Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 21

Breaking the Code

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Mona is also getting texts from A!

    Mona is also getting texts from A! Melissa becomes a suspect and Maya is missing.
  • Pagie and Wren are back, drunk Spencer and an ulitimatum for Mona...

    Caleb has deciphered more of the video, and guess who comes into Allison's bedroom. Mellissa! Yes, that's right! This seriousley worries Spencer who scheduels a meet up with her sister who instead ditches her for Garret and lies to Spencer about it. Spencer then meets up with Wren, drinks a little too much, and then crashes at his place. Emily has trouble reaching Maya, but she does run into Paige. Paige tries to kiss Emily which really puts her off. Mona is getting threatening messages from "A." "A" wants her to expose Ashley's one night stand with the detective or Mona bites the dust. Mona sacrifices herself and saves Hanna's butt, earning her a place on the girls' friend zone. Ezra is about to leave town after breaking up with Aria, when Ella finally decides to meet them halfway. Mellissa wants to tell Spencer something important and the police have some news for Emily about Maya.

    Okay, whoa, the pressure is on. What the hell happened to Maya? What will Mellissa tell Spencer? I honestly think Mellissa was involved. I just think she found out about Ian and Allison's affair and went up there to bust them for it. Anyway, I'm glad the heat and exitement is on for the last few episodes of season two!
  • Ohhh LA LA Things Heat Up For The Liars.

    WOW! Never Seen That Side Of Spencer Before. Very Good Episode And There's A Shock For All The Little Liars. Especially Spencer. Oh And In Case You Were Wandering They Have Announced "A" Will Be Revealed In The Season Finale. SOO EXCIITEDD! <3
  • So glad that Wren is back. I would like to see more of him.

    It was a nice episode but I really want to see who A is. All this tangling with no answers is getting tiring. A want some answers to the questions.

    I am happy Wren is back and I want to see more of him. He and Spencer are a nice couple. I hope the writers agree with me and write him a bigger part.

    As for Mona coming into the group I think it is a little to convenient. Maybe she is A.

    I was hoping Ezra would go away and she Aria with Jason. I like him to and would like to see more.

    There was no surprise Melissa knew more then she was letting on. I think A is blackmailing her to and I think the baby was conceived because A wanted it .... A has something on her.

    I hope we will have 80% of questions answered by the end of this season.