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Pretty Little Liars S04E10: "The Mirror Has Three Faces"

Okay, so that really does make Veronica the worst lawyer, right?

No one's saying she's the worst mom on the show, protecting her cubs like that, but letting it get the better of her professionalism and threatening the case by threatening Mona was an egregious lapse in judgement. That it was Wren who ratted her out is irrelevant: She delivered a sternly worded if slightly goofy ("You'll rot in this cell until your hair turns gray!") provocation to a renowned manipulator and an expert fabricator. Dear everyone, stop trying to mess with Mona.

Now, that being said, I'm not sure if there were any outliers regarding whether or not Wren is a bad guy but—Wren is a bad guy. If not because of his pedo overtones with Spencer and Hanna or because he's constantly putting his medical license in the balance by helping people in and out of Radley, then definitely because of his chit-chat about the Liars being problems and setting up Not Rish. To any remaining Wrencer or Wrehanna 'shippers out there, the backpedaling can start now.

But I can't imagine there are any of you left. Wren has been establishing himself as a baddie for a good while now and, combined with the frequent sightings of Red Coat just over the Liars' shoulders, the villains are coming home to roost. It's only a matter of time before we see Cece and Bruce the Watermelon Baby again. Who is taking care of the boutique while she's away?

It's obvious that we're mounting to the summer finale, which is now only a couple weeks away, and the "bombshells" the promos keep promising have to drop at some point. "The Mirror Has Three Faces" kept with the theme of this season being more plodding than PLL's commercials have advertised, but the episode went to extra lengths to ensure the hammer was pulled back just a little further so that it's now precariously sitting on the edge of firing the answers.

We learned only a few things in this episode, but they'll all contribute the some sort of impending confrontation. Wren is so dastardly that Mona accused him of being a flip-flopper, presumably because gentlemen prefer coquettish, underage blondes (or people who look like coquettish, underage blondes). Ali and Cece used to intentionally torture their parents as much as Emily accidentally does. And Red Coat is living like a rat in a crawlspace.

Well, we don't know if Red Coat is actually sleeping there, but the holes (from our Moment of A while back) and the trash seem to indicate that she likes to spy on Mrs. D for decent lengths of time. It's a good thing Jessica seems like a "strictly pants" kind of woman. Though Emily found a tease (nice juke, ABCFamily, using Emily's fear of a stuffed dog in the dark as indication that she'd find doom in the basement) and some holes, she doesn't know what to do with the information. Or at least she doesn't seem to. It's hard to tell, when she constantly looks like she's trying to divide 232 by 13.

And yet they continue to use her as bait. It's been painfully obvious lately that Emily's largest contribution to the clique is to serve as the bait that allows for entrapment and further investigation. Her birthday being used as a trap for Shana and Jenna (and for getting Jenna almost soggily murdered), and now her homelessness being used to dig into the life of a emotionally scarred and near-disturbed mother struggling with the loss of her daughter, mean that Spencer, Aria, and now Hanna really just want Emily to add a sense of innocence to their intense scheming. At some point, Emily has to get fed up with this and shout, "Stop it! I'm not bait! I just want to swim!"

But not even that would stop Spencer. Still the only one who's doing any substantive digging and clue-assembling (other than Caleb), her experience pretending to be Toby's mom (so creepy) led to the biggest break in the of the episode: Alison and Cece used to hang out together. A lot. Not just in South Carolina/Georgia. Not just summertime friends when they spent a couple of "intense" weeks. Like, they were plotting, devious besties. Combine that with the clues Aria stumbles on in Philadelphia (Cece thinks the Liars are she-devils) and we're starting to get a clearer picture of the toxic relationship that launched a thousand texts, how it could escalate so quickly, and the clandestine rift that could cause so much trouble for everyone in Rosewood.

And here's where we come back to the conversation of whether the Season of Answers has lived up to the billing. While I don't think anything in this episode could really be considered a bombshell, the mysterious picture of the real story is ever so subtly clearing up. The problem is that the network is billing each episode as Amiens when we really haven't even had an archduke assassinated yet. We're looking forward to World War A because ABC Family is hyping the bajesus out of it but we still have to get through the political build-up to war before anything can be declared.

You might feel like the A Team and the Liars have been fighting skirmishes for three seasons in a continuing war with their bullies but we're getting to a boiling-over point with the blanket of villains in Rosewood getting thicker and the Liars getting closer to Red Coat and A. The summer finale should make everyone a little more satisfied. Well, here's hoping anyway.


– Jake better be straight-up evil or Aria's storyline is the GD worst.

– Speaking of Jake, what is up with people delivering their lines all weird lately? From Jenna's "point" last week to Jake and his "alt-er-boy" (why are you whispering?) and then Ezra's tirade at Maggie seemed to have a few choice inflections. Is this some new meta Mona Code? Should I be writing these down?

– Spencer: "News flash: None of us are graduating." I'm glad someone is addressing the fact that no one seems to be doing their homework or going to class. Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights had a lower truancy rate than these girls.

– Caleb: "It can't get any worse." Pretty Little Liars, every once in a while, addresses the basic tenet of how this cycle of terrorism and counter-terrorist rebellion continues, and it's squarely on the fact that the girls feel like the first rule of being bullied by A is that you don't talk about A. The stakes have been raised as of late, and they've had to be, since any of the Liars walking into the police station to show off some texts, the notes, everything, would clear so much up, especially considering that they have a record of someone in town being able to do these very bad things. But, because the A Team seems to be deeply entrenched in the infrastructure of Rosewood and is capable of social-engineering everything else, Hanna is justified in thinking she can't go to the authorities. 

– There's no Moment of A for this episode. Just Emily discovering the world's worst glory holes and Wren coloring.

UPDATE: Of course, there was a Moment of A. How could I forget the rubble of the Fields house (so is no one going to fix that or ... ) and A tossing the incriminating Manolo into the trash heap. For what purpose? To pin it on Ma Fields? Emily? ... Wayne? OMG, is A trying to out Wayne Fields as Wilden's murderer and someone that just wants to look sassy on his non-colonel time?

What'd you think of "The Mirror Has Three Faces"?

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