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First of all, this is such a great show! It's so entertaining! <3 The friendships are at the heart of it all and they are special. To see how the relationships have grown over the years is something. Also the humor and one liners are so good and so funny! Quotes from the show are smart and witty and not just funny though. And also the mystery of the show, which is at it's center is really strong too. You NEVER know what's going to happen next on PLL, especially where A is concerned! As far as the summer finale (season 4) I didn't see it coming! It was great! There were so many shocks and surprises! And please don't read any further if you have not seen the finale or aren't up to this point in PLL yet! *Spoilers* (I will be talking spoilers after the break in this text!)

As far as the finale goes, I did not think that Ezra was A! It crossed my mind once because Ian the actor who plays him, joked that he was A, but I quickly dismissed it as rediculous! How could someone so sweet be A?! Yet there he was in the big reveal at the end of the episode. Now whether or not he really is A remains to be seen, literally, but it was a good twist or shock, whether it was real or not real! But in a lot of ways it actually makes sense, because no one would suspect Ezra and he through Aria and surveillance would know a lot about the girls. Also Ezra's a guy so he could be "board shorts" as well. And if he dated Aria and Alison, that would prove he had questionable characcter. (Dating only one of them would do that.) So these are my thoughts on the final episode and Ezra and the show in general! It was a great finale! I can't wait for the Halloween episode! All I can say to end this is, Pretty Little Liars is a great show, period! <3
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Oct 01, 2013
Ezra followed Aria and was pissed off because she didnt told him that they were still getting bullied by "A"
Sep 30, 2013
I think he might be the technical head of the A team, but not the A who has been especially tormenting the girls. I suspect the lair is not actually his, but has information that he had gathered and he was pissed because one of his underlings has gone around him. I think some of the forward moving clues and hints have been his, but that CeCe and Mona took it to that mean girl place (Mona not knowing there is a force behind CeCe) in delivering. I think Alison might know something more than just the whole weekend in North Carolina thing that Ezra is maybe trying to draw out and get that info, not to hurt Alison, but for something else. CeCe has twisted the whole thing on him. But he is the heart of the whole A thing and without his likely funding and brains, the rest wouldn't have happened.

I ultimately agree with the friendship thing but Emily has been driving me nuts this season by projecting her own issues onto Aria, by pretty much ignoring Hannah's legitimate drama, and then, well, this isn't to Spencer, but she is the one who is Toby's friend, she could have solved a lot Spencer's issues by freaking asking her friend Toby what is up with him.
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