Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 4

Blind Dates

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2011 on Freeform

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  • The story line did not move on any until right at the end

    The story line did not move on any until right at the end, when a character id found dead.
  • What an episode SPOILERS!!!!

    From the start this episode was filled with dramatic pazaz. When Spencer returns to the pawn shop to retrieve the stolen ring, only she gets a horseshoe and a text from A???
    We learn that Aria's mom is taking over for Mr.Fitz which could have been awkward (if we had seen it), and Mike (Aria's brother who i don't care about that much)is becoming the new Jason DeLorentas. And i think after seeing Jason flirt with Aria i dont think Ezra will be around too much longer (no real loss).
    Spencer's storyline was way better, she finds Mellisa searching for a passport (stop losing things lady!!) and packing bags, but denies all charges of running away with Ian. So Spencer does the only reasonable thing apart from robbing passports (what i would have done). She calls Wren that doctor who was going out with Melissa last season. He admits to giving Melissa drugs to help Ian and tells her that the only way he will help her get more is if he goes with her to see Ian.
    Finally Caleb and Hannah begin to get on in this episode as they help the Ebay geek with his date. Eventually the geek thanks Hannah and gives her the courage to, well talk to a ghost in a therapists office. It was the therapists idea which tells you more about the therapist than anyone else (crazy). After that heart to heart to cold dark hole where a heart should be between Hannah her therapist and Allison, A trashes the office and leaves a note for the crazy therapist.
    In this episode A teases Emily even more by sender her college merchandise, but at least she can do no wrong now that her mother worships the ground she walks on. Emily's blonde "friend" who's name I cant think of saves the day when Emily's Mom wants to talk to the college scout by saying more colleges will be interested, talking to him would be a mistake right now. Nice save,Blonde 1 Paige 0. But i still rather Paige

    In the end of this episode Wren calls Spencer, Spencer texts the others and they follow Wren and Melissa to an old barn where we find a dead Ian with a gun and a head wound. We also see the place where Spencer's Horseshoe came from, right above Ian's dead body. But that is not our only suprise when we see A put a phone in one of the girls bag. Hmmmmmmmm curiouser and curiouser
    Despite how i mocked the episode I LOVED IT!!!
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