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AIRED ON 3/15/2016

Season 6 : Episode 20

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oh my god. this show...this show...this show is just. ridiculous.

So what cray things were we blessed with this week? UM let's see, so Alex Mack told Ezra she's thinking about moving to Seattle and Ezra's next move was to hire a lawyer - cos ain't no one got time for a logical thought processes on this show! Also boring storyline.

Paige turned into a hot gf who cared enough to pursue more college options for Emily and even throw her a surprise b'day party (bad move on the lake house, as soon you she said lake house everyone knew there would be a walk in a dark forest and someone would drown in the lake.) but Emily isn't capable of being nice and pretty much broke up with her.

Aria's new honey showed up with a girl that wasn't hot but she was extremely jealous of, but I will accept "Jakria/Ariake?" for now because he has a good body and if he isn't an evil psychopath his tae kwon do skills may prove to be useful. They're just cheesy.

Shana is the worst. Also may I note that no one could focus on their one simple task for the night.
ARIA: "I will keep an eye on Shana and Jenna all night"
SHANA: "Jenna, I will not leave your side for one moment, cos I love you"

fail and FAIL.

Also is Jenna a fake lesbian now? Wasn't she boning Toby once upon a time? OH and noel kahn. ha! Good times.

Um the Ashley/Ted thing is very cute, yay for them!

Mona is still MVP cos she was lying like a pro at the start and then got Ashley bailed out and ended up back in the mental institution that she can easily escape from. Go Mona! I'm sure you have a bigger plan in mind, but I'm enjoying the journey.

What else....this show covers too much random nonsense in one episode, OH RIGHT Jenna almost died. We'd almost gone three episodes without anyone getting seriously injured - that is illegal in Rosewood. Anyway many other thoughts running through my head but I'd be here forever, can't wait for more fun, ridiculous drama next week.

Sidenote: Just tell us who the F A is.
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If anything Jenna might be bisexual. You don't have to be lesbian to date girls...
Yeah but I feel like she's faking it. I'm no sold on her bi or lesbian, or whatever her relationship is with Shana. Girl is shifty!
Completely random but yes a correct ship name needs to be issued to them I suppose. So many people are trying to use Jaria and that was reserved for Jason/Aria way back in the day. Although it's really funny watching the younger fangirls argue with each other and think they're on the same side cause they're both using Jaria....
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