Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 24

A dAngerous gAme

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2013 on Freeform

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  • An episode so bad it's like a spoof of itself.

    An episode so bad it's like a spoof of itself. Dead people maybe not dead, EVERYONE is A, When the bullies have recruited everyone they then start to recruit their victims? what? Oh, and the main A is a millionaire school bully with a plane. Wow.
  • -A mazing

    A few minutes ago I saw the last episode of season three. 3x24 ' A dangerous game',I can't say it enough,what an amazing season,season three was. I watched all the episodes in a couple of weeks,two or so. I'm gonna check out the first episode of season four cause I'm too excited to wait and see what happened,I hope it's not few months later,hope that the first episode of season four will start where it ended,but I doubt that. And the end of season three left us wondering. Who is red coat? Is Ali alive,And what about Mona? She seemed kinda friendly towards the end of season three. One thing I know for sure,Ali is alive. And Shana,Jenna and Melissa. Shana is a new face,but Jenna and Melissa? Never trusted them and I'm sure I never will either... WOW what an amazing season,what an amazing episode. At first I was like bla bla yet another season about the girls trying to figure out who A was,but they already knew and happilly season three didn't end with Toby being on the A team as a big reveal..
  • A Dangerous Game

    The season finale was solid, but admittedly a little bit disappointing. I had high expectations, and expected some sort of a reveal, but we only got more questions. If the body in the trunk does not end up being someone crucial than the whole thing was pointless.

    Wish they kept Toby as an A team supporter, or better, just got rid of him period.
  • I'm satisfied

    I'm glad because for one thing Toby was revealed to be alive. And that he only joined "the a team" because he was trying to help Spencer which I hoped was the reason he joined since it was discovered that he joined them. And I'm glad that Aria and Ezra has spilt for now. I'm sorry but I don't think a teacher having a relatiuonship with a student is proper. But who knows what will happen next season.
  • Always more questions

    A great episode, answered questions, but its turning out to be a little like the series LOST - more questions are asked than answered. Now that's great to keep the viewers going, but it can get a little complicated, and then make it feel like its not really worth watching - because you feel like you're really never going to know.
  • good episode but not worth the hype

    Ok, if there hadn't been all the internet-facebook-wetpaint-hype about the finale I would have said that this episode was decent and a proper PLL episode. But as there actually was lots of hype about getting answers and wrapping things up and a big red coat reveal, I'm more confused than before. The big reveal was wishy washy, we got many more questions than answers and I didn't find that things got wrapped up. And if Ali is Red Coat and messing with the girls as head of the A_Team, why would she save them from the fire??

    Although it was very nice to see Spoby get together again and Toby alive.
  • love this show

    Omg!!! I want to watch it but I dont have cable to use it when is this episode gonna let me see it online