Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Live Action

CBC (ended 2004)


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  • Funny, but a little bit to childish.

    Having already reviewed the Anime version of "Sailor Moon" I came across episodes of the live action Japanese version which ran from 2003 to 2004. I have to admit I couldn't stop until I watched all 50 episodes. Lets get one thing out of the way, the special effects are bad and there are times you are watching a power ranger fight, but the similarities end there, because the show has a real good storyline and characters you actually care about, plots such as Rei (Sailor Mars) trying to patch things up with her estranged father who wasn't there when her mother died and Minako (Sailor Venus) who fights despite having a life threatening illness. The actors are all perfectly cast as well: Miyuu Sawai who plays Usagi/Sailor Moon is not as whiny as her anime counterpart but she is just as sweet and bubbly, Chisaki Hama (Sailor Mercury) is the same brainy girl we all know and love. Keiko Kitagawa's Sailor Mars is not as tough or mean as her anime counterpart and comes off softer, but still stern. The big difference is Sailor Venus (Japanese pop star Ayaka Komatsu) who is nothing like the anime but her background story is touching and is wonderfully acted.Sailor Jupiter(Myuu Azama)is still the same tomboyish girl we all love, rounding out the cast is Jyoji Shibue who plays Tuxedo Mask,who is very good in the role. I highly recommend "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon". I personally feel if this was dubbed in English it would as big a hit here as it was in Japan. Bad effects and all.
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