Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 18

Dead to Me

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2013 on Freeform

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  • I think Spencers behaving a little out of character

    I think Spencers behaving a little out of character, but TBH I think they would have all behaved like that from day one because Alison was the worst friend ever!
  • Dead to Me

    Not one of the most entertaining episodes of PLL this season. Spencer is getting a bit annoying, and I found the lack of drama, coupled with the overacting by the whole bunch, to be just a bit offputting this week.
  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Spencer!!

    Yes I do feel sorry about the turmoil she is going through because of Toby being a "hoodie" and all but HIS LOST! I don't know about how others get over relationships but if I found out my significant other was a raving lunatic who tried to put me in harms way more than once then it would take me absolutely no time at all getting over his sorry behind! I can't help but be happy that Toby slipped up and Spence found that key and figured it all out because I FREAKING love her attitude (minus the brooding and half dead look) she is finally saying the things I have been shouting (to my laptop screen) all along! Screw ALLY! The witch is dead! Why don't we just move the heck along with our lives! I am SO SICK of Ally this and Ally that! It seems like all these girls do is obsess over this dead chick who (as far as I can see by the flashbacks and depictions of her) was a underhanded, lying, light-skirt (whoring), backstabbing, manipulative BITCH! Honestly the only reason I still watch this show is because I am addicted to seeing how many more secrets (past and present tense) these girls are going to get themselves tangled in. But for goodness sake this A thing is getting OLD. They've dug up and buried that Ally trash so much that I cant help but wonder if she's actually A and this entire show was just about her continuing to screw with her (so called) friends if so this would be an even bigger disappointment and waste of my time. SPENCER ROCKS!