Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 18

A Kiss Before Lying

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Juvenile even for PLL

    I found the whole blackmailing of Kate a bit juvenile even for PLL.
  • Getting it's swing back..

    After the last couple of episodes, I knew this one would be good. It's just Pretty Little liar's cycle. One or two really good episodes and then an underwhelming one. I think it's how they keep the viewer hooked. It's like, if you think it's bad, you'll still give it a chance next week because that's just what you got used to.

    In this episode, Hanna isn't okay with Caleb's deal with Emily, Spencer, and Aria. Aria actually spends time with Holden after her plans got cancelled with Ezra, who got a promotion which would require him to leave Rosewood, thanks to Byron. At the date, Aria sees a bruise on Holden's body which he claims to have come from sport. Emily's mother is back in town and she's open to giving Maya a second chance. Maya acts a little aggresive on the date and that bothers Emily. What bothers her the most is Maya dating guys aswell as girls because she dosen't want to compete with both genders. Maya fixes things by creating an ocean inspired paradise for Emily and then telling her she loves her which leads to a super cute make out session which I assume lead to sex. You never know with Pretty Little Liars. They don't really emphasize on first times. I mean are Aria and Spencer still virgins? Anyway, Spencer knows that she's seen Hanna's step sister somewhere else before. Later on, she remembers her from a camp where she looked alot uglier than she was now. She then threatened her to be nice to Hanna or the photo gets out. Hanna finally forgives Caleb and tells him about her mother stealing the money, since "A" sent her text threatening to expose Ashley if Hanna dosen't stop Caleb from going further with his investigation. A fake ID the girls find in a video leads them to a book which leads them to what I assume is a gift certificate. A picture of Hannah's step sister naked in the girls' locker room gets sent from Hanna's phone to all her contacts leaving Hanna looking guilty.

    This show has been living more on moments we've been waiting for, like Hanna telling someone about her mom stealing the money, than on mystery and discoveries, in the last few episodes. This was entertaining, so I don't mind. It's when things get dull and drag out, that's when I have a problem with this show. Well this season had about 4 or 5 bad episodes which is good considering I've watched through 19 already. Now that there's about 6 or 7 episodes left, they better bring the heat!