and bubbly, Chisaki Hama (Sailor Mercury) is the same brainy girl we all know and love. Keiko Kitagawa's Sailor Mars is not as tough or mean as her anime counterpart and comes off softer, but still stern. The big difference is Sailor Venus (Japanese pop star Ayaka Komatsu) who is nothing like the anime but her background story is touching and is wonderfully acted.Sailor Jupiter(Myuu Azama)is still the same tomboyish girl we all love, rounding out the cast is Jyoji Shibue who plays Tuxedo Mask,who is very good in the role. I highly recommend "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon". I personally feel if this was dubbed in English it would as big a hit here as it was in Japan. Bad effects and all.
  • Too bad this didn't go into the rest of the SM time line

    I loved this show. I was so happy that I bought it. The way the it Rebooted the SM timeline was fine. And the actress playing Usagi was cute. Although Motoki would take the cake of being the hottest person on the cast. Sailor Luna was Lame though. She didn't have enough power to be worth anything. Also why was Luna still able to henshin after the silver crystal was destroyed, when the other senshi couldn't? OR at least she could have been an older girl (late teens or early twenties) then she might have been more helpful.

    I like that the four generals' history was used more. Although they did have a lot of deaths each.

    No other gripes!

    Motoki-kun, will you marry me?
  • I love this show to the fullest, I love the funny rmearks and the weird talking stuff cat!

    The graphics seems familiar to Power rangers, yet I enjoyed the comedy. It was a good show and I hope to get it on dvd. Hopefully the reviews for this show is high enough to maybe start it up agian to show to everyone this time. I myself had to look it up on the net to find out about it, while my cousin saw it on cble, whic was unfair.
  • I love this show a lot and I'm a total fan of it.It is my most fave movie.

    This is my most favorite movie because it has power (I sometimes pretend I have some kind of various power) and action. I am a fan of it and I watched the whole anime sailor moon but on live action all I need to watch is act. zero, then I'm all done. I heard you can watch free sailor moon live at but I am not sure how to get there yet.I haven't found it yet.But remember this, it's aa vietnamese website.I love watching sailor moon live, but I losted it. = (. well I can at least read about it.Why do I read even though I can't see it. It's because I can picture what I read in my head.LUCKY!Well bye for now!
  • i'm in love,it's wrong to love a show,i don't care,this show R0CKS!

    the love,hate,friendship,humor,stories.everytime i see it,it gives me a new reason to love it,the charcters are funny,caring,clever.the stories make so much sense and really make u dive in,well me anyway. what was i doing while this played?

    this show really fills a hole in a way,i can't belive such a good show isn't on tv.just cause it had only 1 season it doesn't matter,thy had 6o eps,not bad.and they each fit in perfectly.

    sure the speacil affects aren't that good,but i don't care,everything esle about it is good. at some points i actually want to hug the charcters on the show,stupid as it sounds i still feel that way.

    it's now 8:51,Dec 31,2oo5(Spongebob)

    i'm probally gonna write another reveiw,i love this show
  • Sailor Moon makes a triumphant, if suprising return, with a live action cast (and two stuffed cats!).

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is wonderful- but it will take some getting used to. The CG isn't great, and the girls take a few episodes to really fit into their roles, but by episode eight, most of the pieces have fallen into place, and the show starts getting good.
    The characters are a bit different here than in either the anime or the manga. Usagi is a little braver, Ami is a little less shy, Rei is less cold, Makoto is less afraid of being a tomboy, and Minako is very different. In the show's biggest change, Minako goes from being Usagi's insane partner in crime to being an unreachable pop idol. But she's got secrets, and as they come out, the reason for her distance is understood.
    What helps the live action Pretty Guardian the best is the deeper character development. In the anime and the manga, it takes until at least the S season before it feels like the girls are real friends, not just people stuck together by circumstance. In the live action, the girls interact much more, care much more, and bond much more. By the end of it all, they're friends- real friends.
    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is wonderful- it seems childish at first, but anyone who liked the anime will probably like the live action.
  • It is a great story but it is with real people.

    At first i wasn't too keen on the idea of a sailor moon show that was a live action show But i thought it would be interesting to see it! I downloaded a few episodes and i couldn't believe it! It was brilliant and it surpasses many peoples veiws of it originally. I could watch each episode back to back if i could! It is connected to the anime in a way but it is different in even more ways so you are not just watching what you have probably already seen. It is one of the many shows that i am like! Whoever gets the chance to see it SHOULD!
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a great retelling of a classic story of love, friendship secrets lies and surprises. Granted it's cheese factor is up there with Super Sentai, but the great story and characters formed from the anime and manga show just how

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a retelling of Naoko's classic Manga and anime bishoujo senshi sailormoon. It was turned into an anime (Japanese animation) and a musical. Now fans can enjoy the series in live action tv form. This is a revisit to the first stories of Sailor Moon vs the Dark Moon Kingdom lead my Queen Beryl. We find Usagi Tsukino, your average 14 year old who has friends and goes to school, and idolizes her favorite singer, Minako Aino. When a plushie toy cat falls onto her head as she is going to school, her life changes forever.

    She finds out the plushie is really a talking cat from the moon named Luna. She gives Usagi lipstick and a locket and tells her she is a soldier to fight evil! Her mission is to protect the princess, find the Mystical Silver Crystal, and awaken her Sailor Soldier friends. She accepts and her quest begins. She has a "command center" in the karaoke crown singing club where only her and soldiers can enter.

    As she ventures through battling the Dark Kingdom she meets a mysterious man named Tuxedo Kamen (Mask). He also wants the Mystical Silver Crystal for means unknown to them at this time. Usagi's classmate, Ami Mizuno, is discovered by Luna as Sailor Mercury. Usagi befriends a teased priestess girl named Rei Hino and Usagi discovers Rei is Sailor Mars. Rei rescued Usagi after she found out who she was. A new student transfered to Juuban, Usagi's school named Makoto Kino. She is very boyish but Usagi takes her shopping because Makoto doesn't know her way around the Juuban District. As all this is happening, Sailor V, an ally of justice and her identity is unknown, is stopping Tuxedo Kamen from stealing jewels he believes is the crystal he is looking for.

    Queen Beryl has 4 soldiers of her own. Jadeite, Nephrite, kunzite and zoicite. She sends them in their unique way to gain energy from humans to resurrect the evil Queen Matellia.

    This story is more based on the manga than any other Sailor Moon form. There are tons of differences like:

    1. Minako Aino is not a friend of Usagi's at first, she is an idol in this version. In the manga and anime she always wanted to be an idol.

    2. A new soldier appears not in any other version....

    3. New evil recurring characters

    That is just some of the many differences but I do not want to spoil you! Please download the episodes in english and support the show by buying the cd's and dvd's from!

    In conclusion this series has battles, fun, loving friends and tons of surprises. When I watched the show I can't stop. It is very addicting and you will want all 51 adventures for your collection.

    Martian Bob